SMOK Skyhook RDTA Review - Hook-Up
Build Quality81%
Vapor Quality83%
77%100Overall Score

Today we take a look at the SMOK Skyhook, this vape features the same powerful 220-watt output as the Alien, but now totes a large reservoir for e-liquid on the top of the device for the RDTA to feed off from. The Skyhook definitely shares a lot of similarities with iJoy’s RDTA Box, but also includes support for single coil builds.  Is this device worth getting if you’re looking to try out an RDTA? Let’s find out in the review below.

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Product Pros

  • Powerful 220-watt output
  • Large Reservoir

Product Cons

  • Rough threading on RDTA
  • Issues with Quality Control


SMOK Skyhook RDTA Review: Breakdown

Smok Skyhook Colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

For those familiar with the Smok Alien 220, the Skyhook RDTA looks pretty much the same, featuring a similar tubular frame accented with bold lines and contrasting colors that highlight the curves of the device. The main difference is that the Skyhook is slightly larger measuring out to 130.5mm*50mm*30.5mm thanks to the e-liquid reservoir located at the top of the mod.

A threaded cap sits up on top next to the atomizer which is opened to refill the reservoir. One thing I noticed at this point is that the threads on the cap were quite rough and I had some difficulty getting them to catch with the negative threads on the mod itself. Even if I eventually got the two pieces to fit, I would have expected much better machining by Smok at this point.

Another issue the with the e-liquid reservoir is that it’s constructed mainly from a plastic material which doesn’t instill much confidence in users with health concerns over the case of plastic constantly being heated and coming in contact with your e-liquid. In ideal situations, this shouldn’t be a problem, but I foresee issues with the heated plastic material leeching into the e-liquid making it a potential health concern especially for vapers using it in the long term.

On the positive end of things, the finish of the device is great. Although closely mirroring the overall shape and details of the Alien 220, the Skyhook’s paint job luckily doesn’t take after the Alien’s which was extremely prone to chipping and flaking. The Skyhook features the same bright and informative screen the Alien did, and is similarly intuitive and easy enough to navigate.

The firing bar on the Skyhook feels great to press and use as well. Offering a much better tactile response especially when compared to a similar mod, the iJoy RDTA that featured a firing button which felt very hollow and unsatisfying to press.

Below the screen are the clicky up and down buttons used for controlling wattage and temperature and also for navigating the menu. A micro USB port can also be found here  which can be used to charge the device internally (not recommended but its ok once in awhile for emergencies) or deliver any available future firmware upgrades to the device.


Vapor Quality

Flavor and vapor production were pretty much on par with my expectations for an RDTA. Using the dual Clapton coils that came with the kit, the flavors from the eliquid felt bright, crisp, and well defined.

The 220-watt output certainly helps in this regard and also when it comes to outputting lots of flavor which is great news for all the cloud chasers out there.

The eliquid reservoir is quite large as well, having a max capacity of 9ml, although it should be noted that the iJoy RDTA which features a similarly styled reservoir that manages to house 12.8mls of eliquid.

The build deck on the Skyhook is a Velocity Style deck making it easy for beginners to get the hang of installing their own coils, featuring very large bottom airflow ports that allow Direct Lung vapers to get their kicks from this tank.

The kit also includes a plug which can be used to block off half of the chamber of the RDTA to convert the tank into a single coil atomizer.

Unfortunately, the included plug is constructed from silicone instead of ceramic and I have my concerns over the silicone’s close proximity to the coils which might make the plug prone to burning or melting over time.

Smok Skyhook with reservoir




The Skyhook supports temperature control out of the box with modes for stainless steel, nickel, and titanium coils. There aren’t any pre-heat functions or customisable TCR modes, unfortunately, but the device is firmware upgradeable so its possible that such features will come in at a later time.

Unlike the iJoy RDTA Box, the Skyhook does not support multiple build decks nor does it come with an adapter for using your standard RDAs and sub-ohm tanks which means that you’re pretty much stuck with the Velocity style that comes bundled with the kit.



Given its size, pocketing the Skyhook isn’t convenient nor is it recommended as the tank does have a tendency to leak when tipped over to the side. Even when transporting the mod around in a carry case, it’s best if you make sure that the tank is empty since leaving the mod in any position that isn’t upright will lead to the inevitable spilling of e-liquid.

It’s best suited for vaping at home where its guaranteed to stand on flat stable surfaces for the entire duration of its use. The battery life is pretty impressive though given the dual 18650 batteries utilized and the mod easily lasts a full day of usage on a single charge.

Smok Skyhook Profile


Unless you’re a die-hard fan of the Alien or Smok mods in general, it would be really hard for me to recommend the Skyhook RTDA Box Mod as a daily driver. It has numerous shortcomings, each of which by itself should be enough to deter anyone from considering this device, and as for what it does well, there are a multitude of other devices that simply perform better.

If you’re looking for a proper kit that offers an RDTA, check out our review on the iJoy RDTA Box which sports the same tank design of the Skyhook but with much better quality control and a more robust chipset with better features.

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