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Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality88%
80%100Overall Score

Almost every month, new mods and atomizers are being released that has new designs and features never been seen and done before by vape companies all over the world. Smok is trying to go back to the basics with their new starter kit, the Smok Stick Prince kit.

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Product Pros

  • Very portable and easy to use
  • 3000 mah battery
  • Leak free tank design

Product Cons

  • Non-removable and replaceable battery
  • Non-adjustable wattage




Smok Stick Prince Starter Kit Review: Breakdown

Smok Stick Prince colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Looking at the Smok Stick Prince, you can’t really say that it is a simple looking mod. The looks alone lets you know that Smok really puts their mind to all of its devices’ design. The mod is built from a premium zinc alloy and the TFV12 is made of stainless steel and they offer eight different color options for this kit to cater everyone’s preference.

The Stick Prince and the TFV12 tank atomizer comes in a matching black, red, blue, gold, purple, rainbow, green and stainless steel. The mod has no screen display and only has one hexagon shaped power button with a led indicator that tells you everything you need to know. Turning the device on and off is a simple as pressing the button 5 times.

The led indicator around the button will flash 4 times when taking a puff and 15 times when the battery voltage is low. There is a USB port on the back of the device to charge the 3000 mah non-removable battery and on the bottom is a small ventilation hole.

The included TFV12 Prince Tank atomizer is one of the best tank atomizers Smok has ever made. It is made of stainless steel and comes with their 810 cobra drip tip. The TFV12 Prince can be filled up with 8 ml of e-liquid thanks to its bulb glass tube and has a 0.17-ohm coil head pre-installed and an extra one which is nice.

The base of the tank is 25.5 mm in diameters and it sits very flush on the Stick Prince thanks to the mod’s spring loaded 510 connection.


Vapor Quality

The Smok Stick Prince starter kit comes with 2 coil heads. Both are the v12 Prince-M4 coil heads that have a resistance of 0.17 ohms, which is perfect for a nice, dense and flavorful vape. These coils are rated to use between 30-70 watts but you really don’t need to worry about that since the Stick Prince is not a variable wattage mod.

Even though there is no screen display or settings to change on the device, it will automatically set the output wattage depending on the resistance of the coil you are using and how much charge is left on the battery. It will always fire at the best possible wattage to give you that nice vapor you want. Keep in mind though, if you have it fully charged, it’s going to hit at the maximum wattage and will go down as the battery drains.

Smok also added some safety features to the Stick Prince to let you vape worry free. It has an 8 second cut off protection to keep you from taking super long drags which is dangerous to the atomizer and the battery. I know you want that nice big cloud but you don’t need an 8-second drag with the 0.17-ohm resistance coil heads included in the kit, trust me.

It also has a short circuit protection so you don’t have to worry about the battery exploding.

Smok Stick Prince detached




One thing I like about the Smok Stick Prince is how you are not tied to just the kit itself. The diameter of the mod is 24.5 mm so it will fit any atomizers you want from 25 mm and below. But you really don’t need to use any atomizers as the TFV12 Prince Tank is one of the best atomizers out there.

The included 810 cobra drip tip is removable so you can use your favorite ones but only 810 drip tips that have o rings on the bottom is compatible (sorry goon style 810 drip tip fans). The Stick Prince can fire anywhere from 3.4 V to 4.2 V and can use any coil resistance even as low as 0.1 ohms.

The 3000 mah non-removable battery is pretty hefty for a device of this kind. You can have at least 3 to 4 hours of vape time and it has a pass through charging feature so you can still enjoy vaping while charging the mod. The bulb glass tube of the TFV12 tank atomizer can be filled with 8 ml of e-liquid so you don’t have to worry about refilling every now and then.



The Smok Stick Prince is barely larger than a pen in height and only has a diameter of 24.5 mm. It is very pocket-friendly thanks to its design but you have to be careful of the glass tube.

One thing to take note is that all of that e-liquid and the size of the tank makes this mod kind of top heavy so if you want to put it down, you might want to set it down on its side because if you knock it over, you could break the glass and Smok didn’t include another glass tube in the kit.

Smok Stick Prince different parts


The Stick Prince starter kit is Smok’s way of giving users a quality and solidly built mod to help them transition into the world of vaping. The ease of use, portability and the quality of vape it can produce will satisfy every new and old-time vapers alike. Add to that the list of safety features this kit has that some starter kits don’t have makes this kit a very good buy.

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