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Build Quality79%
Vapor Quality77%
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Considered as the direct successor to the Stick AIO, the Smok Stick v8 is an improvement in pretty much all regards over its previous iteration. Now boasting a 3000mAh high capacity LiPo battery which is already a huge step up over the Stick AIO’s meager 1600mAh and toting the extremely well regarded and well reviewed Big Baby Beast sub-ohm tank; the Stick v8 is a true upgrade, sticking to the same ergonomic shape whilst bumping all the specs to the next level. Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • 3000mah battery
  • Great flavor
  • Compact

Product Cons

  • Smok coils are hit and miss



SMOK Stick V8 Review: Breakdown

SMOk Stick V8 Color


Build Quality

Build Quality

Constructed out of stainless steel, the Smok Stick V8 definitely gives off a premium feel when held in hand. It has some heft to it despite the tiny footprint measuring out to 24.5mm in diameter and 56mm in height. The mod itself weighs in at 60 grams while the included tank comes in at 88.5 grams. While it’s not the most lightweight tube style vape, the added weight is understandable due to the larger battery capacity rated at 3000mAh.

Aesthetics-wise, there isn’t much to note about the Stick V8 aside from the clicky firing button highlighted by an LED used to indicate the devices status and remaining battery life. A simple 5 clicks on the firing button turns the mod on and the LED flashes to let you know that the Stick V8 is ready for vaping. Minimal branding is found near the bottom of the mod and truth be told I’m not really a fan of the font they used as branding as I feel it takes away from the overall aesthetic of the device, although this is of course purely subjective.

The Big Baby Beast tank sits perfectly on top of the base making a perfect connection with the 510. Threading on all connections isn’t the smoothest but it definitely does the job providing an easy time screwing on/off the base and the included coil heads that come with the kit. One thing that I really appreciate about Smok’s kits is how the color of the tank always matches the finish of the mod, and the same stays true about the V8. Regardless of whichever color option you select for the Stick V8, you’re always going to get a matching tank that perfectly complements the base of the device (although depending on some color options, the tank only comes to a close shade and not a perfect color match).


Vapor Quality

The Big Baby Beast tank is a well-known performer which can be attributed to the rather large coil heads utilized which allow for bigger coils to be used. The fully adjustable airflow gives lots room for fine tuning that perfect draw specific to your preferences, not to mention that its a bottom airflow sub-ohm tank which means that you’ll be getting the best possible flavor production out of this setup as compared to vaping on side or top airflow RDA’s or tanks.

I didn’t have any issues with flavor or production off the bat when testing the included 0.15 ohm and 0.25 coil head. Both perform particularly well but I wasn’t happy with the overall longevity of the 0.25-ohm coil head as the flavor quality significantly dropped after day 3. I’ve vaped on this particular coil head when doing previous reviews and never experienced this poor coil life until now so it might not be an issue with the coil head but more of a problem in regards to quality control by Smok.

The tank comes with a semi-wide bore Delrin drip tip which is effective at keeping heat away from your lips meaning an overall more comfortable vaping experience even when chain vaping on the Stick V8. The kit includes a Smok vape band as well which is handy for protecting the glass chamber against accidental drops or tipping over.

While the Big Baby Beast tank doesnt leak during normal operation, I did experience some leaking when leaving the device on its side for extended periods of time which is something common to see in tanks of all variants, most particularly in bottom airflow designs such as the Big Baby.

SMOk Stick V8 on side




Although the Stick V8 is an unregulated device meaning that the power output is solely dependent on the battery level, that doesn’t mean that the device doesn’t come with its own suite of protective features to ensure that vaping is as safe as possible on this device. The Stick V8 has an 8-second cut-off which is invaluable to vapers who tend to forget to lock their device. It also supports low resistance and short circuit protection so any errant coil builds will merely prevent the device from firing. A low voltage protection feature also ensures that the internal battery doesn’t get overtaxed when vaping it beyond its recommended voltage.

If you’re looking for more advanced features such as temperature control, pre-heat, or customisable TCR, needless to say, that the Stick V8 doesn’t support these functions. I don’t really see the need to include these as the kit is mainly geared towards beginners who will primarily be vaping in the regular power mode.

Another great thing about the V8 is its ability to support 3rd party atomizers up to a maximum diameter of 24.5mm without overhang, therefore increasing the potential for various builds which make it a good option for more advanced users.



The smooth and seamless design of the Stick V8 makes it all-too-easy to slip in and out of bags or pockets and thanks to its small frame, it easily fits practically anywhere taking up less space than a mobile phone.

The 3000mAh internal battery provides great longevity for regular usage, but heavier vapers might find the need to recharge during the later part of the day. Since the Stick V8 is an unregulated device, vaping output is highly dependent on the remaining voltage or battery life, meaning as the battery life inevitably drops, so will the amount of vapor and flavor the Stick V8 produces. Fortunately, charging is simple and only requires you to plug the mod into any power bank or USB power source with the included micro USB cable.

SMOk Stick V8 Review


The Stick V8 is a great option for beginners thanks to its easy operation and maintenance. Combining that with its solid construction and great vaping performance, makes the Stick V8 kit a worthy contender for anyone looking to get their first vape. Just watch out when having to stock up on coil heads as Smok’s quality control hasn’t been optimal as of late.

If you are looking for something a good starter mod style vape check out the SMOK G150 and if you are just looking for the best check out the SMOK Procolor.

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