SMOK T-Priv Full Kit Review - Privledged
Build Quality88%
Vapor Quality83%
Versatility 89%
80%100Overall Score

Released as the successor to the SMOK Alien 220W, the T-Priv serves to be an upgrade in multiple ways. From the modern styling to the customisable LED lights, the T-Priv lives up to every vapers imagination on what mods can be capable of in the years to come. With its large firing switch on the side, and OLED display on the top, its obvious that SMOK is looking to subvert our expectations with a mod that aims to do everything differently. But the question is does it do all these things well? Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Beautiful styling with a plethora of color options
  • Customisable LED lights
  • Accommodates atomizers up to 26mm

Product Cons

  • Bulky and heavy
  • Prebuilt coil heads wicks juice too slow


SMOK T-Priv Kit Review: Breakdown

SMOK T-Priv Available Colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Upon first look at the T-Priv one could assume that if Tony Stark or Iron Man vaped, this would be the device he’d be using. With its modern, aggressive styling, RGB LED lights, and relatively large footprint, the T-Priv is definitely not a mod for blending in with the crowd. It’s bright, it’s loud, and its here to stand out.

Accompanying the bold exterior is its hefty size and weight; weighing out to 210grams just for the mod alone, the T-Priv might have a difficult time sitting comfortably in some pockets. On the other hand, the mod feels great to hold. The weight feels distributed evenly and gripping the mod while firing it using the clicky firing trigger on the side feels comfortable and satisfying, while the well placed display on top ensures that while vaping you get a birds eye view on your battery life, and how many amps are being pulled from your battery while firing the T-Priv which I consider a big plus over other devices.

A big point of concern especially for users who are familiar with the T-Privs predecessor, the Alien 220, is the quality of paint used. A huge majority of Aliens had their finish flaking off within a week of regular use. Having pointed that out, its great to see that the T-Priv improves on this remarkably with its finish holding up to regular use with minimal wear and tear.


Vapor Quality

The T-Priv kit includes one of SMOKs most popular subohm tanks the TFV8 which are well known for the consistent quality and performance of its prebuilt coil heads. Included in the kit is one 0.4ohm dual coil head and one 0.15ohm octuple(!) coil head and while being blown away by the sheer flavor and vapor production of the TFV8 using the octuple coil head, the 0.4ohm coils flavor feels muted in comparison.

One con I’d like to point out is how fast the pre-installed dual coil heads burn out especially at higher wattages. So if you do decide on picking up the T-Priv kit, I would recommend stocking up on the octuple coil heads exclusively to get the best vaping experience. In addition, if you prefer chain vaping at a higher wattage, (80 watts or higher) it should be said that both coils tend to wick juice a bit slowly leading to dry hits. Vapers who take time between puffs or vape at 60 watts or lower shouldn’t experience this problem.

The T-Priv, keeping in line with other modern VW mods also supports temperature control of nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils which is a great feature for advanced vapers who like fine tuning their vaping experience to their liking and also helps prevent the dreaded dry hits. Thankfully the menu for switching  from wattage mode to temperature control mode is simple to navigate and easy to learn.

SMOK T-PRIV Dissassembled




The T-Priv boasts a maximum wattage of 220 watts powered by 2 18650 batteries in series ensuring that it can be paired up with any coil build no matter how large. It also accommodates atomizers up to  26mm in diameter which is a great option to have in terms of compatibility.

The customisable RGB LEDs on the T-Priv might feel gimmicky to some users, but I have to give props to SMOK for making this feature well thought out and not just a simple afterthought wherein they slap on some flashing lights and call it a day. The LEDs can be configured through the on-device menu to flash, fade, or continuously stay lit. There’s also the option to configure when the LEDs turn on, whether it be during the actual firing of the mod, whenever the display is on, or even have the LEDs on at all times.

The entire slew of temperature control options is great to have for those who prefer TC. Switching between wattage mode to the modes that support nickel, titanium, or stainless steel is a breeze and based on experience, the temperature control works well and reads temperatures accurately helping bring out the potential flavor of which e-juice is currently being used.



The T-Priv is big, bold, and heavy so its not going to win any awards for the most portable mod of all time.

While it could fit in your pocket, it will be hard to pretend that you’re not walking around with a mini sized brick in your pants although this is somewhat a given considering its dual 18650 battery support and space to fit large atomizers on top.


Surprisingly while the T-Priv might feel too large for your pocket, it’s a great device to hold in hand. It feels comfortable to grip and use and isn’t prone to slipping out.

The dual 18650 batteriy support also ensure that you wont need to bring along extra batteries to power the device for a single days use which means no cumbersome battery swapping while you’re on the go.

SMOK T-Priv Full Kit


SMOK keeps upping the ante with new outlandish designs and implementing new ideas in their devices and its great to see that. The T-Priv kit is a solid choice for many vapers who might want to upgrade from their single battery mod or for those who are curious as to how well an octuple coil build vapes.

The flashy exterior coupled with the well implemented LED flights are a great way of showing off your mod in public where it potentially becomes a conversation piece ,which isn’t a bad thing at all. The size of the T-Priv while being one of the main negatives is understandable considering the amount of features SMOK crammed into it.

Overall its a great device to use and own. If you’re looking for a stealthier device, the T-Priv might not be for you and we would suggest checking out the iStick Pico or  Coolfire IV 100W. If you dont mind the extra bling factor that this mod provides, coupled with its capability to produce great flavor and vapor density, the T-Priv is a strong contender for your purchase.

If you already have the kit, let us know what you think of it! Did you find there were any problems with the kit? Did you find it as versatile as we did? Make a comment and share your experiences with the community.

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