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Build Quality79%
Vapor Quality85%
78%100Overall Score

The new Veneno kit, sports a radical, bright, and edgy, design which brings shiny and colorful race cars to mind. In addition to its facade is a set of LEDs meant to highlight the bold and striking lines and let the mod stand out more than it already does. Powered by the same 225-watt chipset that’s found inside the Smok ProColor and Mag, it features the same colorful and crisp display. Bundled with the lite version of Smok’s classic TF-V8 Big Baby Beast Tank, the kit promises loads of performance in a loud and flashy form factor.

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Product Pros

  • Aesthetics can be an acquired taste
  • LEDs are nice and bright
  • Powerful chipset

Product Cons

  • Toy-like feel


Smok Veneno Kit Review: Breakdown

Smok Veneno colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Knowing next to nothing about luxury cars, I was quite surprised when looking up the namesake of the Veneno by Smok. Apparently, Smok has taken some inspiration from the famous luxury car manufacturer, Lamborghini, and crafted a Veneno of their own making.

Unfortunately, I cant say with confidence that feel or the overall design of the mod comes anywhere close to the design or visual impact that the Veneno supercar exudes. Subjectively speaking, the Smok Veneno isn’t a pretty looking mod, and has the look and feel of a children’s toy.

Speaking of feel, the finish on the Veneno is nothing to be impressed about as well. It seems that Smok only extends the use of their high-quality finishes on the higher end of their lineups price bracket. While the paint hasn’t chipped as of yet, it doesn’t instil any confidence in me that it won’t do so at some point in the near future.

As of writing, the available colorways for the Veneno are a blue/red, black/yellow, black/red, silver/black, red/gold, purple/red, and Smok’s trademark rainbow edition colorway.

Spread throughout the front and back of the Veneno is a series of V-shaped LED lights that further lend to its gamer or toy-like aesthetic. While I don’t find them appealing at all, they do shine brightly. Another feature of these LED lights is they can be configured through the built-in menu to switch colors or light modes depending on your preferences which is always a welcome touch to the kit.

The menu of the Veneno is easy to access requiring only three clicks on the ergonomic and clicky firing bar located on the side of the mod. Navigating the options is simple and far from frustrating, which doesn’t surprise me as it uses the exact same user interface, chipset, and screen, as the Smok ProColor.

All information relevant to the Veneno’s performance and current status is easily viewed thanks to the large screen which displays vivid colors and crisp text, making every detail easy legible.

Despite my dislike for the overall look of the Smok Veneno, its surprisingly comfy to grip, thanks to its contoured sides which lead to the firing bar. None of the aggressive lines or ridges actually find themselves on any surface of the mod that your hand or palm is constantly in contact with which shows that the designers actually put some thought into the ergonomics of this device.

And while it might look cheap, its still constructed out of solid zinc alloy and stainless steel, giving the mod a good sense of weight at 180 grams, making it one of the heaviest dual 18650 mods I’ve reviewed.


Vapor Quality

Equipped with the TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition, we can more or less know what to expect from this mod. The kit comes bundled with two 0.4-ohm dual coil heads which offer lots of potential for cloud chucking but still won’t provide the necessary ohms (or lack of it) to let the device fire north of 70 watts.

While you could try vaping these coils at 100+ watts, I doubt you’d have a very pleasant experience.

Nevertheless, the tank vapes well enough within the recommended wattage range of around 30-60 watts and the tank produces enough flavor and vapor to keep most vaping veterans happy and satisfied.

In terms of longevity, these coil heads are produced by Smok so its safe to expect about a weeks use out of them before flavor quality and vapor production start to drop.

The Big Baby Lite tank houses a maximum of 5ml of e-liquid and is constructed out of stainless steel, pyrex glass, and a Delrin drip tip which is standard for most quality sub-ohm tanks. The top cap uses Smok’s classic push-swivel mechanism to enable easy refills when needed, eliminating any requirement to unthread the top cap off.

Airflow is fully adjustable and can be set to full open or restricted thanks to the free-flowing airflow ring at the base of the tank which exposes the dual airflow slots.

Smok Veneno battery




The Veneno supports three main vaping modes: Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, and Memory. The Variable wattage mode of the Veneno functions just like any other mod and is easy to use and configure.

Temperature control is quite accurate as well, providing a consistent yet powerful output characteristic of well-designed chipsets. Support for TC extends to titanium, stainless steel, and nickel coils.

Just like most advanced mods, the Smok Veneno comes with a variety of safety functions such as intelligent atomizer recognition which automatically sets your wattage to the recommended value of the coil as soon as you screw in an atomizer.



Given the weight of the Smok Veneno, it’s not exactly the most ideal device to lug around. Its quite compact though, sporting similar dimensions to the Smok Alien which was a Smok favorite loved for its power output and portability, making pocketing the mod far from difficult.

Battery life lets you vape anywhere between 1-2 days before the dual batteries need recharging, and while you can charge the batteries internally, its always recommended to use an external charger to ensure balanced charging.

Smok Veneno flat view


Despite my misgivings about the aesthetics and design of the Smok Veneno, the performance showcases its real value as a vaping device. And while it doesn’t look like a Lamborghini in any way to my eyes, it definitely leaves its mark as its vaping equivalent thanks to the solid and powerful output produced by this kit.

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