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Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality75%
60%100Overall Score

The SmokJoy Air 50 kit has one of the smallest mods that you’ll find anywhere. Put it next to other “mini” mods and they’ll look like giants. To give you perspective, the mod in this kit is shorter than a normal Bic lighter. It’s almost hard to believe, isn’t it? The question is, did they go too far with their shrink ray or is this a kit worth buying?

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Product Pros

  • Extremely small mod
  • Produces up to 50w
  • Includes TC modes
  • RTA tank

Product Cons

  • Too small for many people
  • Average vapor quality


SmokJoy Air 50 RTA Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

There are two ways to look at the build quality of the components in this kit. On the one hand, they managed to fit a lot of functionality into a very small package. This offers up to 50w of power, subohm vaping, and temperature control for titanium, nickel, and stainless steel. The tank is also rebuildable and offers adjustable airflow. To that end, the quality is very good.

On the other hand, it also feels cheap. The screen is blurry and of a lower quality than most screens you’ll see on the average mod. It’s also so small that it can be inconvenient to hold and use. If you are tiny, this may be perfect. If you are anywhere from average sized to big, you may find this mod frustrating to use.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is determined by two things, the power options of the mod itself and the tank. While this mod can obviously be used with other tanks, I’m specifically reviewing the performance of the mod with the included Air tank.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think the tank performs all that well. There isn’t much flavor to speak of, and it doesn’t deliver big clouds either. If you’re new to vaping, you’d probably enjoy it very much and have no complaints, but when you compare it to the performance of other options on the market, this one leaves a good deal to be desired.

On the bright side, the mod itself is more than capable of powering some of the best tanks on the market. Combine it with one of them and you’ll be good to go.




The versatility is good for a mod that is so small. The wattage range is 7w to 50w, and you also get temperature control for titanium, nickel, and stainless steel.

The temperature range is 200F to 600F. The resistance range for wattage mode is 0.2ohm to 3ohm. For the TC modes, it’s 0.15ohm to 1.0ohm. Like I mentioned above, the tank is also rebuildable.



Considering the mod is shorter than a Bic lighter, the portability is obviously good. Carrying this in your pocket is much more feasible than it is with most mods. On the other hand, carrying it in your hand can actually be less comfortable than it is with bigger options. There is less to grip with this so you have to hold your hand awkwardly.

I personally like the all in one style vapes with the tank inside the base when I’m looking for something portable. There are several options like this that perform very well, and not having the tank sitting on top makes them much better options for carrying in your pocket. That design also means there isn’t a big glass tank sitting on top begging to be broken either.

I’m mentioning this because I imagine most people will look at something like this and assume it’s super portable, and I happen to think there are better options out there.



The SmokJoy Air 50 Kit features one of the smallest mods that I’ve ever seen, perhaps the smallest period. I’m torn on whether or not this small of a size has value or not.

I’m leaning towards it being too small for most people. Smaller sizes stop offering functional value at some point, and I think this has crossed the line. It’s not like you’re trying to hide this, it’s just a box mod and the result of using it would give up what’s in your hand anyway.

As far as portability goes, I’ve already shared my thoughts on why an all in one device would be better than this.

The rest of the features can be found plenty of other places in mods that have a more convenient size. It’s not really offering anything unique besides the size, in other words.

Where does that leave us?

Small hands. The only value I see this having over other options is if you have small hands. In case you think that’s some kind of joke, it’s not. I’ve known very petite people with tiny hands that this would be perfect for. If that’s you, all the complaints I had aren’t really valid and this may be a great option.

If you are looking for smaller mod that does not make you feel like an absolute giant be sure to check out the iStick Pico and if you are looking for one with a bit more power check out the Coolfire IV 100W,

If you already have the  kit, let us know what you think of it! Did you find there were any problems with the kit? Did you find it as versatile as we did? Make a comment and share your experiences with the community.


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