Source Bubbler 3 Review - Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality75%
Look & Feel73%
Ease of Use82%
72%Overall Score

Sourcevapes are a huge player in the industry producing some of the best vaporizers we’ve ever come across. We think that there is a top-drawer vape for everybody from this giant so we were intrigued when we got our hands on the Bubbler 3 which is going for around $70—a huge markdown from most of Source’s products. Can it keep up? It’s a new venture for the company and adding what they call the ‘sidecar’ percolator was bold but does it work? Well read on and we’ll tell you what we think.

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Product Pros

  • Great cooling with the sidecar percolator
  • Great hits, big or small

Product Cons

  • Small battery
  • Unavoidable leakage




Source Bubbler 3 Review: Breakdown


Source Bubbler 3 coils

Build Quality

Build Quality

It’s no surprise that such an established vaporizer manufacturer as Source provides us with a product of quality. Every piece that comes in the box looks and feels great—that goes for the battery and the assorted atomizers and coils.

The battery feels weighty and the buttons don’t feel loose, the ‘sidecar’ percolator is made from a nice pyrex glass which won’t break if you happen to have an unfortunate drop.

Unfortunately, Source has implemented a questionable airflow technique—essentially, the air is delivered through the bottom of the chamber which makes it extremely difficult to prevent hot oils and concentrates slowly leaking into the base—this is something that seriously needs to be altered in future versions.


Vapor Quality

This device is cheaper than many of its other, more expensive extended family members so if you’ve used anything from Source before then you might be left a little disillusioned.

The vapor is great though, and we attribute that to the super effective and well-designed percolator that does its job seemingly on overtime. Another cool feature on the percolator is a carb hole, so you can truly tailor your hits to temperature and intensity.


Source Bubbler 3 mouth piece


Look and Feel

It looks like a sonic screwdriver from Dr. Who. The battery has a sort of chromey, spacey air to it and when the bubbler attachment is clicked into place it augments the sci-fi look.

Feeling the device, you won’t be surprised to find it a cold, heavy and shiny metal—in other words, a fingerprint magnet. The shiny fingerprint magnet is forgivable though because it does look awesome and feels nice too.



Well, this is a wax pen with an attached percolator so let’s not be silly and think it will go unnoticed on the street. So let’s assume this is just for low-key vaping in your living room, garden or balcony.

The battery itself is perfectly fine but the bubbler is awkwardly large and impractical for outside-the-house usage. For a better on the go type wax pen we suggest checking out the Thunder 2.

Source Bubbler 3 full kit


Ease of Use

The battery, atomizer and coils are—like the vast majority of wax pens—very quick and easy to clean. So long as you have cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol, the task shouldn’t be too hard, however, with this product you have to consider the bubbler too.

The bubbler can be tricky to clean if you don’t have any pipe cleaners so consider investing in the right tools to maintain your vape.



You won’t have any trouble getting your vape from A to B with the included carry case but as we mentioned before, this is not designed for outside usage. If you want to bring this out with you then take a look at Source’s Orb mouthpiece which also helps cool the vapor without being so obtrusive, conveniently it fits on this battery.

Speaking of the battery, the battery life isn’t life-changing either, in fact, it’s quite bad compared to other devices from Source and other devices on the market too.


A great, more budget alternative to Source’s normally expensive units. Build-wise, it stays true to the company’s long history of quality materials and integrity but with the cheaper price tag comes a few flaws. We didn’t like the questionable airflow system that allowed oil to drip into the base and a poor battery let the unit down but generally. It works just as it should—the percolator cools the vapor perfectly and considering the price, it’s not a bad choice at all. But if you are looking to spend a bit more we’d recommend the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit.

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