Source Nail E-Rig - Hitting the Nail!
Build Quality84%
Vapor Quality88%
Look & Feel86%
Ease of Use75%
74%100Overall Score

Welcome to our review of the SOURCE Nail by SOURCEvapes

If you read our Dr. Dabber Boost review you will have a pretty good idea of what an e-rig is. The SOURCE Nail is an interesting device because it can be used as either an e-rig or a portable concentrate vaporizer. 

There are a lot of things to like about the spec sheet, but at the end of the day it’s the performance that counts. Let’s put this thing to the test and see if it’s the answer to all your dabbing needs…

Product Pros

  • Good vapor production
  • Temperature control
  • 7-second heat up time
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Can be used as an erig or a vape pen
  • Cross compatible with SOURCE Orb 4 and XL atomizers
  • Includes carrying case

Product Cons

  • Weak battery
  • Certain parts are fragile
  • Menu can be confusing at first


Source Nail Review: Breakdown 


Build Quality

Build Quality

The SOURCE Nail is definitely a well built device. One of the coolest features is the fact that you can use it as an e-rig or as a standard concentrate vaporizer. If you want to use it for dabs, you simply put the glass bubbler on top. If you want to use it as a traditional pen, put the globe on.

Both styles rely on the same atomizers. There are three included with the device. Each one is the same ‘bucket’ style design, but they’re made from different materials (titanium, quartz, and ceramic). To expand the functionality of the SOURCE Nail, it’s also cross compatible with all of the atomizers from the Orb 4, and Orb XL.

I like the design of the atomizers, but they seem to be a bit fragile. This is especially true with the quartz one. You’ll want to take extra care with these, and make sure you don’t put much pressure on them with whatever tool you use to load your wax.

The base is no different than a box mod that you would use for an e-cig. This one delivers plenty of functionality, offering both variable wattage and temperature control. The wattage range is 5w to 40w, while the temperature range is 200°F to 700°F.

The battery life leaves a bit to be desired. Testing it suggests that you can get about 10-15 dabs from a charge, but this will ultimately depend on your power and temperature levels.


Vapor Quality

The SOURCE Nail delivers some powerful vapor, and it does so quickly. The nice thing about this unit is that it can cater to many different vapor preferences depending on how you set it up.

For example, the titanium atomizer seems to deliver the biggest hits, while the ceramic or quartz options are better on flavor. Beyond that, adjusting the power and temperature levels helps you zero in on the perfect vapor for your taste. Play around with this when you first get it in order to figure out what you like best.

Lower temperatures will provide you with better flavor and will allow you to taste all the delicious terpenes in your herb. If you enjoy chasing clouds don’t be afraid to turn this baby up, just be prepared for a nice coughing fit!



Look and Feel

The base of the SOURCE Nail is sleek and relatively small, but when you put the glass bubbler on top, the size more than doubles. Combined with the off-center design, the combo is unwieldy and can’t be set down without easily falling over.

So while this looks pretty cool, it feels fragile and easy to break. This can be combatted with a little extra caution, but this isn’t something that everyone is able to do, especially when they are enjoying dabs. For these reasons, it’s probably not a good idea to bust this out with groups of people.



If you want to try to be discreet with this, you’ll need to use the globe attachment and not the bubbler. The bubbler makes this look like some sort of science experiment, and there is absolutely no way to hide it. It will attract attention, and you can’t hide it in your hands or even set it down easily.

The globe attachment is more discreet, but it still may not be a good idea to use this in public if you don’t want people to know what you are doing. The globe is all glass, and it’s pretty easy to get visible splatter all over the sides.


Ease of Use

Once you have the SOURCE Nail set up, it’s very easy to use. But navigating the menu can be confusing, especially the first few times you use it. While you may be able to just pick it up and play around until you figure everything out, I recommend going to their website and watching the instructional video that they have.

Watching a how-to video for a vape probably doesn’t sound like fun, but it doesn’t take long and it will make sure that you are setting up the temperature control modes properly.



By itself, this device isn’t very portable at all. There are tons of parts that can break easily, including the glass tops and the atomizers. On top of this, the battery life is weak and will only last for 10-15 dabs.

Luckily, these pitfalls are combatted with a carrying case with cut-out foam to protect all of the individual pieces. This means you can take your SOURCE Nail and charger anywhere you want without worrying about breaking it, as long as you don’t mind carrying a mini-briefcase with you.


The SOURCE Nail is one of the most versatile e-rigs on the market. I really like that it can be used as an electronic dab rig or as a concentrate vaporizer, and the wide range of atomizer options is also nice. On top of this, the temperature control and wattage variability help make sure you get great vapor from it.

The biggest downsides are the durability concerns and the battery life. The atomizers could have been built better, and I would have preferred a bigger battery so that you don’t have to charge it as frequently.

All things considered, I still think this is a great option if you are in the market for a concentrate vaporizer that can deliver dabs.

If you don’t care about dabbing and just want to enjoy concentrates, then I’d recommend checking out something else. A lot of the value here comes from that functionality, so you could get a better deal on a more durable unit if you don’t care about it. The Source Orb 4 Premium Kit is a great pen unit that can deliver hits that rival a traditional rig.

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