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Build Quality74%
Vapor Quality76%
Look & Feel73%
Ease of Use77%
75%Overall Score

The newest vaporizer by Sourcevapes is the Source Orb 3 Prem2 Kit. This company is well known for their quality concentrate vapes such as the Orb 4 Signature Kit. We were impressed by the quality of cloud from its predecessors. Will we be just as impressed by the extremely inexpensive Orb 3? Let’s find out!

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Product Pros

  1. Works with 3 series atomizers
  2. 6 atomizers included
  3. 3 pre-set temperature controls
  4. FastCharge battery charger
  5. Instruction manual

Product Cons

  1. Non-removable battery
  2. Small 650mAh battery




Source Orb 3 Prem2 Kit Review: Breakdown


Orb 3 Prem2 Kit atomizer

Build Quality

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, the 6 atomizers are perfectly made. Included are a quartz single coil, quartz double coil, a white ceramic double coil, a black ceramic double coil, a ceramic coil-less, and a quartz coil-less atomizer.

We found absolutely no faults with the build quality of the Source Orb 3 vaporizer. The atomizers all swap out easily. Simply twist off one top with eGo-510 threading and replace it with another atomizer.


Vapor Quality

If you want to experiment with a wide variety of vapor quality, the Source Orb 3 Prem2 Kit might just be perfect for you. There are 6 different atomizers, and all bring a unique experience. Each offers varying smoothness and taste, and there should be at least 1 coil that you won’t be able to live without.

The black ceramic works great for a one and done! For the most efficient use of your wax, use one of the donut coils. As a credit to Source, each of the atomizers produces great tasting clouds.

In terms of temperature, there are 3 pre-set voltages. These settings were chosen based on the needs of most vapers: from 3.3 volts to 3.9 volts. Since the overall price is so low, we can’t complain about just 3 temperatures. As you probably already know, some wax pens only have 1!

Furthermore, the long stem on the Orb 3 works to cool down the vapor before it reaches your mouth and lips. Aside from long glass stems and water vaporizers, this may be the best mouthpiece for cooling down vapor.


Orb 3 Prem2 Kit inclined


Look and Feel

This unit looks classy and feels like it would cost $100 more than it does. The Source Orb 3 feels phenomenal in the hand.

There are so many options when it comes to customization, and each one feels as high-quality as the next.



In terms of discreetness, the Source Orb 3 has some pros and cons. If you are wearing tight clothing, the aesthetically shaped orb mouthpiece may catch people’s eye.

In a backpack, purse, or loose pocket you will still be extremely discreet. However, be aware this pen is too long to fit in a palm.

What’s more, there is a silicone container built into the battery for an ultimate inconspicuous place to hide your wax. This reduces the amount of stuff you have to bring with you, not only adding to discreetness but also to portability.

Orb 3 Prem2 Kit font profile


Ease of Use

If you are new to wax vaporizers don’t worry! The Source Orb 3 is one of the easiest units for vaporizing concentrates. First, choose the atomizer you want. Then, load your wax using the included tool to help.

To turn on, simply press the only button on the unit the usual 5 times. After that, the unit will begin heating up and you can switch between the 3 different temperatures. With no extra buttons or frilly attachments anyone can use the Source Orb 3.

In terms of cleaning, this Source takes easy to a whole new level. When one of your atomizers gets dirty, simply use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. Rinse, heat, and you are ready to vape anew!



Although not quite as portable as some other units, this Source product does just fine on the go. The only thing that really weighs on the portability of the Source Orb 3 is battery life. Although many vaporizers feature a 650mAh battery, we had higher hopes for this Source unit.

Depending on what coil you use, your battery may last a few hours or it may last a couple of days. Even worse, you cannot simply exchange them. Charging is the only way. It may take some time getting a charging schedule down. Fortunately, with moderate use and a donut, your battery could last a few days


The Orb 3 Prem2 Kit proves that a cheap price does not always mean a cheap product.

No longer does inexpensive mean no temperature controls and a burnt throat. Overall, we would recommend this Source vaporizer over other similarly priced wax vaporizers. In fact, we think newbies and veterans alike can find something they love about this product.

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