Source Orb 3 - A well rounded wax pen
Build Quality83%
Vapor Quality82%
Look and Feel84%
Portability 75%
77%100Overall Score

Today we will be looking at the Source Orb 3 Signature Kit from Source Vapes, a very popular wax pen on the market. The Signature Kit we are reviewing that comes with a ton of accessories for the Source Orb 3 to try right out of the box offering tons of customization.

It is stocked with 8 atomizers and 4 different mouthpieces that are all interchangeable. We really love being able use different setups with this wax pen to achieve different vapor quality. With the sheer number of atomizers you are given you will have fun trying them all out to find which one suit you best or maybe you like them all (I know we did). The kit is completed with a nice case for transport and storage. If this sounds like something that piques your interest be sure to read on as we break down everything this pen vape has to offer.

Product Pros

  • Includes 8 atomizers
  • Includes 4 mouthpieces
  • Variable temperature control
  • Great flavour and vapor quality

Product Cons

  • Bulky case
  • Short battery life


Source Orb 3 Wax Pen Review: Breakdown 


Build Quality

Build Quality

With this many components we were worried that Source Vapes may have opted for quantity over quality but we are happy to report this is not the case. All parts for the Source Orb 3 are manufactured with a high quality. Parts fit seamlessly into one another and the pen is easy to construct and deconstruct.

We were especially happy with the quality of the atomizers. Each one we tested and every single one worked out of the box and worked well. What was even more fun was mixing and matching mouthpieces to find different combinations we enjoyed.

The only thing we did not enjoy and this is more nitpicking, is the way you set your temperature. There is a dial at the bottom of the unit you can turn to adjust your voltage. We did not find this method very intuitive and found ourselves accidentally changing the voltage during use. We would have preferred the more traditional method of button clicks just to ensure your settings do not change by accident.


Vapor Quality

Because Source Vapes provides so many atomizers in the Source Orb 3 Signature Kit, vapor quality can easily be customized to your liking. Each atomizer has its own unique design (you can learn more about atomizer styles from this helplful blog from TVape, notable ones include single and dual quartz rod atomizers, single and dual ceramic rods atomizers, and quartz and ceramic plate atomizers. The rod atomizers both quartz and ceramic provide nice big clouds, while the plate atomizers provided more flavor and even cooking. Couple this with the interchangeable mouthpiece and you have a unit that is hard to match in terms of vapor quality. There is a set up for every type of user or if you are a true connoisseur you will end up using a combination of setups to find the perfect vapor quality for you.

Source Orb 3 Atomizer Collection


Look and Feel

We really like the Titanium finish of the Source Orb 3, it makes the pen look and feel slick in your hands. Each mouthpiece makes the pen seem like a completely different device and we love that type of customization. The pen is a little larger than most other pen vapes like the Kandypen by about three-quarters of an inch. It’s not a huge difference but worth noting. It can still easily fit in the pocket, but depending on which mouthpiece you have attached it may stick out a bit.



If you were to just bring the Source Orb out with one of the standard mouthpieces it would be suitable for a discreet session while out and about. However not every mouthpiece is discreet, the glass and titanium globe mouthpieces are sure to draw some attention if you are vaping in public. As for the vapor itself, if you use the plate atomizers at a lower temperature setting clouds are fainter and will dissipate quickly for stealthy sessions. With the quartz and ceramic rod atomizers sessions are not as discreet because these atomizers are designed to produce big clouds. Because of the options available you really do have the ability to customize your session for your needs. The Orb can be a discreet unit if you want it to be or can be a heavy hitter if you want it to, it all depends on how you set it up and use it.


Ease of Use

Like most wax pen units, the Source Orb 3 is fairly straightforward to use. 5 clicks on the power button unlocks and locks the device, when unlocked press and hold the power button to begin heating the atomizer. Heating is instantaneous and the longer you hold the button the hotter the atomizer will get. The unit has a 10 second auto shut off to ensure the atomizer cannot be over heated or left engaged. Changing atomizers and mouthpieces is as simple as unscrewing one part and replacing it with another. All parts are interchangeable and work with each other. As we have said before, we really enjoy this aspect and building a Frankenstein wax pen to fit our needs.



As we discussed in the discreetness section, if set up correctly this pen can be very portable and can be easily stored in a pocket for a day out. The glass globe mouthpiece is less portable and I would worry about it breaking during a day trip. The Titanium globe atomizer makes  the unit more bulky and harder to fit in the pocket, but the other 2 mouthpieces would be fine for out and about. The package as a whole is not very portable however, they do include a metal box in the signature kit to store the pen and all accessories but this box is pretty bulky and only can fit inside a bag for travel. So unless you bring just the pen with you for the day it is not going to be the most portable kit. Also battery life on the Source Orb 3 is not the best, a full charge can probably last about an hour of continuous vaping. Chances are if you were to use it for a full day you would have to charge it at some point during the day. If you are looking for a more portable unit with better battery life we suggest checking out the Zeus Thunder 2.


We have to say that the Source Orb 3 is one of the most well rounded (pun intended) wax pen kits currently available. The multiple atomizers and mouthpieces allow the user to customize the pen to their own liking. We love the idea that you can switch into a more stealth centric format for discreet sessions or set it up to blow big clouds. With the Source Orb 3 how you enjoy the unit is completely up to you. We do wish the battery was a little smaller size-wise or offered more power for the size. But vapor production is outstanding and will satisfy newcomers and veterans alike.

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

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