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Build Quality89%
Vapor Quality90%
Look and Feel87%
Ease of Use80%
85%100Overall Score

Welcome to our review of the SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Kit by SOURCEvapes!

Building off the success of the Source Orb 3, this is a pen-style concentrate vaporizer that offers some of the best atomizer variety available on the market. You’ll get six with the kit, but if that’s not enough for you, there are more available in different styles and materials.

Before we dive in, please note that the the Premium Kit and the Signature Kit are extremely different. The Signature Kit has a 2200mAh box mod-style battery that offers temperature control and variable wattage. This does not.

But enough of what this doesn’t have, let’s dig into what it does offer…

Product Pros

  • Great vapor production
  • Huge atomizer variety
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Variable voltage
  • Sleek design

Product Cons

  • Weak battery


Source Orb 4 Premium Kit Review: Breakdown 


Build Quality

Build Quality

One of my favorite things about the SOURCE Orb 4 Premium kit is the way it looks. Its sleek and curvy, with a metallic stainless steel construction that gives it a high-quality look and feel. The specific type of steel is stainless steel 303, which they claim is preferable for health reasons.

The Premium Kit comes with six well-built atomizers. There are both single and double coil options, as well as two that are the coilless plate style. Materials include titanium, quartz, and ceramic. SOURCE designed three new atomizers that can be used with the Orb 4, and this kit includes one of them, the Quartz SOURCE Terra Plate. The rest can be bought separately.

The Orb itself has a new design that helps it function better. One improvement was simplifying the construction and connecting the two halves with a magnet. This makes refilling your atomizer quick and painless. It also offers adjustable airflow with five different settings.

There is one complaint I have with how this was built: the battery. At just 650mAh, it seems way underpowered compared to the premium experience the rest of the kit seems to be offering. I would have liked to see this beefed up a little.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is very good. Whether you are looking for flavor or strength, this kit should be able to satisfy your needs. When maxed out, the size of the hits that this can deliver is remarkable for a simple pen-style vape. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Play around with the atomizers to see what delivers the best results for you. I like the coilless options myself, but some of the double coil options are also great. The bottom of the unit can also be twisted to adjust the voltage, so don’t forget to experiment here as well. The range is from 3.2v to 4.8v with eight different settings in between, so you get a lot of room to work with.

Source Orb 4 Atomizers


Look and Feel

This is one of the Premium Kit’s strong points. The appearance is just so appealing. I’m not sure if it’s the curvy top, the metallic finish, the simple design, or a combination of the three, but I really like how this vape looks.

The stainless steel construction also helps make this feel pretty durable. There isn’t anything that should be able to break easily, so I feel comfortable carrying it around in my pocket. Its definitely a well-built unit.



This isn’t the smallest concentrate pen on the market, but it should still be easy enough to stay unnoticed while you use it. The design is slick when you look at it, but there is nothing so flashy that it would attract attention. If you find yourself in a situation where discretion is important, remember to bring the voltage all the way down and use an atomizer designed for flavor, not vapor production.


Ease of Use

This is another area where this unit excels. If you want a concentrate vaporizer that is easy to use, this should fit the bill. The new magnetic top makes it easy to refill your cartridges, and there’s only one button that you have to use to get the base up and running. You can play around with the voltage and airflow settings, but both of these are adjusted with simple twists.

In other words, there aren’t any complicated menus to navigate.

This is actually one of the big differences between the Premium Kit and the Signature Kit. While the Signature Kit offers much more versatility, it’s not nearly as easy to use.



This can be slid into a pocket without taking up much room, and it’s also durable enough to handle a bit of abuse. In these ways, this is a good choice for on-the-go concentrate vaping.

The magnetic mouthpiece is actually a double edge sword when it comes to portability. It makes it easier to load when on the go, but has a tenancy to pop off in your pocket exposing your coils to pocket fluff! We recommend storing it in a coat pocket or bag for more hassle free travel.

Another big drawback is battery life. There’s just no way to avoid frequent charging with a 650mAh battery. This will hopefully last you through a day or evening, but there’s no guarantee, especially if you use it at the maximum voltage. Personally, I would prefer something with a bigger battery or one that can be removed.


The SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Kit is one of the best wax pens on the market. The versatility you get from all of the different atomizers is unmatched, and the design is also fantastic. The one problem is the small battery, but this shouldn’t be a deal breaker unless portability is a major concern for you.

If you want a bigger battery, check out the SOURCE Orb XL. Its powered by a 1300mAh battery and also has a triple coil atomizer with a one gram wax capacity.

I also recommend looking at the Signature Kit. While it loses some of the aesthetic with the box mod base, it also gains a ton of extra functionality. The variable wattage and temperature control are awesome additions, and you also get more atomizers.

If you don’t care about all the atomizer options, these kits may not be worth the money. There are plenty of other pens out there that offer a similar end result without all the bells and whistles. The ZEUS Thunder 2 is one option, delivering exceptional flavor but just one atomizer style.

If you get to try this or the Signature Kit, let us know what you think. Do you like the new atomizer styles that they’re offering now?

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