Source Orb XL 2 Review - Bigger, Badder, Better
Build Quality86%
Vapor Quality85%
Look & Feel84%
Ease of Use79%
83%Overall Score

If you’re someone who enjoys using a lot of wax and taking huge draws, you probably think that a wax pen is not for you. However, in the Source Orb XL 2, we’ve found a device that punches way above its weight. This heavyweight comes with a huge triple coil atomizer that can handle large amounts of wax and will give you massive draws. In fact, it’s probably not be for the beginner or for the faint-hearted!

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Product Pros

  • Large Atomizers
  • Powerful Battery
  • Excellent vapor

Product Cons

  • A bit large
  • May be too much for newbies




Source Orb XL 2 Review: Breakdown


Source ORB XL 2 Atomizers

Build Quality

Build Quality

SourceVapes take great pains over the quality of their products. The company uses only the best components and has a great eye for style. The Source Orb XL 2 is nicely machined, with a glossy titanium finish. It is also extremely robust. The mouthpiece and easily adjustable airflow system is particularly impressive, allowing you to set your own restriction to further tailor your vaping experience.

The XL 2 also sports an extra-powerful battery, roughly double the capacity of other wax pens’ power sources. Because the battery is so large, you can expect to easily get through a full day’s vaping on one charge. And if you’re a moderate user, you’ll likely not have to charge the Source Orb XL 2 for a couple days. But, of course, battery life will vary depending on your temperature settings and the length of your sessions.

Like most wax pens, the Source Orb XL 2 is really simple to use. Its single-button operation makes it almost foolproof. It’s temperature controls are conveniently located at the bottom of the battery.
Maintenances and upkeep are simple as well. You really only have to take care of the mouthpiece. The quartz bucket can be disassembled for easy cleaning and will last longer than the triple coils before needing to be replaced.

The orb XL 2 is sold in a number of different kits, which range in price from $60 to $150. All the kits are affordable, compared to the cost of dry herb portable vaporizers, and comparable in price to high-end pen-style wax units.

SourceVapes provides a 30-day warranty on atomizers and a 1-year warranty on the battery. This is a little short compared to what’s offered on some other vapes, but it’s about average for the price-range.


Vapor Quality

The XL 2 comes with eight temperature settings and two atomisers, which puts you firmly in control of the strength and quality of your vapor.

And this device produces some great vapor! If you enjoy large clouds, we really recommend turning up the dial to get the best out of the XL 2’s triple quartz coil atomizer.

The three quartz coils do the business, producing lots of vapor that even the most seasoned wax user will find satisfying.

For smaller clouds but a fuller flavor, lower the temperature and switch to the quartz bucket atomiser. The bucket run less hot than the exposed coils and cooks your concentrate more evenly.

The result is extremely flavorful draws, which bring out all the subtle notes of your wax.

Furthermore what is great about this unit is the size of the atomizers, which are BIG and just the ticket for those who want to enjoy a BIG session. It is simple and unfussy to load and heats up very quickly.


Source ORB XL 2 Exploded


Look and Feel

The Air has a unique look to it and it is easy to differentiate it from the pack. When you see the Air in pictures and then in real life you will be surprised at the actual size of the device. It’s smaller than you would think. When you are on the go the mouthpiece does not need to be in place so the travel mode is half as tall as when the device is assembled for use.

The Air has a good weight to it and feels very durable. On the device itself you will find 3 buttons and a screen that presents information to you which we will touch on in the ‘ease of use’ section below.



Again its size and even its iconic style make the Source Orb XL 2 hard to vape discreetly. It’s attractive eye-catching design simply doesn’t make for stealth!

Source ORB XL 2 Kit


Ease of Use

The Source ORB 2 like the ORB 1 and other devices made by SourceVapes are user friendly and very simple to use. If you are a new vaporizer user this may be a bit of a jump as it is more unique than some of the other vape pens on the market.

The Source ORB 2 is powerful, simple, and convenient and after a session or two you should have no troubles using this device.



This is one of the few shortcomings of Source Orb XL 2. You’re going to have a tough time fitting this unit in your pocket. It definitely needs to be kept in a bag, purse or murse if you’re looking to tote it around. That said, the long battery life means you shouldn’t have the hassle of having to recharge it when you’re out and about.

Some users have reported that the unit can leak, especially if it’s too full. This is avoidable, however, by letting stand upright for 30 seconds or so after vaping before you put it in your pocket to allow any unused concentrate inside to harden.


For experienced users, the SOURCE Orb XL 2 is simply one of the best. It’s reliable, robust and stylish, and it provides some of the most potent, flavorful vapor possible. While perhaps not for beginners, it offers an excellent upgrade for concentrate wax enthusiasts – especially in view of its low price.

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