Source Slim 3 Travel Kit Review - Slimming Down the Source
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality76%
Look & Feel72%
Ease of Use72%
73%Overall Score

Today we are excited to talk about the Source Slim 3 Travel Kit. This portable wax vaporizer reminds us a lot of the Orb 4, minus the famously awkward shape. Instead, this Source unit is named after its pen profile: slim. Will the extremely affordable Slim 3 Travel Kit be able to outperform its competition? Stay tuned to find out!

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Product Pros

  1. 2 atomizers included – Terra ceramic donut and titanium wrapped dual quartz
  2. Pre-selected voltages (3.3v, 3.6v, 3.9v)
  3. Standard 510 threading
  4. Great vapor quality
  5. Will last 2-3 days for casual vapers

Product Cons

  1. 650mAh battery




Source Slim 3 Travel Kit Review: Breakdown


Source Slim 3 inclined view

Build Quality

Build Quality

We found all parts fit together easily, and we especially liked the use of standard eGo-510 threading. Technically, this means you can swap this tank out with any other that uses the 510. This means if you want the bottom of an Orb 3, you can do just that!

Both of the atomizers as well as the outer casing are made of high-quality materials. We didn’t have any issues with faulty parts, and nothing seems very breakable on this unit. At the bottom of your Slim 3, Source included a small compartment to carry your wax with you at all times!


Vapor Quality

The Source Slim 3 Travel kit features a new and exclusive Splash Cap. This works to keep maximum airflow without sacrificing flavor. But don’t worry. You can still choose your airflow with the small dial at the top. Source also includes a carb to give your flow even more control!

The 3 different voltages were chosen with the majority of users in mind. So don’t fear the pre-set temperatures. For the price, you should expect nothing more. However, they all work well to deliver either fantastic clouds or taste from your concentrate.

There are 2 different atomizers included that give you 2 unique experiences. The first is a Terra ceramic donut atomizer. It is best to use when you feel like a smooth draw. The second is a titanium wrapped quartz dual coil. This is for use during times when you want big vapor and a shorter session.

You get a great vapor quality out of the Slim 3 Travel Kit. In fact, for as inexpensive as this Source vaporizer is we were blown away by the lack of harshness and heat. And that’s without any fancy glass parts or cooling paths!


Source Slim 3 back side


Look and Feel

As far as look and feel, the Slim 3 passes with flying colors! Actually, this device by Source has the durability and strength to stand up to more expensive units. It will not scratch, and there is no glass to worry about breaking.

Not only that, but the Slim 3 is very fashion forward for how well it works. We would venture to guess the Slim 3 will make many hands happy.



Unlike some other pen units that bulge out of your pocket, the Slim 3 does no such thing. In fact, it even comes with a low-profile mouthpiece so you can avoid all awkward talk about what is in your pocket.

Another feature that adds to inconspicuousness is the storage compartment on the bottom of the unit. This allows you to discreetly hide your concentrates.

Furthermore, this thin pen will easily fit inside of most hands as long as you keep the tippy top hidden behind your wrist!

Source Slim 3 full kit


Ease of Use

Whether a vaping newbie or a pro, the Source Slim 3 is not hard to operate. In fact, it’s the same as most portable concentrate vaporizers. There is only 1 button, and you use it to both power up the unit and switch voltages.

The Slim 3 is easy to maintain as well. Simply use cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol to get the wax off. Always rinse just the atomizers and let any extra alcohol burn off before using.



The Slim 3 really shines in the portability department. It is absolutely perfect for on the go wax vaping. Why? The device fits easily into your pocket, and can even be taken apart for 2 extremely manageable halves.

That’s perfect if you have smaller pockets. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about wearing a belt. Even the almost unnoticeable weight of this Source pen is on your side!

Which brings us to the next point. The Source Slim 3 comes with its own travel carrier! It’s not too big and will fit easily in any purse or bag. Don’t want to bring the whole shebang? Don’t worry.

The wax storage on the bottom allows you to go it alone with your pen on days you don’t want to carry the cool traveling case.


Overall, we recommend the Source Slim 3 for anyone out there that wants a pleasant portable wax vaporizer however we do suggest checking out the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit as well when making your decision.

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