Sticky Brick Review - Classic and Classy
Build Quality87%
Vapor Quality82%
Look & Feel85%
Ease of Use65%
80%100Overall Score

Located in sleepy Dillsboro, North Carolina. They say you will find a lab that is open 24/7 and this lab devotes all of its time and energy into handcrafting some of the world’s coolest, dry-herb vaporizers. This lab is called, ‘Sticky Bricks Labs’ and today we have the chance to review two of their most popular items – the Sticky Brick and the Sticky Brick Junior. The devices are similar in most regards and differ only in size. When you take this vaporizer out for a session, be prepared for a truly unique l experience. It takes a little getting used to but once you have the knack you’ll never want to stop.

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Product Pros

  • Beautifully designed
  • Outstandingly well built
  • Easily regulate the amount of vapor
  • Stays clean

Product Cons

  • Not discreet
  • All the units from Sticky Bricks are quite bulky
  • Butane could be unhealthy


Sticky Brick Review: Breakdown


Stucky Brick Junior full kit

Build Quality

Build Quality

Sticky Bricks are all handmade and that certainly is reflected in the quality of the materials. The brushed, stained hardwood comes in three different colors and simply feels great.You are left with no doubts as to the integrity. Pick it up and you’ll be in love.

The name Sticky Brick actually comes from the fact that all the components which make up the bricks click together using strong magnets (it’s actually really satisfying just pull them apart and stick them back together!)

Each one of the parts feels great in the hand too and the top-quality Simax Borosilicate glass mouthpiece is sturdy enough to withstand a small amount of abuse.


Vapor Quality

The downside (if you can call it that) to vapes that require the use of a butane torch, is that the amount and strength of the vapor that will be produced are not as precise as with an electronic counterpart.

All this means is that it will take you a little longer to get used to a couple of things such as the distance the torch is from the glass, using the ‘shotgun’ hole on the side of the unit and drawing on it properly. After a few rounds, you will be fully accustomed to using the Sticky Brick and be able to personalize your hit every time.

TIP: Butane for your torches comes in many bottles and qualities. If you’re using butane to vaporize dry plant matter then we urge you to always go for the best quality. Quadruple-refined if possible! This will minimize any risks associated with consuming butane.


Stucky Brick Junior heating chamber


Look and Feel

The three different shades of brushed, hand carved wood are just a classy touch to this overall gorgeous device. The boxlike Sticky Bricks look like they belong on the desk of some eccentric business owner from Victorian London.

To the touch, they are glossy and don’t pick up fingerprints which are huge pluses as you don’t want such an eye-catching thing going dirty now, do you?



If there’s one thing that the Sticky Bricks designers did not have in mind when drawing up the first plans for this marvelous, kooky device – it was discretion.

Although the Junior is significantly smaller than the OG, it’s hard to imagine anybody whipping this out on a park bench alongside their ice cream. The whole ritual that goes along with this vape is just one notch above fiddly.

Stucky Brick Junior Detached


Ease of Use

Intuitive. That is, if you’ve used this kind of vaporizer before. The Sticky Bricks all come with instructions but after reading through them, you’ll notice they leave a lot to be desired. The manual could have had a little bit more info, specifically regarding the use of butane torches.

That being said, it’s really easy. Pack the bowl with the herbs of your choice, attach the glass and heat it up.



You’re not going to be lugging the OG around with you, that’s a given. The Junior, however, can certainly be carried along in any bag. After you’ve snapped off all the pieces, they fit quite conveniently into the case allowing you to bring it to any party or social gathering. Just bear in mind if you’re looking for an easy on-the-go solution – this is NOT it!


This is a great vaporizer. Don’t doubt that for one second. If you’ve had reservations about acquiring a new device for at home or you’re put off by huge price tags then this should be on your list. There are more standard options, for example, the Volcano but the Sticky Brick OG and Junior have a craftsmanship and character which many other companies could learn from.

This is a piece that would look awesome on your coffee table and does the job you want it to do easily. It is minimum maintenance and maximum quality.

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