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Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality77%
Look & Feel79%
Ease of Use79%
78%100Overall Score

#ThisThingRips is bringing back one of the old favorites. The Stok 1 Edition is a portable wax pen that has a clean luxurious yet simple appearance. It is promoted as ‘the king is back – rebirth of the original vaporizer brand’. In this vaporizer breakdown we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, and ease of use of the Stok 1 Edition wax pen.

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Product Pros

  • Compact size
  • Simple to use
  • 2 atomizers included
  • 3 concentrate jars

Product Cons

  • Not for dry herbs
  • Internal Battery (con for some, pro for others)
  • No adjustable airflow



Stok 1 Edition: Breakdown


stock edition one sideview

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Stok 1 is a complete setup that comes with everything you need for a new dab user. Equipped with a USB charging cable, 3 silicon jars, stainless steel dab tool and 2 dual ceramic titanium coils.

It is housed in a strong metal casing which gives this little wax pen a strong durable feel. Due to the strong outer housing the device does have a high build quality in terms of resistance to being damaged.

The mouthpiece which is shaped as a volcano attaches to the base by simply applying pressure to connect the two components together. I found it best to give a slight twisting motion as you place the mouthpiece over the atomizer as their is an oring that helps keep them snug. A twisting motion will keep the oring in place and over time keep it in fitting nice and tight.

The warranty on most of the products offered by #thisthingrips is 90 days. This is not the longest of warranties and perhaps it is different with this device. I didn’t see the warranty length on the site but will assume that it is the same as their other product.


Vapor Quality

The Stok 1 edition uses a volcano shaped mouthpiece that has been designed and tested to deliver precise airflow and vapor distribution. Under the heating chamber you will notice a series of 4 grooves. These grooves work as airflow holes that bring fresh air into the oven as you inhale.

This is a variable temperature wax pen that has three default heat settings. By pressing the button three times rapidly you will move from one temperature to the next. The order will always go from lowest to medium, medium to highest, and then cycle back down to lowest from the highest.

A blue light in the button will indicates that you are on the lowest temperature of 3.4v (600-700F), a teal light in the button will indicates that you are on the medium temperature of 3.8v (700-800F), a red light in the button will indicates that you are on the highest temperature of 4.2v (600-700F).

The vapor production is pretty good and the three temperature options give you enough control to get the type of hit you want. In the beginning of your session you can set it to low to get more pure taste, bump it up to medium after a few draws, and finish off with the last bit of your wax at the highest temperature.



stock edition one exploded


Look and Feel

I received the ‘mile high white’ edition which I really like the look of. There is also a black edition that looks pretty cool as well.

The top mouthpiece is comfortable on the lips and the bottom has is shaped similar to that of a pen. The volcano mouthpiece design I think spruces up the design as well as adds practical functionality to the pen.



The Stok 1 Edition i would say is more discreet than the other devices offered by #thisthingrips. Whether you pick up the white edition or the black edition the both resemble that of a pen and can easily fit into your pocket.

The option to use the lowest temperature setting will produce less vapor when you want it to and enrich the flavor so this is an option you have to make it a bit more discrete.

Overall cannabis vaporizers do give off the smell of weed so really its an appearance thing in terms of discreteness with most devices. Vape pens are the most discrete of the portable vaporizer family.

There are some devices that look like a makeup stick, or other everyday items that you might carry around with you or in your purse, but we won’t get into those right now.

Stock edition one kit


Ease of Use

The Stok 1 Edition pen is simple to use. It has a one button design the you click quickly 5 times to turn on and off the device. This has become the standard practice with pretty much every vaporizer these days. By clicking the same button 3 times as we mentioned before you will pan through the variable heat settings.

A nifty little feature that you can do with the Stok pen is called ‘rally mode’. In rally mode what you can do is press the button two times quickly and the pen will remain heated for 20 seconds in a row. This way you can pass it off to a friend or relieve your hands to do something else while you vape. Elsewise you are required to hold down the fire button while you inhale.

It is recommended that you do not over pack the atomizer as it will only reduce the airflow and can ultimately damage your device. You should not use the Stok pen with higher voltage batteries as it will damage your atomizers and coils will burn out faster.

The Stok 1 uses a set it and forget it battery. This simply means that whatever temperature you previously had the device set to it will begin your next session on that temperature. Saves you a whole second or two each time you want to vape, just think of what you can do with all that extra time.



The Stok 1 is a portable wax pen and the small nature of this device makes it very portable. Wax pens are able to go a long way on smaller batteries than a dry herb vaporizer.

The Stok pen uses a USB charging cable so that opens up more doors for charging over a DC only device.


Overall the Stok 1 Edition is a good looking little wax pen that has above average build quality. The low price point makes it a strong contender when choosing which vape pen to buy. Not sure many devices come with 3 concentrate jars so that’s a nice little bonus. It gives you the freedom to keep your various wax materials separate. The vapor production and overall performance of the Stok pen is not bad and you should be happy with its results.

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