R2 Series Vape Pen Review - This Thing Dips!
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality75%
Look & Feel65%
65%100Overall Score

With such an exclamatory and extraneous name like “This Thing Rips!”, we can see why people would be excited for the new R2 Series Vape Pen by (the brand formerly known as?) SToK. “THISTHINGRIPS” is being positioned as a simple, versatile, and powerful vaporizer for concentrates, with a strong single coil and a pretty nifty transparent heating chamber. However, as advanced connoisseurs in the wax pen realm, we’re not so easily impressed over here at Vapesterdam, so let’s see how much this thing actually rips.

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Product Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive and decently built
  • Cool polycarbonate visual heating chamber
  • Comes with a high-quality wax container

Product Cons

  • Bright color flourishes diminish discreetness
  • Only for concentrates
  • Wall adapted for charger not included


R2 Series Vape Pen Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

We’re pleased, but not necessarily blown away by the build quality of the R2 Series vape pen. There are 4 major parts to this piece, including the base and battery, including a more powerful heating chamber. The battery is a 6500 Micro Amp with a micro chip processor and integrated safety shutdown

The coils do tend to clog kind of fast, so if you’re using the R2 regularly you’ll want to keep an eye on them to see when they’ll need replacing.

The package comes with a lot of cool stuff to get you started in the concentrate game, including a “ceramic polycarbonate heating/visual reaction chamber with ceramic and titanium components”, a “platinum cured V2 SIL jar”, as well as bonus dual quartz atomizer. Overall, this is a pretty decent package to get for a starter wax pen.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is overall pretty decent from the R2; it uses a pretty big single coil with even heat across the board. That said, it’s best to make use of the relatively large heating chamber and apply a fair amount of material, otherwise you risk burning the concentrate and may result in a synthetic, plastic-like taste. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to slather it on and get cookin’.

While you can get some pretty smooth vapor and relative cloudiness from the R2 Series Vape Pen, we didn’t notice much in the way of flavor vibrancy or complexity, so we’ll consider this “pretty good”.

R2 Series Vape Pen Top View

Look and Feel

The slick black and fluorescent green, sleek design and substantial weight are all pretty appealing in the R2 Series. There’s a fair amount of heft to the unit, which feels good in our hands and made us feel a bit more secure in dealing with it.

It’s pretty cool to see the vapor forming right in front of you in the transparent heating chamber. Overall, you can tell this is a bit of a lower-end vape but considering the price tag and general quality, it’s definitely acceptable.



While the size and shape are both fine for discreetness, the neon green elements will definitely arouse suspicion. Make sure to use the included pen clip to keep the R2 Series looking professional and looking just like a writing implement if it’s going to poke out of your pocket. Aside from the neon flourishes of the heating chamber, this should be a fairly inconspicuous device to use.


Ease of Use

The ease of use with the R2 Series is pretty simple; turns on and off with five clicks; it’s even supposed to be charged when it arrives, though plugging it in for a bit would still be recommended to ensure a full charge. Concentrate is loaded directly on to the coil after unscrewing the top chamber; pop the top back on, hit the power button while you inhale, and then that’s pretty much it. This makes the R2 Series a decent start to vaping concentrates.

USB charging (doesn’t come with wall adapter though – cheap!) tops out at a maximum of three hours, and you should get a full day’s worth of sessions from the batter. You’ll have to unscrew the mouthpiece and heating chamber from the rest of the unit to plug it in, so bear this in mind before you decide to plug it into your laptop to charge it.

Safety shutoff is engaged after pressing down on the power button, ensuring your material won’t get burned and keeps the vapor temperate. It even comes with a couple of handy cleaning wipes, so this should be pretty easy for most users to get started on and keep in decent shape.



With a nice slim build size and offering twice the battery life as the previous R2 Series model, the new R2 should satisfy most users in the portability department.

The pen clip also helps to secure the device on your pocket, and the secure power button also ensures the device won’t inadvertently turn on in your pocket.

The chamber is big enough to hold a fair amount of concentrate, and a full charge should garner you at least a day’s worth of session life, so the R2 Series should be a good piece to take on the go.


This is a cool-looking and well-functioning design; we can kind of see why people are going nuts over this thing; it looks really cool, the vape quality is good, it’s quite reasonably priced, it looks cool; what’s not to like? Honestly, like we said, it’s a good piece but we don’t think it really lives up the hype of being officially branded and hashtagged as hyperbolically as  “THIS THING RIPS!”

For a longer-term investment, the Source Orb will definitely get you more oomph, or even the KandyPens Galaxy is super simple to get a good concentrate rip from. At around $49.95 USD, this is a pretty decent deal; as always, just don’t forget about the options out there.

Have you tried the StoK R2 Series? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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