Sublimator 12″ XLR 2.0 Kit Review
Build Quality55%
Vapor Quality60%
Look and Feel40%
Ease of Use50%
45%100Overall Score

Welcome, fellow enthusiasts, to the Sublimator 12″ XLR 2.0 Kit Review! Today we’re looking at a piece that sits somewhere in the middle of vaporizer and bong, marrying the best of both worlds in a product that is meant to vaporize your herb but let you enjoy the vapor through a bong. The means of doing this is pretty easy to understand as it operates basically like an e-nail. Either way, this is an interesting product and we’re excited to see exactly how this unit performs, so lets get into the Sublimator 12″ XLR 2.0 Kit Review and find out!

Product Pros

  1. Solid build materials
  2. Can deliver thick vapor
  3. Designed with user in mind

Product Cons

  1. Temperature setting isn’t accurate
  2. Very expensive
  3. Lots of drag when you pull
  4. Long heat up time




Sublimator 12″ XLR 2.0 Kit Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The materials used to make this unit are actually pretty well chosen. You have your choice of stainless steel and titanium nails when you purchase the unit, and we picked titanium. The unit feels solid and the parts seem well machined and designed. That’s excluding the bong portion of the unit. That’s not to say that the bong is a piece of junk, but it doesn’t feel as high quality as some of the bongs we’ve reviewed here already. The base of the bong seems to be made of some sort of plastic as well as the lip at the top of the tube. The tube itself is glass, which is nice and makes for a pure flavor in the vapor. All in all not a bad showing here.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality can actually be quite nice! Using the monkey controller you can pick between 12 temperature settings, none of which are explained as far as what actual temperature they represent. Because of that, it can be really difficult to get the kind of vapor that really works perfectly for you. That being said, it is pretty easy to create super thick and satisfying vapor or thin and flavorful vapor once you know where to set the nob to get the best results for you.

Sublimator 12″ XLR 2.0 Kit Review - Dabmaster Nail


Look and Feel

This thing doesn’t exactly have the most beautiful look in the world. It seems like it was designed with utility in mind mostly and feels sort of surgical in it’s execution. This is partially because of the abundance of stainless steel and titanium, but also because the unit doesn’t have much artistic flair to it’s design.


Ease of Use

Like we mentioned in the vapor quality section, using the unit to get vapor that’s perfect for you can be a bit challenging. It might take you a few sessions to really get a handle on the right temperature for your needs. The unit also takes quite a while to heat up – about 10-12 minutes. This can make for a pretty annoying experience if you’re looking to get your session started right away. Lastly, taking rips from the unit is a bit difficult because of the amount of drag you get from the air moving through the holes int he nail.



The Sublimator doesn’t have much in the way of options you can use with this unit. The unit is pretty simple and straightforward, though you do have the option to use the unit with dry herb as well as extracts, which is really nice to see in a unit. That being said, there aren’t any real additions you can make to the unit that would really alter the experience except for the dabmaster nail which will let you vaporize dry herb or extracts with maximum efficiency.



The Sublimator really suffers in this category because it’s reach is only as far as the bong AND power cord for the nail can reach. This limits this unit to 1 person at a time and only for a limited distance. In this case, the unit inherits the negatives from both the bong and the stationary vaporizer, which is a bit of a disappointment.


To wrap this all up, this unit is actually a pretty interesting gadget, but it isn’t without its problems. It’s got pretty horrible reach, not many options to change the experience, and above all else, it’s very expensive. This unit might be capable of delivering some decent vapor, but for the price it’s a bit much to justify. If you’re going to drop this much cash on a unit, we’d recommend you invest in a true king of vaporizers, like the Digitial Volcano. Unlike the Sumblimator’s unknown temperature settings, you can set the Digital to the exact degree you prefer to vaporize at. Furthermore, the Volcano will heat up in less than half the time of the Sumblimator and if you have a crew over, you can get a pretty large amount of people vaping off one bag, instead of the Sublimator’s one-at-a time approach. You can check out our review of the Volcano Digital for more insights on why we prefer it over the Sublimator.


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