Summerland Pleasure Point Bong Review
Build Quality80%
Smoke Quality65%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Maintenance85%
75%100Overall Score

Today we’re taking a look at a collaboration piece called Pleasure Point, by Kandypens and Summerland Ceramics. The influx of major paraphernalia designers has lead to a lot of innovation. Kandypens is a great example of one of these companies. They’re a recognizable industry name with a reputation for quality. The rapid increase in the market has also allowed for the proliferation of niche brands. Summerland is a perfect example of one such brand. They make vintage pieces of an unusual material.  A collaboration between these two could be wonderful or worthless, so when I saw the Pleasure Point, I had one delivered and tested it out.

Product Pros

  1. Sturdy
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Requires no cleaning

Product Cons

  1. No diffusion
  2. No percs


Pleasure Point Bong Review: Breakdown

Summerland Pleasure Point Ceramic Bowl


Build Quality

Build Quality

These pieces are made from ceramic, which means they’re physically harder than any glass you could own. They can handle minor dings far better than most of the glass you’ll buy in shops. Interestingly, ceramic is brittle and can react with weather. What does this mean? That the quality of your waterpipe is going to vary with the weather.

If you’re the sort to spend a snowy morning filling your waterpipe with freshly fallen snow, this piece is not for you. Extreme temperature changes will cause excessive wear and could possibly lead to failure points in the tube. This piece feels incredibly sturdy at all of its joints and seams.

I have no worries that it will fail at any of the connection points. I passed it around groups with no issues and I found that even the least experienced smokers were comfortable holding, passing, and hitting it.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The smoke quality is barely above that of an unfiltered pipe. This water pipe is the most basic possible definition of the term, and it shows. The piece has no diffusion. It passes smoke through water, yes, but there is no extra filtration. There is not so much as an ice pinch to aid your pursuit of cool smoke.

Either you are willing to buy a water pipe which still forces you to inhale hot, harsh smoke (in which case you could consider the Pleasure Point) or you think that hitting a water pipe is supposed to be a smooth and pleasant experience, in which case you’ll buy something (almost anything) else.

Summerland Pleasure Point Neck




Look and Feel

This piece seems to have been crafted entirely by Summerland. There does not seem to be any Kandypens influence on this piece. It is not super efficient, high-tech, or high quality.

It does not come with any equipment which would enable you to consume concentrates or extracts. This is, quite literally, nothing more than a Summerland waterpipe which is for sale on the Kandypens website.

The waterpipe has the same simplistic design as everything on the Summerland website. The 70s nostalgia is extremely evident. Within the stylized Summerland photoshoots, this waterpipe manages to look vintage, cool, and trendy.

When it’s sitting on your table, it just looks old.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This ceramic is incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike glass, there is no visible residue build up on this piece. I used it extensively without changing the water once. Most waterpipe would have developed a dingy green-black film.

There would be chunks of particulate matter floating in the water, with sticky resin clinging to the waterline. This opaque pipe shows none of those details and quite literally requires no cleaning. You should certainly clean it if you intend to take it apart and store it for an extended period of time, but this piece does not require such delicate storage in the first place.

The only failure points are the fact that the silicone grommet will eventually fail, and the bowl is likely to eventually break. These items are particular to the company, and will likely need to be reordered. Will they still have the parts for this limited run “collaboration” piece who knows?

Summerland Pleasure Point Profile


I‘m not a fan of this collaboration series. When I first caught wind of the concept, I expected the Kandypens x Summerland collaboration series to be a synergistic combination of two power brands. I expected a technology-heavy Summerland water pipe with matching Kandypens accessories or a high concept Kandypen with a Summerland ceramic compartment. Instead, it seems that Summerland simply took their lowest performing waterpipes and rebranded them in partnership with Kandypens. There is nothing unique about this product. There is no innovation. It is an overpriced, underdeveloped, poorly designed waterpipe. It’s made of the wrong material. It costs more than it should. It isn’t worth your time, money, or attention.

If you want to check out some pieces that are noteworthy and actually worth your hard earned money you can read about the Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership here and the Grav Labs Jane West Beaker here.

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