Glasscity Swiss Egg Review - Painted Eggs
Build Quality78%
Smoke Quality79%
Look & Feel77%
Ease of Maintenance65%
75%100Overall Score

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Vapesterdam! Thanks for checking in for another review. Be sure to subscribe to our social media so we can keep you up to date on what’s new in the world of herb and herb accessories. Showerhead percs have been ocular for quite awhile. They tend to be large, quite decorative, and placed to draw attention. You’ve probably seen huge shower head percs in various YouTube videos and Instagram shots. Unfortunately, things aren’t always so great as they seem. Let’s take a look at the Swiss Egg and see if the performance is as good as the looks.

Product Pros

  1. Unique design
  2. Great filtration

Product Cons

  1. No room for ice



Glasscity Swiss Egg Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of this piece is surprising, given the reasonable price. The glass is thick, and it is evenly weighted through the middle. This means that even though the shape is exciting and unique, the actual physical sensation is no different than holding any water pipe you’ve used previously.

The joints and connections on this piece are incredibly secure. Very stress point has been purposefully reinforced. Showered percs can be hit or mis, particularly when you’re dealing with smaller pieces. I was delighted to find that this piece has a convenient ideal water level and is built to be used at various angles.

One downside I found with this particular water pipe is the included detachable bowl. The glass is thin, and even the over-side roll stop is unlikely to keep this bowl in one piece for very long.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The smoke quality level is where this piece really shines. Many smokers see a piece with a lot of diffusion but no ice pinch as a waste. Sure, the smoke may be thoroughly filtered for maximum taste, but if the smoke is too hot to taste, does it matter? It is a testament to incredible design that this piece is so delightful to hit.

The smoke tumbles through the slits in the showerhead percs and straight into the innovative Swiss egg diffuser. The smoke cools rapidly have, even in this impossibly small space. The piece produces smoke which has a clear, distinct flavor and a thick, cool smoke.

This piece is more than just easy to hit, it is also a very predictable piece. This makes it suitable for sharing amongst groups of friends as well as for a position as your daily driver.




Look and Feel

This unique piece is a total showstopper. This is definitely the sort of investment you make if you prefer to know that you will never stumble across its’ twin in the wild. Beyond styling, the design elements of this particular water pipe make it a surprisingly crowd-friendly piece.

The base is very thick, making the piece sit comfortably in the hand, in spite of its’ strange shape. The green detailing found on various aspects of the water pipe are far richer in person, and the design elements come together Ina way that conveys a much more expensive piece.

The Swiss Egg diffuser is new technology, and as such, it’s guaranteed to garner stares and attention. Early adopters will be thrilled to have such an innovative piece at such a heavy discount.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

This water pipe is very nearly impossible to clean. Thee Swiss egg ensures that no pipe cleaner or rag is going to make it far enough to clean the aspects of the pipe which will gather residue and other unpleasant materials. The Showerhead perc is delicate, but the slits across it are both wide and wide-set.

This means that cleaning with a solution of salt and alcohol could prove to be problematic. Large salt grains may accidentally damage the waterpipe, while smaller grains of table salt will simply pass through the mechanism without having any significant effect.

The only workable option (short of filling the device with rubbing alcohol and simply allowing it to sits for weeks on end) is to purchase the expensive foaming cleansers sold by commercial retailers. Speaking of additional expenses, this water pipe has glass on glass fittings, but does not come with k-clips. I recommend purchasing some as soon as possible.


This piece is full of high-end features and creative design. It has a super low price ad is easy to load, hit, and pass. That being said it is almost impossible to maintain. Cleaning is a nightmare, and the device must be stored upright at all times, not exactly the best for discrete situations. This piece has very clear and present downsides, but the features are so good that it still passes as a functional option for those looking for a small daily driver with great taste and a smooth hit. If you can put up with the drama this piece will bring you, it’s most certainly worth the trouble.

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