Top Bond Odin Review - Norse or Novelty?
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality75%
Look & Feel70%
62%100Overall Score

Welcome to the Vapesterdam review of the Top Bond Odin! Top Bond is an up-and-comer on the vaporizer market and the Odin is their introductory portable model.

This device is intended to provide a close level of attention for vaping preferences while still keeping the device suitable for being on the move.

Does the Odin live up to its Norse god name?  Our in-depth examination will illuminate readers to whether this model is here to stay or if there is another mythical figure of vaporization worth pursuing.


Product Pros

  • Easy to control precise temperature (up to 230 degrees Celsius)
  • Consistent vapor quality
  • Fast heat up
  • Relatively unrestricted airflow
  • Efficient storage for mouthpiece in device

Product Cons

  • Slightly cumbersome shape hinders portability
  • Plastic body gives a somewhat cheap feel
  • Low-level plastic scent emitted
  • Harsh vapor at high temperatures

Top Bond Odin Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The molded plastic exterior of the Odin comes across as slightly cheap when compared with other units featuring a stronger outer body (such as the Zeus Smite Plus, which features a shell made from anodized aluminum). Despite this, the overall build seems sturdy enough to easily withstand moderate use.

The ceramic chamber also offers plenty of room for evenly heating herbs while still allowing for proper airflow. There is also convenient storage at the bottom of the unit for the glass mouthpiece.

Battery life is fairly par for the course, offering approximately 5 sessions or 90 minutes. This is fine for casual users, but those fond of frequent sessions may be served better by a unit like the Zeus Smite Plus, which nearly doubles the Odin’s battery life by lasting up to 3 hours.

Points have been taken off due to the consistent emitting of a plastic-type smell coming from the outer shell. While this smell does not appear to come from the air pathway (thankfully, otherwise this review could go down quick), it did persist through several cycles. This is always a concern for consumers, even if it is not directly affecting the vaping experience.


Vapor Quality

Perhaps the greatest asset this unit has to offer is the precise temperature control, allowing exact control enabling users to cook their herbs to their exact liking. However, some variance does occur at different temperature settings.

Higher temperatures (more than 205 degrees Celsius) can create more dense vapor but can also compromise flavor quality, while using the Odin at lower temperatures creates a thinner but more pleasantly flavorful vapor.

The relatively unrestricted airflow allows users to easily take larger draws than usual, although the glass mouthpiece is slightly less than ideal length and can create heat on your lips over time.

Top Bond Odin Vapor Pathway


Look and Feel

The plastic shell gives the Odin a slightly less than Viking sense of strength on first impression. However, the construction appears consistently stable and presented no visible issues during testing.

The LED display and simple controls are aesthetically appealing and contribute to making the unit look sleek yet neutral. The glass mouthpiece is cleverly stored in the bottom compartment of the unit (similar to Zeus Smite designs) and then screwed on to the heating chamber. Overall, the device looks and feels solid and stable.



The box-type shape of the Odin will likely lead most people to assume it as an e-juice vape or even a portable hard drive. This style of design is great for general product anonymity, though it does become cumbersome when held in a pocket.

The open style of air pathway does allow for a small odor to occur when the unit is on, though it would still take a savvy sense of smell to truly pick up on the presence of the Odin.


Ease of Use

The Odin is very simple to use, with only three buttons on the unit to worry about (one power button and two buttons for managing temperature). This makes it very easy to control specific temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius, which may be excessive for some users so beginners may be advised to start lower and work their way up.

That said, even the freshest of users should have little issue generating effective results after determining their preferred heat settings. Also, keep in mind the auto-shutoff feature of the Odin.

After 5 minutes is elapsed (regardless of activity), the heater and display will both turn off, putting the device into hibernation mode. Make sure to hold the power button down for two seconds to resume heating at your last temperature.



The Top Bond Odin has a very reasonable size for a vaporizer offering such flexibility in temperature control. While the relatively small size of the Odin certainly warrants mention for achieving this portability, there is a slight caveat.

The boxy shape does not lend itself to fitting easily in a pocket, so while the device is small and light for travel, it would be best carried in an outside bag such as a purse, backpack, or European carry-all.

Overall, the portability of the Odin is satisfactory for users looking for precise vaping temperatures while being semi-portable (such as around-the-house use), but those looking for a unit easily carried in a pant or coat pocket may be better served by the Utillian 720 or even the G-Pen Elite. These devices offer exact digital temperature control with a more svelte design for on-the-go use.


The Top Bond Odin is certainly a fun unit with a unique design and a generally solid functionality. The precise temperature control in particular creates a variety of consistently satisfying vapor (as long as one isn’t using it at top setting). However, the aforementioned issues with general portability and discreetness, as well as the mild but consistently irksome plastic smell make this difficult to recommend across the board.

A similar but more consistently performing vaporizer would be found the Zeus Smite Plus, which offers the same precise temperature control (up to nearly the same level as the Odin) strong aluminum casing (eliminating any unwanted plastic odors) as well as a much longer battery life (2-3 hours vs the Odin’s max time of 90 minutes).

Thanks for reading our review of the Top Bond Odin! We encourage feedback on featured products and reviews, so leave a comment below!

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