Totem Vaporizer Review - How does it stack up?
Build Quality50%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel40%
58%100Overall Score

What’s so special about the Totem? Well, first of all, it’s durable. I mean it’s very durable. If you drop this vaporizer or forget to take it out of your pocket when you go swimming, there’s nothing to worry about. The Totem is shock-proof and water-proof. Sounds great but what’s the catch? Unfortunately only 2 temperature settings, a horrible silicone mouthpiece, and the gimmick of stacking 2 totems together for a massive session. But hey, it’s durable.

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Product Pros

  • Durable

Product Cons

  • Limited Temperature
  • Bad Mouthpiece
  • Stacking is a gimmick




Totem Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


totem inclined view

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Totem uses a lot of silicone in its build, which if it was an adult toy of another kind, wouldn’t be so bad. However, a vaporizer layered in silicone is less than ideal, nowadays manufacturers want to use the least amount of silicone as possible in their units, as silicone tends to directly affect flavor, especially when utilized around the heating chamber and mouthpiece.

Underneath the silicone exterior, the Totem is basically just a bit metal tube with a heater built in. This makes the unibody of the Totem quite durable and lends to it also being water-proof.

The herb chamber is on the smaller side, but at least it’s ceramic! Ceramic herb chambers provide some of the purest, most flavorful hits.


Vapor Quality

The Totem claims to use a combination of convection-style vaping and conduction-style vaping that brings you the best of both. In reality we didn’t detect any convection heating and the heating element is your standard ceramic heating core found in most budget units.

Stacking Totems will definitely give you larger hits, but considering you are using double the amount of flower, I would certainly hope the session would be more pronounced. But using the Totem in the stackable setup is extremely awkward.


totem heating chamber


Look and Feel

This might be one of the worst-looking budget vaporizers on the market right now. Its lackluster style makes it seem more overpriced than it is. The rubberized exterior leaves a lot to be desired and feels cheap in the hands.

Seriously, its a pretty simple design for an $80 vaporizer. With only 2 temperature settings its extremely limiting.

The Totem has two LED colors, and it uses them to communicate everything from the temperature setting to the battery status. These built-in LED lights cause the white silicone mouthpiece to illuminate entirely, which admittedly looks neat.



Using the Totem is a pretty simple experience, but gets clunkier when you’re using multiple Totems. To turn your Totem on, just hold the fire button down for 3 seconds. Navigate your two temperature settings by pressing the fire button once. The LED color will change to indicate your new set temperature.

Cleaning the Totem is as simple as cleaning the majority of vaporizers. Soak the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol and use a cotton swab dampened with isopropyl alcohol to clean the oven.

totem flat view



You should be able to carry this around in your pocket, but you’ll notice it there. It isn’t quite small enough to pocket comfortably, but at least it’s small enough to fit.

It isn’t the best budget herb vaporizer in terms of portability, but it gets the job done with a respectably compact form factor.



The Totem doesn’t seem like it was made with discretion in mind. From the aggressive stainless steel logo to the bright, glowing mouthpiece, this vaporizer just has a few features that are sure to attract eyes.

For some people, that’s perfect! If you plan to show your vape off most of the time, having an eye-catching vaporizer isn’t bad. However, if you’re trying to be sneaky, the glowing mouthpiece isn’t helpful.


The Totem is a lackluster offering that doesn’t do much to push the industry forward. The stackable feature comes across as gimmick and the only thing the unit has going for it is that it is drop and water resistent. 

If you are in the market for a budget vaporizer we recommend checking out something a little more worthwhile like the Utillian 420. The Utillian 420 offers a glass mouthpiece and a digital display for less than the Totem and is a real bargain for the budding vaper.

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