Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Bubbler Review
Build Quality80%
Smoke Quality83%
Look & Feel79%
Ease of Maintenance85%
82%100Overall Score

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Vapesterdam, today we’re taking look at a fun new piece of glass that comes to us courtesy of our favorite boys, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles.

It looks like the boys have finally tired of getting rich quick schemes and have decided to get back to their roots, in a manner of speaking. As soon as I realized the Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Bubbler existed, I put in an order. Now that it’s here, let’s see what the boys have in store for us today.

Product Pros

  1. Thick Glass
  2. The Trailer Park Boys are hilarious

Product Cons

  1. Overpriced
  2. Not even a bubbler



Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Bubbler Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Alright, let’s get one thing straight right away. The Bubbles Bubbler is not a bubbler at all. It is a water pipe. Naming issues aside, this is a very solid piece. The glass is 5 mm thick, meaning that ordinary bumps and jolts are no problem for this sturdy glass.

It has a comfortable weight, and I was surprised to find that the curvaceous design doesn’t make this piece slippery or difficult to hold. The fittings and joints are glass on glass, eliminating a lot of the health concerns which can result from using plastic pieces.

However, the piece does not come with K clips and ground glass will eventually stick. If you make this investment, you will want to purchase clips right away.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

The smoke quality of the Trailer Park Boys Bubbles Bubbler would be pretty incredible for a bubbler. But as we discussed previously, this piece is not a bubbler at all.

It is a water pipe, and when you consider that fact, the smoke quality is merely ok. There is space for ice, but the tube is not long enough for enough cubes to provide serious cooling. There is no notable diffusion and only a single level of filtration.

It is certainly acceptable, and you could happily make this piece your daily driver. That being said, this piece is not priced at a level that makes an “acceptable” smoking experience worth the money.

Don’t purchase this piece for filtration, cloud size, smooth hits, or diffusion. The only reason to make this purchase is unadulterated love for the Trailer Park Boys.




Look and Feel

The water pipe has a good hand-feel and the glass is delightfully well molded. The aspect of this piece which impressed me most was actually the included bowl. It’s thick, well-sized, and perfectly angled. Regular readers will be unsurprised to find that I love the box this piece comes in.

A custom box doesn’t seem like much to ask for, but in an industry that is happy to sell you $1000 pieces in anonymous cardboard boxes, a little bit goes a long way. The box not only gives a great unboxing experience, it also provides a very continent storage solution. This water pipe is super attractive… if you’re into this kind of thing.

The Trailer Park Boys have a cult following, and people who love them just can’t get enough. The “bubbler” got a lot of great reactions among my friends who were in the know. Those who didn’t watch the show were left a little perplexed.

And who can blame them? None of my Marley branded water pipes have Bob’s face stamped all over them.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of maintenance is this non-bubbler’s singular saving grace. This is an incredibly simple piece, making it incredibly simple to clean. Alcohol and salt will do the job easily, and since there are no additional complicating features (diffusion, filtration, etc) You should be able to clean the whole thing in a single procedure, with no need to pull out the Q-tips and pipe cleaners.

My only maintenance issue with this piece is the glass on glass fastening points. The grit began to stick almost immediately, making k clips more of a necessity than a luxury.


This is a fun piece, but it isn’t incredibly high quality. I wanted to fall in love with it, but that just wasn’t to be. Once the excitement of sending my friend photos of my Bubbles Bubbler wore off, I was left rather bored and uninspired.

This water pipe is similar to Julian’s traditional Jack and Coke. It’s a classic style, and it will do the job, but it certainly isn’t going to win any awards for style or innovation. If you were a big fan of the show, and you currently have a Bubbles-sized hole in your life, by all means, make the purchase. It’s a quality water pipe which will bring you joy. Others should pass.

If you want to see some bongs by another big name check out the Snoop Dogg’s Pounds Collection, you can read about the Pounds Mothership here. If are looking for something high quality that does not come with the brand inflated price tag check out the Jane West Beaker.

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