Tsunami Glass Microscope Bong Review
Build Quality95%
Smoke Quality90%
Look & Feel93%
Ease of Maintenance20%
80%100Overall Score

Hello, everyone! Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Tsunami Glass Microscope Quadruple Rocket bong and from here on in we will refer to as just the Microscope because otherwise, it would take until next week to finish this review.

If you’re familiar with bongs, then you’ll know that not everything above one hundred bucks is worth its weight so at an eye-watering $160 – is this one really for you? Read on and we’ll find out.

Product Pros

  1. Comes in five different attractive accents
  2. Has a pretty unique design
  3. Hits are outstanding

Product Cons

  1. A little too pricey
  2. Potentially dangerous hits



Tsunami Glass Microscope Quadruple Rocket Review: Breakdown

Tsunami Glass Microscope front profile


Build Quality

Build Quality

Every bong user is familiar with cheap glass that you wouldn’t even sneeze on for fear that it would crack. Well, if that’s something that keeps you awake at night then you’ll be happy to know this is not one of those pieces.

Every part of this bong is built with high-grade borosilicate glass and it has a specially reinforced foot for those clumsy folk who don’t know how to put a glass pipe down gently.

Although it is not advisable, I have the feeling that dropping this bong would not be the end of the world.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

With four “rocket” percolators (they are shaped like little rockets) built in, the Microscope delivers some of silkiest smoke ever seen. It’s as if they thought. ‘Hmm, the water chamber offers great filtration and the smoke is awesome – but what now?”

Tsunami has changed everything that I thought a bong should be. I didn’t even know that smoke could be cooled down so much but apparently, it can and one thing is for sure – it’s smooth. That’s the reason I say it’s dangerous.

Upon hitting this bong, you won’t realize you’re smoking anything at all. That means that it’s hard to gauge the effects of this bong.



Look and Feel

Upon first noticing this beautifully crafted piece, you might wonder why it’s sitting on the living room table because obviously it looks like a microscope but there’s more to it than that. Starting off, the bong is significantly smaller than expected.

This is not for those who like BIG bongs as – contrary to what I thought when looking at this piece online – it’s actually only 32cm tall when everything is built. It’s much more akin to a real microscope than a huge pipe but, don’t be fooled! It can still do as much – if not more – damage as other bigger alternatives.

It comes with some colored accents that can be found on the tube, the rim and the foot of the bong. These are elegant and don’t make it look tacky or standoutish but are definitely a fun way to personalize your investment to your own taste. The available colors are: clear, amber, leaf green and light blue.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Bongs can be some of the most fiddle-intensive pieces of paraphernalia that we own so it’s always a big plus when we get something that’s easy to maintain. Unfortunately, that ideal bong is still just a dream on the horizon.

The Microscope is not specifically hard to clean but it’s definitely not easier than any other piece you will come across either. You’ll still have to go at it with pipe cleaners and alcohol. This is made no easier by the fixed downstem which cannot be removed.

Tsunami Glass Microscope mouth piece


This attractive and unique piece from Tsunami will lighten your pockets significantly but it really is worth the price. $160 is a small price to pay to avoid the upsetting experience of smashing a good bong into a million tragic pieces.

Even if it weren’t for the splendidly crafted and aesthetically pleasing glass, at a mere 30cm tall, this sucker can hit like anything we’ve tried before. This is attributed to the innovative percolator and generally well-thought-out schematics. The ‘microscope’ style seems to be perfectly equipped to satisfy enthusiasts of all shapes and colors and I would be very excited to see what Tsunami can do with this line.

You might be a bit reluctant to drop almost two hundred bucks on this but I can just about assure you there will be zero buyer’s remorse with this one.

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