Utillian 420 Vaporizer Review - The 420 of 4/20
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality70%
Look & Feel 73%
Ease of Use80%
70%100Overall Score

After last year’s successful launch of one of the best value vaporizer manufacturers on the market with the 720, the new unit from Utillian is emerging on to the scene. It’s hard to compete with the Utillian 720, as it offers convection heating at a low and affordable price, but this new model has other joys to offer. It’s one of the smallest portable herb vaporizers available, and despite this puny size, has a LED screen, four temperature settings, and a nice big ceramic heating chamber, at just under $100, The Utillian 420 may just be the best budget vaporizer.

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Product Pros

  • Small and sleek size
  • Four temperature settings available
  • LED screen

Product Cons

  • Only works with herbs
  • Glass piece rattles in hidden compartment


Utillian 420 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Like the 720, the Utillian 420 is made from quality materials. The body is a brushed aluminum type of material casing a strong plastic body, with a roomy ceramic chamber which is easy to clean. The heating chamber is large enough to hold a more than fair amount of herb, and the glass mouthpiece is a tremendous addition; as good as the vapor flavor from the Utillian 720 is, you’ll definitely taste the difference with glass.

Overall, the 420 is a solid construction  which we expect to last for a good amount of time for both the casual vaporizer user or the advanced aficionado.


Vapor Quality

Vapor production is smooth and bountiful with the 420, with the glass mouthpiece helping to retain flavor throughout your session. You can get a decent amount of clouds with the 420, but not so much you’ll be baiting yourself out in public.

There are four temperature settings available: 190°C, 200°C, 210°C, and 220°C. We usually just run the 420 on the two highest temperatures, as the vapor doesn’t get quite as hot or harsh as the 720. Overall, while the 420 doesn’t quite have the breadth of the 720, the vapor quality is quite comparable and impressive for a small conduction unit.

Utillian 420 Top & Side View

Look and Feel

The Utillian 420 both looks and feels like a legitimately quality construction. The size is small enough to fit mostly in the palm of one’s hand, but there’s enough heft to make it feel solid and sturdy. The smooth chrome type finish feels very nice while handling, and the pieces both fit together and come apart with security and ease. Three colors are available for the Utillian 420, including basic black, sleek silver, and shimmering bronze.



The Utillian 720 is one of the more discreet portable vaporizers emerging on to the market due largely to the simple and elegant design. With the glass mouthpiece removed, it looks almost just like a miniature flask (which arouses its own kind of suspicion, but such is the world we live in). When using the 420, it fits easily in the hand and even the LED screen can be easily covered up (although keeping the screen on top of the device also helps to keep it stay low-key.


Ease of Use

The 420 is designed to be super simple to use so that even the most basic of user can get a handle on it. Like the 720 and even the 651 before that, there’s only one button which works for multiple functions. Click this button 5 times to turn the unit on and off, and hold it to cycle through the temperature settings.There’s also an LED screen, which makes the 420 one of the most affordable vaporizers with this functionality.

Auto-shutoff is activated after 5 minutes regardless of activity in order to conserve battery life, which is appreciated. To resume, you can just the button another five times and the session will continue.



The Utillian 420 is terrific for portability. It is well made enough to withstand transit in a bag or pocket and still look and operate with no issues. If you’re worried about the glass mouthpiece in travel, don’t forget the compartment located at the bottom of the device; the glass part detaches from the base of the mouthpiece and fits easily inside a hidden compartment. Just be careful when removing the glass from the compartment, as it may fall out and possibly shatter. Nonetheless, this is a great way to keep the glass pieces safe, although you’ll have to deal with hearing the piece rattle around in the bottom of the device.

Utillian 420 Heating Chamber and Digital Display


Overall, the 420 is another highly satisfying vaporizer from Utillian. It’s not without its flaws and limitations, but for the aims and goals of the device, it’s a success. This is a very compact unit designed to be the smallest, simplest, and most satisfying vaporizer you can get for a value-based price, easily outperforming similar models like the Pulsar APX . It’s not going to be the best vaporizer anyone has likely owned, but it’s a small and satisfactory unit which would make for a welcome addition to a seasoned arsenal or a gift for someone just getting into the vaporizer game.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the Utillian 420 when it’s released, so let us know in the comments below!

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