Utillian 421 Vaporizer Review - Budget Vapes just got Better
Build Quality72%
Vapor Quality73%
Look & Feel81%
72%100Overall Score

Utillian saw a ton of love with the Utillian 420, offering a host of hot features in a budget-friendly device. Now th­­­ey are back at it introducing the Utillian 421 which looks to add more features like airflow control, 6 pre-set temperatures, and a stronger battery. All while maintaining the glass mouthpiece and digital display that made the Utillian 420 one of the best on a budget. So let’s dive in and see what is different and how the Utillian 421 performs.

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Product Pros

  1. Ceramic Chamber
  2. Glass mouthpiece
  3. Adjustable Airflow
  4. 6 Temperature Settings
  5. Digital Display
  6. Charges via USB
  7. Great Value

Product Cons

  1. Only works with herbs


Utillian 421 Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

From the outside, the Utillian 421 shares a lot of similarities to its older brother the Utillian 420, featuring the same flask shapes design, glass mouthpiece, digital display and ceramic heating chamber.  We already loved these features in the 420, so the 421 keeping in line with the 420 line is a big plus.

Improvements have been made to the overall quality, giving you a greater temperature range (6 pre-set temperatures), an airflow adjustment knob on the bottom of the device, and a stronger battery so you spend less time charging.

All these added features really make the Utillian 421 shine, especially for the price, you will be hard pressed to find a unit as packed with usable features at this price.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality from the Utillian 421 is on par with what we received from the 420, but the added range of temperatures really allows you to fine tune your session.

Also, the included airflow control at the bottom is a great addition and lets you tailor your airflow to your own liking.

The glass mouthpiece along with the ceramic heating chamber allow the flavor of your herbs to come through, which is great for a unit at this price. We see far too many units in this price range offer plastic mouthpieces with silicone filters, which can turn people off of vaping from their first experience, for example, the Pulsar APX.



Look and Feel

We loved the look and feel of the original Utillian 420 and the Utillian 421 shares much of the same aesthetics.

It is small enough to fit into your hand and is ergonomically shaped for comfort while using the device.

In addition, the digital display is bright, vibrant and clear and provides you with your set temperature as well as remaining battery life.



The Utillian 421 is a fairly discreet vaporizer, and as a result, it can easily be palmed or pocketed if you even need to quickly conceal it.

It shares a similar shape to that of a flask which may fool people if they see it laying out on your table, for instance.

When in public the unit shares a close enough shape to box mod e-cigs that most people won’t even bat an eye.


Ease of Use

The Utillian 421 features just a single button to operate, as a result, it makes things very simple to operate. The standard 5 quick clicks turns the unit on and off.

To toggle between temperatures simply press and hold the power button and wait for the display to change to your new temperature.

With 6 pre-set temperatures it is super simple to find your preferred vapor profile.



The Utillian 421 is very portable and will easily slip into your pocket to take with you for the day. The 2300mah battery should be ample enough to enjoy an hours’ worth of vaping or 4, 15-minute sessions.

The glass mouthpiece is the only issue when it comes to portability as it does not have anywhere to be stored. We recommend picking up a vaporizer case like the Zeus Armor if you are going to be traveling with this unit.


Overall the Utillian 421 is an impressive budget vaporizer that offers users a handful of useful features like airflow control, a digital display, and glass mouthpiece, features not found on most budget units.

The Utillian 421 is a great step up from the Utillian 420 if you have the extra cash. Don’t get us wrong the Utillian 420 is still a strong budget vaporizer, especially at the price point. But the Utillian 421 is the more complete package. If you are looking at getting one, be sure to get it from an authorized retailer.

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