V2 Pro Series 3x Review - Degeneration X
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality88%
Look & Feel83%
Ease of Use84%
83%100Overall Score

The V2 Pro Series 3X is an updated version of the Series 3, complete with a new liquid cartridge and a bigger battery. Like the original, the Series 3X is capable of vaporizing three different materials: liquids, wax, and dry herbs. It’s also small and sleek, making it an enticing option for someone looking for a portable and convenient way to vape multiple materials. If this sounds like you, read the whole review to learn everything you need to know about this vape…

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Product Pros

  • Can vape liquids, wax, and dry herbs
  • Upgraded liquid tanks
  • Multiple atomizers w/ sub-ohm options
  • Metal mouthpiece
  • Sleek, slim design

Product Cons

  • Below average performance with herbs
  • Herb and wax cartridges not included & not updated


V2 Pro Series 3x Vaporizer Review: Breakdown



Build Quality

Build Quality

For the most part, this is a well built vaporizer. The fact that it can be used to vape 3 different types of material is an impressive accomplishment, because e-juice, wax, and herbs all have very different requirements. The Series 3x achieves this in the same way the Series 3 does, with a set of three different cartridges that are designed specifically for each material. These cartridges slide easily into place and are held there with magnets.

There is a brand new liquid cartridge that comes with three ceramic atomizers with different resistances. The kit also comes with the original Series 3 liquid tank, but the wax and herb cartridges are sold separately. Unfortunately, neither of these have been updated (yet).

The battery offers variable voltage, which is not the same has variable temperature. This is not capable of heating to a specific temperature and stopping with any of the cartridges.

Other things worth mentioning are the fact that the mouthpiece is now made of metal instead of plastic, and there is a battery indicator on the bottom that is activated by shaking it.


Vapor Quality

With liquids, the vapor quality is good. The new liquid tank and atomizers perform well and are a big improvement over the original in my opinion. There are three atomizers included, one of which delivers sub-ohm vaping (0.9 ohms). The flavor and clouds you can get out of these are enjoyable.

I would have liked to see updated versions for the herb and wax cartridges as well. Performance for dry herbs isn’t very good, especially when it comes to flavor. The herb cartridge also has a very small capacity, maxing out at around 0.1g.

The performance for the wax cartridge is average. That makes this good for liquids, average for wax, and below average for herbs. While you could easily get better vapor from a vaporizer dedicated to any one of these three materials, the strength of the Series 3x is that it can deliver vapor for all 3.


Look and Feel

The design of the Series 3x is simple, but I’d still consider it pretty sleek thanks to the size and metal exterior. There are three colors you can choose between: charcoal, gunmetal, and crimson.

All of them look nice, but I prefer the charcoal color because it’s the darkest. The new metal mouthpieces are a lot nicer than the original plastic ones, which gave the Series 3 a cheap feel.



This is a great option for people who want a discreet way to vape, especially waxes and dry herb. Vaping e-juice is much more accepted in most places, and using this can disguise what material you are using.

It seems more like an e-juice vape, partly because it is mostly that. To make it even better, the cartridges sit inside the unit so other people can’t see what you’re vaping. The size is also nice.



Ease of Use

This is extremely easy to use. I’ve already discussed how the cartridges just slide in and out, held in place by a magnetic connection.

Once you have one loaded with material, you just put it on the base and turn it on and choose a power level. Charging is also very easy because the cord attaches magnetically to the bottom.



Portability is excellent. This size and pen-style design make it very convenient to carry. It’s comfortable to hold in either your hand or pocket, and there isn’t anything that will break easily if you decide to throw it in your bag.

The battery life is good as well, although it is highly variable depending on what power level and cartridge you are using. In most situations, this should easily last you through a whole day.


The V2 Series 3x is a good option for someone who wants the ability to vape 3 materials from a single device.

The main advantages of this are convenience, portability, and discretion, but at the same time, you are also sacrificing performance. The fact that V2 only updated the liquid cartridge and don’t even include the wax or herb cartridges in the box tell you everything you need to know about what material this is primarily designed to be used with: e-juice.

With that in mind, I think this makes the most sense for people who vape e-juice but want their device to be able to occasionally vape herbs and/or waxes as well. If you plan on vaping either dry herb or waxes frequently, it probably makes sense to get two separate units because the vapor quality and performance will be much better. Another thing to think about is whether you would ever want to vape herbs with a friend, because 0.1g is really only enough for a solo session.

Again though, this is a true 3-in-1 vaporizer, and that alone makes it a good deal for certain people.

Have you tried the V2 Pro Series 3x yet? If so, we would love to know your thoughts, so leave a comment below!

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