VapirRise Vaporizer Review
Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality85%
Look & Feel85%
84%100Overall Score

Welcome to our VapirRise vaporizer review! The Rise is a multi-purpose vaporizer that comes to us from manufacturer Vapir. The Rise is Vapir’s most recent addition to their vaporizer family, which includes the well-known NO2. When you unbox your unit, you’ll find the vaporizer itself, a power cord, your herb chamber, oil chamber, chamber adapter, balloon adapter, inhalation adapter, multi-use adapter, chamber handling tool, 3 balloons, 1 balloon clamp, 2 air filters, 3 large screens, 3 small screens, 2 silicon tubes, 2 mouthpieces, and your user manual. The unit sports a number of intriguing features which really got us excited to sit down with it and put it to the test.

Product Pros

  1. Vapor tastes great
  2. Great options
  3. Great reach
  4. Good build quality

Product Cons

  1. Vapor isn’t very thick
  2. Temperature max is 400 Fahrenheit
  3. Difficult to sort out all the parts



VapirRise Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Rise is actually well built and uses very high quality components and materials that makes for a very robust unit. One of the most unique features of this unit is the LCD touch pad display which makes the unit look and feel very modern but is also quite user friendly. The parts are mostly made of high quality plastic, which we believe is a huge advantage it holds over many stationary units on the market. The plastic pieces means you won’t have to worry about dropping and breaking the various pieces either during or after your vaping session. This not only means uninterrupted and relaxed sessions, but it means cost-savings as you no longer have to replace those precarious pieces time-and-again!


Vapor Quality

The unit might only reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius) but it still manages the best tasting vapor of units that sit at this temperature range. This isn’t to say the vapor would satisfy every vaping connoisseur as the vapor, though flavourful, is a bit on the thin side.

Some might not favor the fan being always on, but because the unit delivers thinner vapor, the waste is minimal. All in all the vapor quality is surprisingly pleasant despite what you might expect from the plastic components.



Look and Feel

The Rise definitely looks great. The cool blue LED display glows when the unit is on and the temperature and fan buttons illuminate too. The upper half of the unit is sleek aluminum that looks clean and strong.


Ease of Use

You can probably tell by looking at the package contents, there are a lot of different parts to this vaporizer. We’ve handled a lot of different units, but when we opened up the accessory box we knew we’d have to pick up the manual to see where each clamp and adapter was supposed to go in which order. Thankfully the instructions are very well written, and with a bit of learning the unit is ready for action in minutes. It’s not as intuitive as other units, but once mastered it provides a very customizable experience.



The Rise does give you the option of using the whip, hooka attachment or balloons, which is certainly a nice feature and the hooka attachment is something we haven’t seen in other vaporizers. The Rise also has the oil chamber, so you can vaporize your essential oils too.



One of the unique options that we were excited to try with the Rise was the multi-person whip adapter. The design allows you to plug multiple tubes in to your unit, using it like a hookah with several people being able to take a draw at once. If you’re teaming up with 3 other people to use the unit, we suggest taking draws one at a time. This way you still have your own whip and can get some vapor on your draw. This combined with the ability to use balloons makes for amazing reach from this unit!

Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system engineered by Canadian vape manufacturer ZEUSArsenal. The Iceborn is designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The vapour produced is ultra smooth and crisp and because of ice cooling, instead of water filtration, there is no loss of efficiency. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of this vaporizer and is a highly recommended vaporizer accessory.

The Rise is an extremely convenient and attractive unit with a robustness that is simply unmatched by other units with the same price point. This is partially attributed to the fact that it is well manufactured and partly attributed to its lack of breakable parts. The unit also provides a versatility that is also unmatched with 3 separate ways to vape. You prefer long relaxing sessions with flavourful vapor this unit will provide you with everything you’re looking for and much more!

We also wanted to suggest you check out a cool, new the vapor filtration device, called the ZEUS Iceborn that makes a great addition to the VapirRise. We recently reviewed it and were blown away by how it cools down even some of the hottest vapour with ice, bumping up its vapor quality by 2 points! The Iceborn is also much more efficient than filtering your vapor with a bong, and allows you to blow massive frosty clouds. You can read our review of the Iceborn here!

To purchase the new and improved Vapir Rise 2.0 tax free at the lowest authorized price, we recommend checking out this vaporizer store to get free shipping!

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4 Responses

  1. Steven

    Got the Rise a few months ago. took a while till i got used to all the parts, but now its all super straight forward and works great. I recommend.

    • Dan C

      It does take some getting used to, but once you have the hang of the parts it’s actually a really cool unit. It’s great for vaping with friends with the hooka attachment! 😀

    • mikenbfe

      my first try at a vape device was the atmos pen. found immediately that the only thing it was good for, burning up your money & flower as it didn’t vape at all, much like 99.9% of all vape pens for flowers! my 2nd device the magic flight launch box. nice basic portable device but for me not something i find myself wanting to use daily. which brings us to where i am now…to say my health isn’t great would be a massive understatement. i vape to help treat my illness and counter some of the nasty side effects from my other meds. my doctor was pushing me not to give up on vaporizing as he felt i needed the full benefit from the cbd. so i started looking and reading reviews again. i found not a single bad review for the vapirrise. better yet i found most places had it on sale for $169 on cyber monday! granted we are past that day now but still there are several retailers out there that haven’t upped their prices and you can still find one for $179, which is what i paid for mine a day later. imho if this was a good to great vape when reviewed at $250 then knock eighty bucks off and it’s an awesome deal. i am so looking forward to getting it next week! great review, great information all appreciated. lastly learned for the vapirrise you can use over bags to substitute for the more expensive “official” vapir bags. a turkey sized bag will work fine. i found looking at amazon, “true liberty” oven bags with ten for ten. it matters as the fan always runs when the heating element is activated and i do not want to turn my home into a giant hotbox. that said in reading the reviews on the oven bags, seems like most are buying them for vaping not cooking lol, live and learn.

      • Dan C

        Great comment mikenbfe! The Rise really is a hidden gem in the vaping world. That’s great info as far as the other bags are concerned and it’s great that they work for you. We still suggest only using the ones provided by or endorsed by the manufacturer, but if you’ve managed to make an alternative work and you’re health and life is all the better for it we’re really happy to hear it! Keep it cloudy, mikenbfe! 😉

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