Vapium Lite Review - Lite on Features
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel69%
65%100Overall Score

Vapium is no stranger to the world of vaping. You might remember them for their Vapium Summit vaporizer. Well, Vapium is back at it again with the Vapium Lite. It has a more traditional design than the Vapium Summit, but it’s still unique enough to stand apart. The Vapium Lite has a carb, which is unusual for a vaporizer. For those that don’t know, a carb is basically a hole that connects to the air path. You put your thumb over the carb while you draw to build up vapor, and when you release the carb the extra airflow clears the air path. Again, that’s quite unusual for a vaporizer, but we appreciate the fact that they’re trying something new.

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Product Pros

  1. Ceramic Chamber
  2. 4 Temperature Settings
  3. Charges via USB-C

Product Cons

  1. Lots of Plastic
  2. Feels Cheap


Vapium Lite Review: Breakdown


Vapium Lite side view

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Vapium Lite doesn’t have the best build quality, but it’s by no means bad. The materials used are a big part of the build quality, and the Vapium Lite mostly utilizes plastic.

However, we can’t forget that it features a ceramic herb chamber. There’s really no better material to use for an herb chamber than ceramic. Plus, it one of the first vaporizers we’ve seen to incorporate USB-C. It’s about time.


Vapor Quality

Due to the ceramic chamber, the vapor from this device is very tasty. However, the vapor production isn’t the best, even on the highest of its four temperature settings. It gets the job done, but it’s no powerhouse.

However, for the price, the overall vapor quality is respectable. It’s pretty on par with other vaporizers in this price range, but it honestly looks extremely good for an $80 device.


Vapium Lite parts


Look and Feel

This is a very good looking unit. In fact, I’d say that it looks a lot better than the Vapium Summit. It’s sleeker, the finish looks nicer, and it’s a lot more ergonomic.

It fits the hand perfectly, and the plastic body looks like it has an anodized finish. It really looks more premium than a plastic vaporizer should, and for the price, we think it’s a great overall package.



The Vapium Lite is a very easy device to use. To turn it on, you simply hold down the power button. You then use the up and down arrow buttons to navigate the preset temperature settings.

Once you’ve chosen one of the four temperature options, the Vapium Lite will heat up until it reaches the desired temperature. Once it reaches the desired temperature, you’re vaping! It’s that easy.

Vapium Lite flat display



This is a very sleek, low-profile device. The average-sized hand will mostly cover it during use, and it’ll slide into most pockets with ease. The plastic mouthpiece and body mean you don’t need to worry about glass shattering in your pocket. A lot of devices that aim for portability include a glass mouthpiece, which only detracts from a vaporizers portability.

Plastic isn’t the best material to use in terms of vapor flavor, but if you want a truly portable device, it’s a compromise you’ll often be forced to make. It doesn’t affect the flavor enough for it to be a pressing concern, and the ceramic herb chamber does enough for the flavor to make up for it.



The Vapium Lite is very discreet. The all-black finish doesn’t attract a lot of attention, and the lights featured on the side of the device aren’t bright enough to be a concern.

Due to its overall shape and design, it kind of resembles a power bank. If you cought a glimpse of this device from a few feet away, you probably wouldn’t know it was a vaporizer.


This device has a few compromises, but it’s good for a budget-friendly device. The ceramic herb chamber is a big plus, and we like the fact that they included the carb option for those that want a unique vaping experience. However, we still find it a bit lacking when compared to a unit like the Utillian 421, which features a glass mouthpiece, digital display, and way less plastic.

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