Vapium Summit Plus Review - Summit Plummet
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel55%
59%100Overall Score

You know the feeling when you’re climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, taking in the majestic beauty of our incredible earth, and think “I could really go for a vape right now”? Well, the folks at Vapium certainly seem to know this feeling. The angle with the Vapium Summit is how it’s the tough, sturdy vaporizer of the outdoors. Supposedly the first splash-proof vaporizer (meaning this meets IP54 protection standards), the Summit Plus is described as “built to handle the backcountry [sic], the back nine and the couch”. It seems like a few of our grievances with the original Summit have been acknowledged with the Plus, so let’s dive in and see how far Vapium has scaled the Summit.

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Product Pros

  • Strong build quality
  • Stainless steel vapor pathway
  • Works in extreme weather conditions

Product Cons

  • Small herb chamber
  • Non-replaceable battery
  • Chunky, unattractive design


Vapium Summit Plus Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Summit Plus scales closer to being the adventurer’s vaporizer than the previous iteration. Supposedly designed for the rugged outdoors-person, the Summit is designed to work supposedly in some of the most trying weather conditions, withstanding heat from 0°F to 176°F (-18°C to 80°C) and safely splash-proof. The build is still pretty similar to the original Summit, but there are few significant upgrades to note. The piece feels better-machined, as parts fit together better and seem more secure. The air pathway is laser-cut and made from fine-welded stainless steel and the magnetic mouthpiece has also been improved to stay on better, though we still remain somewhat skeptical of handling this in the long run.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is still fairly akin to the previous Summit; like the original Summit, there are 8 different temperature settings to choose from. The heating options are  320°F, 338°F, 356°F, 374 °F, 392° F, 410°F, 428°F, and 446°F, with the boost mode on the mobile application bumping the range up a bit more.

The vapor from the Summit is still pretty warm for our liking, despite the stainless steel air pathway. The narrow vapor pathway will also require a fairly slow draw to achieve an effective vapor. The heating of the herbs is not exactly even all the way through, either. It is recommended to only fill the heating chamber and tamp it very lightly, otherwise you’ll risk a lopsided cook.


Look and Feel

Not much has really changed on the exterior, but the ergonomic design continues to be effective. The small and chunky design recalls the Vapir Prima, with the Summit Plus measured at 4.5” x 1.1” x 1.4” (11.4cm x 2.8cm x 3.6). It comes in either black, green, or blue, and the thermoplastic urethane grip feels solid to handle.



The Summit Plus is perhaps slightly less discreet than its predecessor due to the encouragement of the mobile application to control the heating. So if you’re looking to stay low-key, we recommend just using the button controls like we described previously.

The haptic feedback vibrations are also a nice touch for keeping a low profile, as you won’t have to use visuals or sounds to know when the device is ready for use.


Ease of Use

The most significant new addition is the feature of a smartphone-controlled, Bluetooth-enabled mobile application for precise control of temperature boosting and session time. However, this application can be really hit-and-miss in how it operates, so we recommend just using the buttons. The power button (referred to as the “Go” button) is used for the main controls, and there are four indicator lights to represent the pre-set temperatures. There’s also an automatic shutoff activated after 120 seconds, so the Summit Plus will only really be good for shorter sessions.

Cleaning and maintenance are better now we can remove the mouthpiece; extra mouthpieces are included for use while letting the previous one soak in alcohol for cleaning.



Portability is definitely one of the biggest assets of the Vapium Summit Plus; it’s a very strong build and small and light enough to not take up much space or weight when in travel. The battery life is still not quite good enough to last as long as the average adventurer would like, but the 3300mAh lithium-ion battery should give the device about an hour’s worth of consistent vaping activity


If you’re into the idea of a ruff and rugged vaporizer where you can get a good session going on while ice fishing or penguin hunting or whatever, then the Summit Plus will hold a fairly evident appeal. It’s clearly designed to perform under duress and Vapium backs up the product accordingly with a lifetime warranty.

However, it’s still a bit of a trade-off in terms of usability. The mobile application is clumsy and cumbersome, the battery life isn’t really optimum for such a travel-oriented device, and most importantly, the vapor quality just isn’t up to snuff. We appreciate this rough ‘n’ tumble approach to building a portable vape, but for a similar price, shape, build, and performance, something like the Vapir Prima may be a better deal.

How has the Vapium Summit Plus been working for you lately? Feel free to share stories of vaping atop a mountain in the comments below!

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