Vapium Summit Review - For the on-the-go vaping enthusiast?
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality60%
Look and Feel60%

Welcome to our Vapium Summit Vaporizer review! The Vapium Summit was co-created by Michael Trzecieski who is well-known as a clean energy advocate and for his background in robotics. Due in part to Mr. Trzecieski’s unique position to enter the vaporizer market, the Vapium Summit has been getting a lot of attention, reviewed by several bloggers as well as some tech-savvy publications. It is being marketed as a “rugged, reliable and refined” portable vaporizer that is perfect for the outdoor vaping enthusiast/adventurer. We are not the kind, however, to form an opinion of a vaporizer based on its unique claims, or the popularity of its founders – so naturally we had to have a go at the Vapium Summit and review it for ourselves. Without further ado, here is our unbiased review of the Vapium Summit.

Product Pros

  • Carrying case included
  • 8 Temperature Settings
  • Works in ‘extreme’ weather conditions
  • Haptic Feedback – vibration notification

Product Cons

  • Short battery life
  • Hard to clean vapor pathway
  • Hot/ harsh vapor quality
  • Strange interval battery indicators
  • 90-second auto-shut off




Vapium Summit Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

Made to be durable enough to survive regular use in even the most extreme outdoor weather conditions, the Vapium Summit was designed with a hard plastic body that does a good enough job of housing the interior parts of the device. The seams on the plastic body, however, do not look to be 100% flush leaving room for possible breakage in the future. However, the materials used to make the Vapium Summit’s air pathway and heating chamber are medical grade and food safe as you would expect from any good vaporizer. The insulation on the unit is also pretty good thanks to the rubberized hand grip that is located just under the heating chamber, so you won’t feel the body of the device getting too hot when you use it. I also found the buttons and the LED lights to be well built and sturdy. However, one feature that is theoretically very good is the magnetic heating chamber. The magnets make it very easy to replace the lid and they also prevent it from moving around when it is in place, but in my experience what I have seen is that over time the heat from the heating chamber and the battery will start to make the magnets weaker and it will become easier for the lid to loosen and spill its contents. Furthermore, while the mouthpiece can be removed for easy cleaning, the vapor pathway is not removable like the one you will find on the Prima, or Ascent, leaving your unit vulnerable to residue buildup, tainted vapor flavor.


Vapor Quality

The quality of vapor that you will get from the Vapium Summit is satisfying although it is a bit hot and somewhat irritating as well. To me the vapor is very similar to what you will get from the Davinci. It is a little harsh but it is definitely not terrible and I was especially pleased that it does not have the plasticky aftertaste that some units with plastic parts have. At the start of the session with the Vapium Summit the vapor from the device was thick and caused some coughing but after a few draws the vapor developed an unpleasant, ‘dry’ flavor. When compared to a unit like the Prima Vaporizer that has a similar design and produces pure vapor that is robust and flavorful, the Vapium Summit’s vapor quality is mediocre at best and leaves more to be desired despite its temperature flexibility and good heating chamber design.


Vapium Summit Heating Chamber


Look and Feel

When I look at the Vapium Summit I immediately compare it to the Prima because of its horizontal design. It has a similar shape, albiet more rectangular, and is only a bit more compact. If you look at it from another angle the mouthpiece also makes it look like an elongated whistle. It doesn’t necessarily have a very stylish look, as it was made for the outdoors, so it’s designed more practically. But its attention to detail, from the easy-to-remove chamber screens to the plastic mouthpiece covers, give it a user-friendly aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the plastic casing is very smooth and has a rugged grip at the bottom that makes it easier to hold. This goes well with the rugged outdoors image and branding.



The Vapium Summit was designed to be used ‘off the grid’ so it isn’t likely that the manufacturers had discreetness as a top priority when they were making the device. With that said, it is very small and it will be fairly covered when you hold it in your hand. Adding to the fact that a small portion of the Vapium Summit will be sticking out when you hold it in your hand, there are also some LED lights on the device that are not very discreet at all. Also, because the vapor that this unit produces is somewhat harsh and hot, it is likely that it will tickle your throat and cause you to cough, bringing attention to yourself and the device in the process. The unit’s vapor is also a bit more odorous than some. So aside from its small size, this vaporizer is not particularly discreet.


Ease of Use

To turn the device on, for example, you will need to press the ‘GO” button and hold it down for 3 seconds whereas with most other vaporizers you would need to press the button 5 times in quick sequence instead. You will also need to familiarize yourself with the meaning of each of the lights and the different colors as the lights indicate the battery level as well as the temperature/ heat settings and operate on ‘half lights’ – brighter and dimmer variations. Interestingly, the least-intuitive feature of this unit was the battery indicators. Each light indicates the battery level at different intervals. Instead of each light indicating 25% of the remaining battery life, 4 glowing lights means 75% battery, 3 lights means 50% battery, 2 lights means 15% battery and 1 light means 5% battery. Furthermore, the 90-second auto-shut off is a bit inconvenient if your sessions tend to be shared with a friend or more relaxed in pace. But I guess the 90 seconds gives one just enough time to sneak in a session while on the chair-lift up to the slopes or for a quick mid-hike water/ vapor break. So because the Vapium Summit is designed a bit different from most portable vaporizers that you will find on the market, even though it is not very complicated to operate, you will still need to read the instructions before you use it.



This unit has a lot going for it when it comes to portability. Not only is it very small at only 5 X 1.5 inches, but it also weighs only 88 grams which means it is very easy to carry just about anywhere you want to go. It will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, in your pocket or bag. As it was designed with adventurers in mind it also has some extra features that make it even more portable like the vibration notification feature that lets you know when it is done heating up without you having to actually look at it. You will also get a very handy little carrying pouch when you purchase the Vapium Summit so that you can carry it and all your vaping accessories together in one place. Battery life is something to be considered when looking at the portability of a vaporizer and the Vapium Summit can be used continuously for up to an hour on each charge. This is not much considering that this unit is supposed to be designed for outdoor use but you do have the option of purchasing the Spring solar charger from Summit to use with the unit to give you more power. If you plan to go off into the wilderness or on some other kind of vaping adventure, you may want to consider more convenient units like the Iolite or WISPR which run on butane and don’t need access to electricity.

Warning: Not Compatible with ZEUS Iceborn
This vaporizer is not compatible with the ZEUS Iceborn, a revolutionary new vapor cooling system designed to produce cooler draws and bigger clouds when connected to your vaporizer. The ZEUS Iceborn adds an additional 2 points to the vapor quality score of compatible units, so we highly recommend considering a whip-compatible vaporizer to take advantage of this stellar ZEUS accessory item. All compatible vaporizers will have a compatibility notice.


The Vapium Summit is a unique vaporizer that has a lot going for it like its haptic feedback vibration notification, 8 temperature settings and the possibility to use it with an external solar charger. The price is also pretty affordable and the unit is certainly very portable, size-wise. But considering the fact that it is marketed as being suitable for vaping ‘off the grid’ it leads one to wonder why the unit has such a short battery life of only 1 hour. True adventurers who enjoy extended sessions and the ability to see exactly how much battery is left may be better off with a portable vaporizer like the Zeus Smite Plus that has 3 hours the battery capabilities of this unit plus the ability to precisely control the temperature.

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