Vapor Cup Vaporizer Review - The Loving Cup
Build Quality68%
Vapor Quality70%
Look & Feel65%
Ease of Use60%
56%100Overall Score

The Vapor Cup is advertised as “the most discreet and powerful vaporizer on the market.” Designed to resemble a traditional travel mug, it looks like a novelty item at first, something that wouldn’t be out of place in a gift shop. That said, it’s been getting some pretty good buzz on its build quality, vapor production, and discreetness (especially for such a big device – talk about hiding in plain sight).

With a price tag as hefty as its build quality, we had to try to this thing, so here are our thoughts! If you haven’t checked out our Ultimate Vaporizer Buyers’ Guide yet, check it out and see how this model performs against the other heavy hitters out there.

Product Pros

  • Unique, discreet design
  • 2-hour battery life
  • Range of high-quality draw stems
  • Strong and sturdy build quality
  • Consistent vapor production and control

Product Cons

  • Very large size for a portable vape
  • Long initial charge time
  • Doesn’t work with concentrates


Vapor Cup Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

There’s plenty to like about the overall build quality of the Vapor Cup. The heating chamber is well put together, as the coil is wrapped around the atomizer a full 360 degrees, allowing the heat to go fully around the herbs. The Vapor Cup comes with three different draw stems, glass, black plastic, and vinyl, as well as a standard vaporizer-style mouthpiece. The chambers hold the mouthpieces securely, but without struggle during changing out.

The LED screen only features temperature and battery life, although this is about as much as one could expect at this point. 24 hours is recommended for the initial charge, but the battery should then last for upwards of 2 hours.


Vapor Quality

Heat up time is around 2 minutes, so a bit quicker than the Crafty but not quite as fast as the DaVinci Ascent. The glass mouthpiece helps get tasty vapor right off the bat on lower temperatures, and the unit is quick to bump up temperature settings. After the first draw, which is thin but flavorful, you’ll start getting more clouds on subsequent draws. At higher temperatures, vapor gets thicker but less flavorful, which is a common predicament. It didn’t get burnt, though!


Overall, the Vapor Cup makes effective use of your herbs (best if finely ground), as using the range of temperatures gives you the full flavor spectrum without risking combusting the herb.

Vapor Cup Vaporizer Top Shot

Look and Feel

This looks and feels like your average high-quality travel mug, with a fair amount of heft to it, akin to carrying a travel mug just about full of liquid. The Vapor Cup has a strong, solid design to it, although it does still feel a bit larger than really necessary.

The LED screen looks nice, even if its functionality is somewhat limited (just battery life and temperature control), and it can be easily covered up with the leather-style sleeve included.



Discreetness is a big factor here, possibly the most appealing part of using the Vapor Cup. Using the black mouthpiece stem increases discreetness even more so. It even comes with a black sleeve to slip over the LED screen and controls, so it won’t arouse any suspicion while tossed in a bag.

The only knock against discreetness is how the unit can’t be easily put in your pocket, but it is otherwise subtle enough to not generate any suspicion.


Ease of Use

The unit is set to preheat to 360 degrees, but can be set anywhere between 200 and 400 degrees When using the glass draw stems, your herbs will be packed directly into the bottom of the stem; however, there is a separate chamber that can be used along with the plastic and vinyl draw stems. The chamber is pretty large, so this part is ideal for out-and-about use.

The loading and tampering tools are super handy for filling the glass stem chamber. Temperature is adjusted through the two simple control buttons and the heat is quite responsive.

Lowering the temperature as you get bigger clouds will help retain flavor and give you the most bang for the buck from your herb. You’ll be able to hold the cup comfortably in your hand even as the unit heats up



It’s pretty clear right off the bat this guy is not going to fit comfortably in anyone’s pocket. It definitely feels study enough to handle some wear and tear in a bag (if you can even fit it in a purse). Battery life is a nice solid 2 hours, so once you’re loaded up you should be ready for lots of action.

The battery is removable, although the unit requires a Phillips-head screwdriver to unlock the battery chamber, so it’s best to just work with a full charge. The pass-through battery means you can use it while it’s charging though, so this helps things along when you want to use it in between charging sessions. The Arizer Solo is a comparably-shaped but a bit more reasonably-sized.


This is a really cool and satisfying vaporizer, giving us really nice quality vapor in a uniquely discreet and strong package. It’s a basic herb experience in a novel but well-built apparatus; this is a good vape choice for someone who wants a high-quality vaporizing experience but can’t really afford to be caught out there with the herbs. The unique advantage to discreetness and portability with the Vapor Cup is that even when you’re drawing directly from the unit, it still doesn’t look at all different than sipping from a mug (until you exhale, obviously).

Really, one of the only complaints we have is how the unique shape and size of the unit makes it a bit cumbersome to handle while in transit. The price tag is also a bit hefty ($250 USD) for a fairly basic herb vaporizer. For a similar shape but better size and more reasonable price, the Arizer Solo (or even better, the Air) would both be recommended.

As always, thanks so much for checking out our review of the Vapor Cup! We would love to hear your thoughts on this vaporizer, so please feel free to leave a comment below!

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