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Build Quality82%
Vapor Quality80%
78%Overall Score

For most former smokers transitioning into the world of vaping, it can be easy to get lost amidst the huge variety of choices available nowadays. From high powered 300 watt monstrosities to the tiniest babies of mods. Vaporesso has released a new device which falls into the latter of two categories. The Drizzle kit is an easy to use mouth to lung device sporting a 1000mAh battery built into the chassis itself. Combining Vaporessos signature elegance when it comes to design, and the overall simplicity and ease of use, the Drizzle just might be the perfect mod for transitioning smokers. Also, check out the Vapesterdam Ultimate Vape Buyers’ Guide to learn about all the e-cigarettes available out there.

Product Pros

  • Attractive and compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Leak free tank design

Product Cons

  • Not very versatile

Vaporesso Drizzle Review: Breakdown

Vaporesso Drizzle mods


Build Quality

Build Quality

For fans of elegant and compact form factors, the Drizzle is looking to be the perfect mod. Instead of bombarding potential customers with a dizzying array of colorways which many notable manufacturers are notorious for, Vapresso condenses color choice into two options: A simple yet elegant satin black finish, and bold and striking stainless steel colorway.

There is no hit or miss when it comes to aesthetics of the Drizzle as the subtle yet elegant design should appeal to many out there who are looking for a discreet and functional mod.

When it comes to buttons, it’s apparent that Vaporesso applies the same spartan philosophy in terms of operating the Drizzle. A singular LED framed firing button is located near the centre of the mod which is used to control all functions that the Vaporesso Drizzle supports.

The LED outlining the firing button also acts as a battery indicator to let you know when the battery is fully charged, or in need of a top up. The button is plenty tactile ensuring that you’re aware of every instance you activate the Vaporesso Drizzle as the button resonates with a resounding and satisfying “click” on every press.

Another good characteristic of the Drizzle is the fact that the bundled tank can be detached from the body of the device itself, making it easy to clean and maintain. Should you choose, other tanks or atomizers can be threaded on the spring loaded 510 connection of the Drizzle’s main chassis, but take note that any atomizer larger than 18mm in diameter will leave an unsightly and far from aesthetically pleasing overhang.

The machining of the Drizzle’s 510 connection is polished and smooth, without any rough edges or sharp burrs that would prevent easy threading and unthreading of the tank. The included tank also sits perfectly flush with the top of the device, leaving no sign of a gap whatsoever.

Located toward the bottom of the mod is the micro USB charging port. Since the battery isn’t user-removable, the kit also includes the required micro USB cable for charging the 1000mAh battery internally. While it doesn’t charge the battery at the maximum rate of 2 amps like most high powered and high amperage, it still manages to get the Drizzle up to speed in almost no time at all.


Vapor Quality

The Vaporesso Drizzle kit comes bundled with two of their signature EUC coils. The first of which is their trademark ceramic coil which comes in the form of a 1.3-ohm coil head. The spare coil head that also comes with the kit measures out to 1.4-ohms and instead of using ceramic, is made out of the more familiar metal coil with organic Japanese cotton as a wick.

Quality control on EUC coils is phenomenal as they last quite a long time, easily producing the optimal amount of flavor and vapor even well past the typical 1 week which most coils are known for. In terms of flavor and vapor quality, while both coils perform great, the 1.3-ohm ceramic coil stands out with a much cleaner and crisper flavor.

Considering that the Vaporesso Drizzle is a mouth to lung device that operates on minimal wattages, the vapor production is surprisingly good, almost rivalling the performance of restricted airflow vapes. Keep in mind though that due to the high ohms, you’ll be vaping at around 10-15 watts depending on the current state of your battery.

This means that in order to get the proper amount of nicotine to stave off any cravings, you might have to use e-liquid with a higher than normal nicotine content.

The bundled tank holds up to a maximum of 1.8 ml of e-liquid. While this might seem lacking for those who are familiar with high wattage and sub-ohm devices, the 1.8 ml capacity is just perfect for the Vaporesso Drizzle. When it comes to power output, the Vaporesso Drizzle doesn’t have any sort of variable wattage and output is purely dependent on the battery life of the device.

As the mod begins with the optimal battery voltage of 4.2 volts, hits are full and strong. As the voltage tapers down to below 4 volts, so does the output of the Vaporesso Drizzle, which is also a good indicator for letting you know when to charge the mod.

Vaporesso Drizzle detached




The lack of overall features can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. The simplicity of the Vaporesso Drizzle means that there’s very little room for error when operating the device. This makes it quite ideal for the users who aren’t very tech-savvy or those who aren’t interested in fiddling with their mods.

If you’re the type of user who likes to experiment with different features and settings, you might be a bit disappointed with the lack of offerings the Vaporesso Drizzle has. No variable wattage, no temperature control, or adjustable TCR curves here.

Just plain straight up vaping until your battery life dwindles down. Again this most likely makes it the perfect starter vape for beginners thanks to its straightforward operation.



Barely larger than a USB flash drive, the Vaporesso Drizzle is an awesome portable mod that fits practically anywhere. Even the tightest or tiniest of pockets can accommodate the small dimensions of the Drizzle without any trouble.

When considering the battery life, while the 1000mAh internal battery might seem small by other standards, when it comes to mouth to lung vaping, the battery works just fine and can easily carry you through an entire day of regular vaping.

If you’re a chain vaper though, you might have to charge the battery at some point before the day is over.

Vaporesso Drizzle parts


The Vaporesso Drizzle kit presents a simple yet stylish package which enables even the most tech-illiterate of users experience the full flavor of mouth to lung vaping. The mod itself is solidly built and produces more than enough vaping power to keep most beginners satisfied.

If you are looking for something a good starter mod style vape check out the SMOK G150 and if you are just looking for the best check out the SMOK Procolor.

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