Vaporesso Nexus Review - Enter the Nexus
Build Quality77%
Vapor Quality78%
75%100Overall Score

Vaporesso is known for making innovative vaping products that offer a multitude of features that most people never even use. This is the most common factor why some get intimidated with vaping.  Vaporesso is now offering an affordable but solidly built vaping kit to help people transition to the world of vaping. The Vaporesso Nexus is an all in one kit that features a 650 mah battery capacity, adjustable airflow control and is equipped with their own CCELL coil head.

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Product Pros

  • Compact and portable
  • Innovative CCELL coil
  • Quick charging feature

Product Cons

  • Battery is not removable
  • Small 2 ml e liquid capacity


Vaporesso Nexus Review: Breakdown

Vaporesso Nexus available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Vaporesso Nexus is made to be a super simple, compact and portable all in one vaporizer. It has no LED screen display and no adjustment buttons. It only has a power button on the lower part of the device with a LED battery indicator.

The battery indicator will show a white light when it is fully charged, yellow when it has 30% to 70% power and red when it has below 30% power. On the top of the device sits the cap that serves as the drip tip and on the middle section of the body is a cut out for the glass chamber so you can see the remaining e-liquid in your tank that has a 2 ml capacity.

There is a micro USB port on the bottom of the mod for charging the built-in 650 mah battery and although the battery is not removable, the Nexus features a quick charging system and Vaporesso claims that it only takes 40 minutes to fully charge the Nexus which is nice.

Filling the Nexus with e-liquid is super easy and convenient as you only need to remove the drip cap, pull the protective cover and you will see a fairly large filling slot for your favorite e-liquid. The coil head is placed inside the mod where the e-liquid tank is located to saturate it better and is attached to a metal sleeve on the top. The metal sleeve acts as the chamber for the vapor production and has a ring around it so you can adjust the airflow to your preference.

The Vaporesso Nexus is powered by the Omni Board Mini that features auto temperature control, which contributes to optimal vapor delivery by eliminating liquid burn that can occur at high temperatures. It also features low liquid detection that automatically shuts the heating element off when the liquid in the tank is too low to avoid dry burning.

The Vaporesso Nexus comes in 6 different color options. You can get the Nexus in silver, black, orange, blue, green, purple, ruby and dark blue.


Vapor Quality

The Vaporesso Nexus comes with 2 coil heads. Pre-installed is the NX CCELL coil head that has a resistance of 1 ohm and is rated to use between 7 watts to 12 watts. The NX CCELL coil head features an innovative porous ceramic coil that can deliver the purest flavor of your e liquid compared to the normal coil heads which use cotton wicks as they tend to easily burn out the e-liquid.

The CCELL coil can handle higher temperatures than most coils and produces more vapor with less power. How this works is that the CCELL coil’s heating element is completely wickless. The heating element is a hard ceramic that has micropores for the e-liquid to seep in while the heating wire is cast inside the ceramic.

It is not totally void of organic cotton though, there is a sheet of organic cotton between the ceramic coil and the metal case of the coil head but it is just there to prevent leakage and the e-liquid is still being vaporized by the porous ceramic. The other included coil head is the NX coil that has a resistance of 1 ohm and is also rated to use between 7 watts to 12 watts. The NX coil has no porous ceramic though, but it can still perform well and will still give you a satisfying vape.

Vaporesso Nexus flat display




The Vaporesso Nexus is an all in one vaporizer and it is very limited in terms of the things you can do to change how it vapes. The Nexus is made to be a mouth to lung device but Vaporesso is nice enough to include an adjustable airflow feature so you can also have an airy drag if you prefer so.

You also can’t change the tank inside the Nexus and you will be stuck with a 2 ml capacity tank. The 2 ml tank might be too small for some but since the Nexus uses a low amount of power, you won’t burn through that e-liquid that fast.



The Vaporesso Nexus is not as small as other all in one devices like the JUUL or the Smok Fit but it is still compact and stealthy with a height of 85.7 mm, width of 34 mm and thickness of 17.2 mm.

This is still one of the most portable vaporizers on the market right now and it is perfect for the vapers on the go.

Vaporesso Nexus mouth piece detached


The Vaporesso Nexus is a perfect all in one kit for those who are looking for their first vaping device. The Nexus’ natural mouth to lung build is very suitable for the newbies since they are still used to the tight and restrictive draw and will greatly help them transition into the world of vaping. For the long time vapers who are looking for a stealthy device that they can bring anywhere, the Vaporesso Nexus will fit in well to parties or social gatherings and is a nice device to have when traveling.

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