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Build Quality89%
Vapor Quality91%
89%100Overall Score

Vaporesso  has always been pushing boundaries, not only in terms of aesthetics but with functionality and the technology that they put inside their devices. From their ceramic coils to the high performance Omni chip that powers their mods, Vaporesso has seldom released a product that fails to live up to expectations. The Vaporesso Revenger kit is no exception to this rule; with its modern, streamlined styling, and numerous options for dialing in your preferred vaping style, its a device that calls for your attention.

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Product Pros

  • Omni chip works exceptionally well
  • Onboard quick charge feature
  • NRG tank vapes fantastic

Product Cons

  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Slight battery rattle


Vaporesso Revenger Review: Breakdown

Vaporesso Revenger Color Selection


Build Quality

Build Quality

Placing the Revenger beside any modern mobile device, one unfamiliar with the mod might mistake it a cellphone. With it’s sleek, coated aluminum construction coupled with the plastic front and back cover,  the device possesses a classy futuristic look that definitely wont feel out of place in the USS Enterprise. The device feels solid without feeling heavy even with the batteries inserted. The shape is ergonomic and fits easily in the hand with the large and quite comfortable, concave firing button within easy reach.

One thing to point out about the Revenger though is when shaking the device with the batteries installed, there is a slight rattling noise to be heard created by the dual 18650s moving about. Although not a major issue, hopefully Vaporesso will engineer tighter tolerances into the design of the mod in future iterations. Also another negative is that the plastic front and back panels have a strong tendency to collect fingerprints, marring the devices sleek design.

The included NRG tank is constructed out of high quality stainless steel and measures 26.5mm at the base although the Revenger can accommodate atomizers up to a whopping 28mm in diameter meaning the mod is compatible with 99% of tanks and RDAs in the market, something rarely seen in a device this ergonomic and (relatively) compact.


Vapor Quality

The included dual and quad coil heads both measuring out at 0.15ohms produce excellent flavor and vapor density within the recommended wattage of 60-100 watts, a level of output that the Revenger has absolutely no problem hitting with the dual 18650 batteries it supports that push the device up to a maximum of 220 watts.

The NRG tank bundled is quite revolutionary as it has delrin constructed into the base which means less heat from the mod gets transferred to the tank (and consequently to your lips) providing a comfortable vaping experience at any wattage. The driptip included with the tank sports a spitback guard built-in to prevent hot juice from being thrown up the chimney which is great for those who prefer higher PG juices. The tank is top filled by sliding the easy-to-open swivel top cap.

Another great thing to note about the Revenger is the Omni chip used to regulate power in the device. Firing the mod has absolutely no delay whatsoever, and it’s safe to say misfires can be a thing of the past when using this mod.

Vaporesso NRG Tank and Coil




The Revenger takes the features of the most versatile devices in the market and bumps that up by a notch. Aside from featuring the regular gamut of temperature control options from stainless steel, nickel, and titanium, the mod allows you to configure TCR curves and pre-heat curves on the fly without any need to hook up the device to a Windows computer, something even the highly reputed Evolve DNA chip is unable to do (The DNA requires a separate software in Windows connected to your device via USB to configure said curves).

Due to the Revenger’s high compatibility with the majority of atomizers available, that means one can use the biggest, baddest coils on the device. And since the mod goes up to 220 watts, it wont have any issues with power delivery at all.

The Revenger can also support future upgrades to the firmware via USB which means that there is still room for the device to improve, whether that may be with the battery efficiency, or extra features added in to the easy-to-navigate menu.



The Revenger is reasonably sized considering its features and battery capacity. It fits into most pockets with the included NRG tank attached. The dual 18650 batteries last quite long and can get through an entire day of heavy use without having to be charged. But in case charging is required and an external charger isn’t accessible, the device supports an onboard quick charge feature that fills up the batteries at an extremely high rating of 2.5 amps, a rating even most external charges are unable to match.

The device has a durable finish with its coated paint job so it wont chip or flake easily even during rough handling or when on the go, which is good for those who can’t take the time to baby their mods and simply stuff their devices into their bags or pockets.

Vaporesso Revenger Full Kit


The Omni chip featured in the device is very aptly named. Simply put, it does everything, and it does it well. From the quick firing mechanism, reliable 220 watt power delivery, high quality finish and construction, and extremely customisable options which can be changed on the go, the Revenger is a definite must buy for anyone looking to get a variable wattage mod, that has all the features they’ll ever need in a device without ever needing to upgrade in the future. Getting a bigger atomizer? The Revenger can handle it. Looking for a more configurable temperature control device? This device does it as well.

The only scenario wherein a vaper might have to look elsewhere is when searching for an ultra compact mod (iStick Pico), or possibly a mod which supports more than two batteries (Smok GX 2/4) . Even weighing these factors in, the Revenger should still be a purchase worth considering.

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