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The Vaporesso Swag is this company’s latest foray into the world of compact devices, following a very similar design to the Smok AL85 and the Eleaf Pico, the Swag looks to take the same form factor which has been a hit in the vaping community while adding their own improvements to the overall functionality and design. Bundled with the NRG sub-ohm tank which looks to match or even better yet, surpass the Smok tanks in overall performance, the Vaporesso Swag kit just might be the next item on your to-buy vaping list.

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Product Pros

  • Compact Frame
  • Colorful & attractive design
  • Great quality coil heads

Product Cons

  • Odd drip tip implementation


Vaporesso Swag kit Review: Breakdown

Vaporesso Swag colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

Despite its subjectively unfortunate name, the Vaporesso Swag is quite the looker with its clever design and intermeshing construction made out of zinc alloy and plastic. All the metal bits of the device look and feel expertly polished and smoothed to perfection while the beautifully etched colored plastic panels covering the sides don’t give off a cheap feeling that most of us have come to expect from plastic.

Vaporesso states that the panels utilize a revolutionary in-mold labeling injection coating which is what gives the Vaporesso Swag its unique look as well as improve the device’s resistance to wear and tear.

The Vaporesso Swag is incredibly compact as well easily fitting into the palms of even the tiniest hands without any problems. Measuring out to a tiny 75mm*48mm*25mm, it comes out just slightly thicker than the Smok AL85 and Eleaf Pico. In terms of overall weight, it does have a significant advantage of weighing in at only 64 grams, making it a non-issue to carry around in pockets or bags.

Despite its diminutive size, it still manages to pack a sufficiently sized 0.91” OLED screen into the front of the mod which excels at displaying a rich host of information about the Swag’s status such as current wattage or temperature settings, remaining battery life, coil resistance and a whole lot more.

Similar to the AL85, the single 18650 battery (not included) that powers the Swag is inserted from the top by unscrewing the threaded battery cap. It’s worthy to note that the threading on the Swag is noticeably smoother than what I experienced on both the AL85 and Pico which often gave me difficulty to unscrew or screw the cap off/on.

Aside from the vibrant OLED display, the front holds the fire button which feels satisfying to press on and does not feel mushy at all. Below the display is the “Mode” button used by all Vaporesso’s devices which act as a dedicated switch to toggle different firing modes or settings on the device.

The left panel of the mod holds the up/down buttons used to adjust settings. Last but not the least, the Swag features a stainless steel 510 connection which can comfortably accommodate atomizers up to 22mm in diameter.


Vapor Quality

Powered by the OMNI 2.0 chip, the Swag can hit up to a good 80 watts of power, but since only a single 18650 battery is powering the device, it’s not recommended to vape at maximum wattage as you may see battery life quickly deplete.

Nevertheless, the Swag hits true and hits hard; there is almost zero noticeably firing delay from the moment you press the tactile firing button. I’ve also yet to experience any misfires on this device which speaks volumes of the powerful and high-quality chipset inside.

The NRG sub-ohm tank that comes bundled with the kit features a fully adjustable airflow control that lets you vape with the airflow set to max, or if you prefer a more restricted vape, a narrower airflow configuration is also possible.

Regardless of what setting I placed the airflow in, taking a draw from the tank never felt turbulent or whistle-y, always providing a smooth vape with every puff. The NRG tank uses a similar swivel top cap design to the Smok Baby tanks which allow for easy refilling of the 3.5ml chamber.

The NRG coil heads are also wonderfully constructed as not only do they vape great, producing full flavor and vapor, but they’re fully cross-compatible for use with Smok’s lineup of tank atomizers.

This is great considering the NRG coil heads are of much higher quality and durability than the coil heads Smok uses, lasting about a week at the minimum compared to Smok’s offerings which roughly get about 4-5 days of optimal performance.

Vaporesso Swag mouth piece detached




Despite its size, the Swag is a fully featured mod that supports temperature control across all types of coils such as stainless steel, nickel, and titanium, offering accurate temperature control that manages to deliver a satisfying vape while preventing the much dreaded dry hit.

Pre-heat mode and customizable TCR curves are also supported by the Swag which should like music to the ears of advanced vapers who are looking for their next compact device.



Looking at the Swag in Person, there’s no doubt that the Swag is a stylish and compact powerhouse with a size and performance matched by very few mods out there in the market. It fits easily into any pocket making it a good choice for vapers who are always on the go.

Depending on the wattage you prefer to vape at, the Swag may or may not last you the entire day with a single 18650 battery. Of course, a simple solution to this is to have an extra battery on hand which can be easily swapped in, or use a power bank which can take full advantage of the 2 amp quick charge feature supported by the micro USB port on the device.

Vaporesso Swag double view


If you’re a beginner looking to get their first device or an intermediate who’s in the market for a stylish, compact, and powerful single 18650 mod, the Swag is definitely a strong option to consider. The well designed NRG tank coupled with the high-quality coil heads make for a great combination that should impress advanced and neophyte vapers alike.

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  1. Madeleine

    My Vaporesso Swag displays a little lock icon next to the 0.43 on the main screen, nothing other than the firing button works – i can’t change the modes or anything else. How do i remove this lock icon?


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