Vaporesso Switcher Review - Making the Switch
Build Quality85%
Vapor Quality86%
84%100Overall Score

The Vaporesso Switcher has a unique design that lets you change its look anytime you want. It has a max output of 220 watts and is powered by dual 18650 batteries. It is also equipped with the new OMNI 2.6 chip, which features the same firing responsiveness that everybody loves. The kit includes the NRG tank atomizer that comes with two GT Core coil heads for that perfect vaping experience.

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Product Pros

  • Replaceable metal casing
  • New OMNI 2.6 chip
  • Fast 2A charging
  • Leak free tank and easy top fill design

Product Cons

  • Big and heavy compared to most mods
  • Not 510 and 810 drip tip compatible


Vaporesso Switcher Review: Breakdown

Vaporesso Switcher available colors


Build Quality

Build Quality

The Vaporesso Switcher is made of a high-grade Polycarbonate plastic and the case is made of a premium Zinc Alloy casting. The metal case of the Vaporesso Switcher is fully replaceable, hence the name “Switcher”, which is a pretty cool feature. There are two versions of the Vaporesso Switcher, the standard, and the LE version.

The difference is the color variant for each version and the LE version have LED lights on the body. The standard and the LE version has 3 color options each. You can get the standard version in silver, retro yellow, and iron gray, while the LE version has the shiny green, brown gold, and red blue color options.

The metal case for the standard and the LE version are interchangeable so compatibility issues are not a problem. I mentioned it because if for some reason, you want the retro yellow case of the standard version for your LE version of Switcher, your Switcher LE can rock it. The LED lights on the LE version have different colors and modes as well. You can set it to red, blue, green, flashing, custom, and show mode.

You have total control on how fancy you want your Switcher to look. The Vaporesso switcher is a big and hefty mod, it is actually bigger than most mods on the market but the overall design makes up for it. The shape of the body and the addition of a leather-like material on the side of the case makes it more ergonomic and feels nicer to hold.

The fire button, LED screen display, up and down button, menu button, and the micro USB port are all on the front of the device. On the bottom of the device is a sliding battery door for your two 18650 batteries. The 510 connection is centered on the top of the mod and is made of stainless steel.

The 510 plate is also big and it can support atomizers that are 30 mm in diameter with no overhang. The Vaporesso Switcher’s brain is the new OMNI 2.6 chip. The OMNI is one of the best boards on the market which rivals the DNA and Voopoo’s Gene chip. It still has the same fast firing responsiveness and the smart wattage recognition, which automatically sets the best wattage depending on your coil’s resistance, that made it so popular.

It has a 2A quick charge system, equalizing charge system, USB input protection and still supports variable wattage, temperature control, TCR, and bypass mode.

The included atomizer in the kit is the NRG tank atomizer. It is 26.5 mm in diameter and is primarily made of stainless steel. It features dual adjustable airflow and an easy slide and fill design.


Vapor Quality

The kit includes 2 GT Core coil heads which are specially designed to fit into the NRG tank atomizer. Pre-installed is the GT8 quadruple coil, 0.15 ohm coil head that is rated to use between 50 watts to 110 watts and an extra GT4 dual coil, 0.15 ohm coil head that is rated to use between 30 watts to 70 watts.

Both coil heads will give intense flavor but the GT8 quadruple coil will produce more vapor. The Vaporesso Switcher also has a soft, normal and high vaping mode. All these modes are just what it says like the soft mode will give you a milder vape, and the high mode will give you an aggressive one.

These coil heads are optimized for all the modes and you can set it depending on your mood for a different vaping profile. The Switcher also supports temperature control, TCR and bypass mode so you can further personalize your vaping experience.

Vaporesso Switcher mouth piece detached




The Vaporesso Switcher can support any atomizer and any coil build you want with its big 510 plate and 220 watts power output. The NRG tank has 2 capacity options, a 5 ml and a 2 ml option.

The only thing I don’t like with the NRG tank is that it doesn’t support 810 or 510 drip tips. It has wide bore drip tip though so I guess that is fine for some.



The Vaporesso Switcher is a big and hefty mod. Its dimensions are 53 mm x 89 mm x 32 mm. It is not a pocket-friendly device, so you might want to always bring a bag whenever you want to bring the Switcher outside.

On the plus side, it has a 2A quick charging feature so if you forgot to bring extra batteries, as long as you have access to a USB powered port, you can just plug the Switcher and it will be fully charged in no time.

Vaporesso Switcher side view


The Vaporesso Switcher is perfect for those who are looking for a stylish and powerful mod with a lot of features. The replaceable metal case and the LED lights on the LE version is a cool feature that sets it apart from most mods on the market. I don’t even mind the size and the weight of the Switcher since the new OMNI 2.6 board makes it a winner already.

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