Vie Vaporizer Review - Can it Vie for a Top Spot?
Build Quality65%
Vapor Quality72%
Look & Feel67%
67%100Overall Score

The Vie Vaporizer is a unique unit that can vape both wax and dry herb. It also uses a one-of-a-kind capsule system to make portable vaping easy. Portable and discreet, are there any downsides? Let’s dig into our review and find out!

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Product Pros

  1. Tasty vapor
  2. Unique idea
  3. Attractive design
  4. Portable
  5. Discreet

Product Cons

  1. Plastic parts
  2. Feels cheaply made
  3. Confusing to use
  4. Messy loading
  5. Preset temperatures




Vie Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Vie Vaporizer upper part

Build Quality

Build Quality

Plastic is the only word you need to know about the build quality of the Vie. It is used liberally throughout the unit. A little bit of plastic here or there isn’t a dealbreaker, but when it makes up most of the vaporizer you have to be cautious.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Vie is quite good despite our complaints about the overall cheapness of the unit. The flavor doesn’t taste bad and the size of the clouds depends on which of the preset heat levels you choose. The capsules allow the dry herb to toast evenly from all sides. Special capsules are available for oils and concentrates.

We would like to have seen more temperatures choices at the very least. At the very best would be full temperature control. There are 4 different settings you can choose from. The lowest 2 options are pretty far apart, and the higher 2 should be reserved for concentrates. This makes it hard for vapers to find their perfect heat level and adjust the vapor.


Vie Vaporizer top view


Look and Feel

The Vie looks very nice, bordering on classy! It is available in red, black, and silver. Unfortunately, the whole thing feels cheap. Just hold it up next to a non-plastic unit and we guarantee you won’t buy this cheaply made product.



Although not included, the manufacturer sells an odor shield! It only costs $5USD, and it promises to seal the mouthpiece and chamber. This allows you to sneak a puff in public without attracting unwanted attention!

Another discreet feature is the vibration function. You can keep the Vie in your pocket while it’s heating so you don’t look suspicious. Once the unit is ready for use, it signals you with a slight buzzing noise.

Vie Vaporizer flat display


Ease of Use

Warning: the Vie is not an easy vaporizer to use. In fact, it is not very user-friendly at all. We think this is the unit’s biggest downfall because there was so much potential in the idea.

First, the Vie works on a capsule system you have to get used to. Just be aware the process can get a bit messy, especially before you get your groove! In terms of actual use, the vaporizer is easy to turn on and easy to adjust. However, it’s a bit annoying to keep at an acceptable heat level.

The juice from the initial heat-up will last about 2 minutes. If you want to keep vaping, you will have to click the button every time you want to take a draw. To make matters even worse, there is no screen to tell you the temperature! That means you won’t ever really know what temperature you’re at beyond the first few draws.

The vibrations are a very confusing part of the Vie. This unit buzzes for 3 things: temperature ready, ready to draw, and standby mode. It’s really easy to get confused. Especially if you have already had a few draws!



This vaporizer is very portable. Although not as slim as a pen, it is still a nice size. The Vie’s capsule delivery system is great for taking on the go. Why? You have your materials already prepared to go! All you need to do is put the pre-filled delivery system into the included carrying tube and you are ready to head out!

If you are looking to hide the Vie inside a smaller pocket, be aware it is a bit too bulky. However, most jackets and pants made for men will be able to accommodate this device. It also fits nicely into cell phone pockets built into purses and backpacks.


The unit is a good idea…in theory. However, the whole thing feels cheap and has way too many parts. Even our seasoned vape experts were perplexed by the Vie’s design. We recommend you skip the Vie and go for a more user-friendly option that still offers good quality vapor.

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