Vivant Alternate Review - Vive le Vivant?
Build Quality55%
Vapor Quality40%
Look & Feel60%
56%100Overall Score

Have you ever wanted the convection power of the Crafty without paying the hefty price tag (or getting any of the high-quality materials used by Storz & Bickel)? Well then, you’re in luck! The Vivant Alternate is positioned as an economy hybrid conduction/convection model with a similar build to the Mighty and Crafty, retaining the digital display and precise temperature control of these models with a cheaper overall build.

With a name as exciting and promising as the “Alternate”, we knew the stakes were a bit lower, but we were still really optimistic about the idea of an affordable Crafty-type model. The price and features are quite promising, but there are too many beefs with the vapor quality and general construction for us to give this thumbs up. Read on and get the whole scoop from Vapesterdam!

Product Pros

  • Removable battery
  • Precise temperature control

Product Cons

  • Battery chamber gets warm to an alarming degree
  • Plastic build and mouthpiece
  • Poor vapor quality


Vivant Alternate Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The all-plastic build of the Alternate is definitely not ideal. While the PEEK material used by Storz & Bickel for their products elevates the idea of all-plastic vaporizers, it’s hard to make an economy-priced model like this without sacrificing quality. The glass-filled poly-carbonate chamber has a certain ruggedness, though we’ll have to see how this handles over time. The heating chamber is slightly smaller than the Crafty as well, though the grinding/loading tool helps to work around this.

The removable 18650 battery is a great addition to the product; as much as we love the Crafty, the permanently installed battery and relatively short battery life have been perhaps our only complaints about the device. The battery gives some concern about the overall build quality, though. The battery gets quite warm after a session, due to how close the battery chamber is to the heating chamber. This general area gets warm enough over the session duration to make us worry about the stability of the battery, and as such, is very hard to recommend in its current state.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Alternate is majorly disappointing compared to the Crafty or the Mighty. Even after several sessions worth of use, there is still a plastic taste emitting from the mouthpiece.

A more stable plastic like PEEK would have been a much better call for the mouthpiece, as this is what Storz & Bickel uses for the Crafty and the Mighty. The poor vapor quality of the Alternate would be enough to tarnish a recommendation alone, but coupled with the problematic battery heat described above, the Alternate would barely make it as a pinch-hitter.

Vivant Alternate Heating Chamber & Mouthpiece

Look and Feel

This is very similar to the Crafty in terms of shape and size. The size is decent to carry around but doesn’t really fit in your hand, and while the rippled grip helps to keep it handy, the juicebox-type of design is not the most appealing without some quality vapor to go with it.

The Mighty and Crafty both transcend their plastic build to come across as something more. As it is, the Alternate lives up to its namesake and not much else.



The Alternate is a fairly discreet unit in terms of size and shape, although it could stand to be a bit smaller. One thing which may give you away is the neon green coloring; just make sure to keep your hand over the neon green spots and you should be okay. This may be slightly difficult due to the size of the Alternate, so try out a few different ways of holding it before taking it out.


Ease of Use

The Alternate is a decent enough device for first-time users to get a handle on.  The controls are simple: the digital display at the bottom of the Alternate is a great boon for accessibility, and also gives precise temperature control which is much appreciated. The mouthpiece can stick a bit as well, so make sure to give it some elbow grease when setting it for use.

The Vivant Alternate has 60 second cycles for session length, although this can now be changed to be anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes through the device’s firmware update. Overall, we don’t expect much hassle for most users when using the Alternate.



Portability is pretty decent with the Alternate, as it can fit in most pockets and bags with relative ease. However, the battery life is pretty limited; a charge will only garner you somewhere in the area of 3 or 4 charges for a total of 40 to 50 minutes for overall use. This is far from ideal, though the removable battery will make portability options more appealing.

Be careful with the stirring tool, as it doesn’t really stay secured in the unit and may get lost while in transit. The Zeus Armor Case would be recommended for carrying around the Alternate and accompanying parts, as this will ensure the safest and most comfortable travel experience for vaporizers this size.


The Vivant Alternate has all the makings of a super-decent value-based portable vaporizer; it’s  a great idea in theory, but its aims are better met through a more premium unit like the Crafty, or even another value-based model like the Utillian 720.

Side-by-side taste comparisons with the Mighty and Crafty have also left us cold; if you can’t taste the difference between the two devices after such a trial, then your taste buds might be shot. This is potentially a decent unit for people who are interested in the Crafty but balk at the price tag and battery limitations. There’s also a 2-year warranty included from the manufacturer, which will help to give some solace when a piece of the Alternate inevitably breaks on you. Overall, you can definitely find a better alternative to the Alternate.

Any thoughts on the Vivant Alternate? Please, do share them in the comments below, and let us have it!


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