Vivant Incendio Kit – Worth Considering or Incinerating?
Build Quality80%
Vapor Quality80%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Use74%
74%Overall Score

Vivant is looking to make waves and take names with its newest e-Nail, the Vivant Incendio and we are super excited to try it out! The Incendio boasts the only e-Nail unit on the market where the outer chamber and heating element are all made of glass. Will this revolutionary unit live up to its hype? Let’s find out.

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Product Pros

  1. Includes glass water filter
  2. Ultra powerful 5000mAh battery
  3. VW mode and e-Nail mode
  4. 10-second e-Nail heat up
  5. Standard 510 threading
  6. Precise temperature control
  7. Spare coil and o-rings

Product Cons

  1. Cannot use continuously for most even temperature



Vivant Incendio Kit Review: Breakdown


Vivant Incendio Kit front profile

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Incendio tank is pre-installed with Firecore. This is an oven that derives its source of heat from an electrical trace inside of a SIO2 cup. The glass silica surface can then vaporize your wax material. Just in case you were wondering, the carb cap is made of stainless steel. It will hold up nicely.

We are extremely impressed with the 5000mAh internal battery. Although not exchangeable, it lasts so long you won’t need one! The threading is the usual 510, because Vivant knows you like to experiment with your atomizers.

This company even put thought into the glass water filter. They included exclusive water leak protection to prevent leakage. However, you won’t have to worry about that unless you drop it.


Vapor Quality

The Firecore technology of the Vivant Incendio makes this one of the cleanest hits we have had in a long time. The pure flavor and smooth sips that come from an all glass heating chamber are all but non-existent in the e-Nail world. We think this is truly a futuristic game changer.

The glass water filter allows for even purer vapor if that is even possible! All you have to do is add water to the adaptor and connect it to the base of the atomizer.

Before you know it, your Vivant Incendio transforms into an even smoother and cooler vaporizing experience. Leave this accessory off if you like the throat burn.

Furthermore, the Incendio Kit has 2 different settings you can use to customize your session. There

is a VW mode as well as an e-Nail mode. In the latter mode, you have the ability to adjust your temperature the way you want. Vivant suggests you adjust the temperature to between 600°F and 850°F. In VW mode, try between 12W and 25W.

Lower heat settings will bring terpene taste and flavorful hits. Crank up the temperature and you will experience some very impressive clouds.


Vivant Incendio Kit heating chamber


Look and Feel

To match the amazing vapor quality, it only makes sense that the Incendio would feel amazing! This device feels like it will last a long time if properly taken care of.

All of the parts look and feel well-made, and we had no issues with threading while putting the pieces together.



The Vivant Incedio is a relatively discreet vaporizer when you leave off the glass water filter. It is about the size of a typical box MOD, so it can fit nicely in your hands.

Since the bottom of the unit is 510 threaded, you can attach an eJuice tank to mask any leftover scent. Actually, the majority of people will simply think you are using an eCig.

Finally, this Vivant allows you to smoke at lower temperatures for less noticeable clouds.

Vivant Incendio Kit mouth piece


Ease of Use

The Vivant Incendio may seem confusing at first glance. But that’s only because there are so many ways you can personalize your experience. There are 4 buttons, and 3 are for adjusting the temperature and toggling through the display.

The last button is for turning the unit on and powering up the heat. Don’t forget to use the included dab tool for easier wax placement!



Although this unit isn’t too large without the attached water filtration, it isn’t exactly portable. A waist height fall onto a hard surface will not bode well for your Incendio.

However, plenty of people carry it with them, and there is an included portable carrying case. Just be careful to hold it tight!


The Incendio Kit is a worthy addition to Vivants line up, though its not exactly revolutionary when it comes to e-nails, though we enjoyed the somewhat unique heating element. Our biggest complaint with most of these mod based e-nails is that they are top heavy and topple easily. Personally I would rather use something with a heavy base like the Focusvape Tourist.

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