Vivant Rift Review - Elevating Your Experience
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality78%
Look & Feel74%
Ease of Use72%
74%100Overall Score

The Vivant Rift can heat 3 different materials at the same time! This is extremely unique and gives you the opportunity to personalize each and every experience. How does the partition hold up? Will everything vaporize at the right temperatures?

The answers to these questions and more will be revealed in our Vivant Rift review. Stay tuned!

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Product Pros

  1. Sessions last for up to 5 minutes
  2. Removable heater
  3. LED screen
  4. Included cleaning rod
  5. Customizable Turbo mode
  6. Accurate temperature control
  7. Quick heat-up time
  8. Hybrid heating

Product Cons

  1. Screen comes off if not kept clean
  2. Gets hot quickly




Vivant Rift Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Vivant Rift front display

Build Quality

Build Quality

The Vivant Rift’s claim to fame is the 80-Watts of hybrid heating. In terms of materials, U.S. laboratories – both professional and independent – have tested the heater. This is great and something we hope future manufacturers do.

The heater is actually removable, and the Rift is the only vaporizer in the industry to have this feature. That means you can easily clean your device. The manufacturers even made cleaning easy by designing the curves to fit cue-tips.

In the future, Vivant will release specialized heaters to upgrade the Rift’s original hybrid. They even made the firmware able to receive future upgrades. Finally, this vaporizer’s mouthpiece is attached by magnets and fits inside the unit for easy carrying.


Vapor Quality

The heater is a tri-bowl design, allowing you to heat dry herbs, or concentrate, or both! In fact, you don’t even have to grind your dry botanicals. All you have to do is break off pieces and put them into one or more of the bowls.

There are 3 different modes, and each includes session and on-demand vaping options. You can even customize Turbo mode to get an intense vapor experience. Use as much power at as high of a temperature as you choose on-demand at any time in your session!

The accurate temperature control allows you to adjust for any combination of materials. This allows for further personalization of your experience. No matter what temperature you choose, you can get to 325 degrees Fahrenheit in 9 seconds.


Vivant Rift flat display


Look and Feel

The Vivant Rift has a sleek body that isn’t easily identifiable as a vaporizer. Everything is a classy black, and the buttons are almost unrecognizable. In terms of feel, the grip is ergonomic and the device is easy to hold onto.



The height is 155mm without the mouthpiece and 122mm with the mouthpiece. The width is 23mm and the length is 38mm. This is extremely small, so the Rift can fit into any pocket or palm.

The mouthpiece is resealable so you don’t have to worry about dust or lint when you hide it in your pocket or throw it in your purse. This is also great for keeping sand out at the beach or dirt out on a camping trip!

The whole thing is almost unrecognizable as a vaporizer. It portrays itself as a solid item like a paperweight, television remote, or eCigarette. There is even an airtight seal to keep odor from leaking out into your environment.

Vivant Rift heating chamber


Ease of Use

This unit is not hard to use. Pack your materials by opening the hatch on the bottom and loading your flower or concentrate. Once you have finished, close the hatch and turn the device right side up. Flip the mouthpiece over into the usable position.

Turn this Vivant on with the usual 5 clicks of the power button. If you want to use the Rift as a session vape, tap the power button 3 more times. You get the choice of flower, concentrate, or custom mode. For on-demand vaping, press and hold the power button to start.

After you have chosen your mode, watch the arrows and wait for the vaporizer to heat up all the way. After a few seconds, you are free to take your draw.



The Vivant Rift is extremely compact and lightweight, making it extremely high on the portability scale! The small size fits in almost any pants pocket, male or female. This device weighs only .5 pounds, so you won’t have to wear a belt.

You won’t notice the extra ½ pound when weight really matters. Whether that’s on a long hike or a backpacking trip.


The Vivant Rift is an interesting and easy to use device. Whether you want to vaporize dry herb, concentrate, or both, this unit excels. You can choose on-demand mode, session mode, or a customizable Turbo mode. Even the temperature is completely in your hands.

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