W9 Tech Omicron v4 Wax Pen Review - Omicronic!
Build Quality70%
Vapor Quality65%
Look & Feel70%
68%100Overall Score

W9 Tech is known as a premium manufacturer of wax pens, with high-end prices to match their products and parts. The Omicron v4 is said to be a true redesign from the ground up, aiming to be the front-runner for high-quality concentrate vaporization on the go.

Is their next iteration of the Omicron a next-level step? Only the Vapesterdam review gets to the heart of the matter…

If you are new to wax pens, please feel free to check out our Ultimate Wax Pen Buyer’s Guide to help get a handle on the specs which will matter most to you.

Product Pros

  • Strong vapor capability
  • Nails can be separated and replaced
  • All-ceramic heating system
  • Significantly improved build quality

Product Cons

  • Little-to-no temperature control
  • Glass mouthpiece slightly hinders portability
  • Unwieldy vapor strength
  • Vapor pathway can easily become clogged


W9 Tech Omicron v4 Wax Pen Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

From the outset, the Omicron v4 looks to be built better than ever. A vacuum-plated stainless steel body houses comes a standard eGo ONE available in the following capacities: 900mAh, 1400mAh, and 2100mAh. The atomizer is composed of two porous black rods made from ceramic, with a coil wrapped in titanium. The tight and precise coil wrapping is a stark contrast to the sloppiness seen in the Kandypens Gravity.

High-quality titanium and Pyrex mouthpieces are included for a combination of practicality, durability, and flavor quality.


Vapor Quality

For all the fuss over vapor quality in other reviews of the Omicron, the vapor from the v4 is slightly underwhelming. This is not to downplay how delicious flavor can be achieved from the device, but it does have its limits. Temperature control is not quite exact; for a supposedly premium product, it would be nice to have a full range of heat settings, and to have these heat settings listed in heat, rather than power, measurements.

Also, the vapor pathway of the Omicron is subject to clogging if unused oils are left in the chamber for an extended period of time. Supposedly, taking a few draws from the Omicron while it cools helps avoid airflow clog, and while this is a prudent measure, it would be nice not to have to worry about clogging at all.

The Source Orb 4 is a more expansive choice for vapor quality, as it is included with a wide range of atomizers for users to further customize their experience. The Omicron v4 retails for around the same price and only provides one atomizer (which is replaceable, at least).

W9 Tech Omicron v4 Wax Pen Chamber & Coils


Look and Feel

This is a very well-put-together piece of work, with an impact-resistant stainless steel body and small, lightweight shape and design making the Omicron v4 feel more at-home in your hand than ever. The name and logo are both clearly apparent without appearing gaudy. Two mouthpieces are included, one made from titanium and one from glass. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, as the former is much sturdier but the latter gives you a bit more overall vapor flavor.



As with most wax pens, discreetness is the name of the game. The slim shape and lack of frills (other than the name and logo) make this a safe bet for keeping a low profile wherever used or stored.

To keep your battery from poking out, we advise using the smallest battery size. While this does provide a shorter lifespan, it is worth it to keep the device looking svelte and stealth. The 900mAh battery should be more than enough for a few solid sessions on the go.


Ease of Use

Like most wax pens, the Omicron is very simple to use and should provide few issues for users new to the concentrate game.

To load the Omicron, the mouthpiece is removed in order to expose the heating chamber. The included loading tool is then used to place concentrates right on to the coil. While exposed coil can be intimidating for new users, one can feel safe knowing W9Tech used genuine titanium on the coils (as indicated by the coils changing from gray to purple/blue, like legit titanium is supposed to).

5 clicks on the one button turns the Omicron on, and 3 clicks will toggle through the 4 preset power settings. The temperature settings are listed in wattage rather than degrees, so take note of the power settings and their associated colors (yellow = 10w, pink = 13w, green = 16w, blue = 19w). Our best results were achieved right in the middle with the pink and green settings, so sticking in this range is a good place to start.



The Omicron fits great in any pocket and is strong enough to withstand some rough-and-tumble action if need be. The battery size is also adjustable, which is a boon for both portability and overall customization (be aware of how larger battery sizes will cause the device to jut out a little but more).

The Omicron also features a modular “load-as-you-go” cartridge system, with two separate cartridge housings for pre-loading various concentrates. This helps users prepare their on-the-go sessions before heading out, and cutting down on fussing while out and about.


The Omicron v4 makes some improvement on an already well-oiled machine by great attention paid to the overall and convenience. However, as high-end as the v4 purports itself to be, the Source Orb 4 premium kit gives you more temperature control, as well as 6 (six!!) atomizers included to help expand your threshold. Including at least one spare atomizer would make the Omicron a more comparable value with the Source Orb 4. So, while the Omicron continues to be a quality product in its fourth life so far, it may not necessarily be the wax pen you need.

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