Wismec Predator Review - Alien Killer?
Build Quality82%
Vapor Quality86%
82%100Overall Score

Today we are taking a look at the Wismec Predator, featuring a hefty 228 watts of maximum power delivery powered by two 18650 batteries (sold separately), the Predator looks like the perfect matchup for the Smok Alien in a watt for watt slugfest. Packaged in the Wismec Predator kit is the sleek and sexy Elabo sub-ohm tank which uses Wismec’s new Triple coil heads.

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Product Pros

  • High-Quality Finish
  • Ergonomic Design

Product Cons

  • Issues with Quality Control



Wismec Predator Review: Breakdown

Wismec Predator Color Selection


Build Quality

Build Quality

Simply from the first look alone, it’s obvious that Wismec has taken a page out of Smok’s playbook in regards to the design of the Predator. Closely following the tubular and quasi-symmetrical layout of the Alien, the Predator almost exactly follows the Alien in dimensions with the exception of the Predator being just a tad taller. Measuring out to 86.7mm*43.6mm*25mm and with a total weight of 166.2 grams (batteries included).

Sporting a more refined and arguably more elegant aesthetic compared to the Alien’s bold and contrasting colors with aggressive lines accenting the exterior of the mod, the Predator features a brushed zinc alloy finish accented by two identical plastic panels covering each end of the device. Similar to the Alien, one of these plastic side panels acts as a firing bar which enables easy and intuitive operation of the Predator by simply gripping the mod in hand.

Offering a responsive and clicky tactile feedback, the Predator certainly feels great to use, with the firing bar offering a nice “thunk” noise whenever pressed which feels and sounds much better than the relatively hollow and empty sounding “clink” sound that the Alien’s firing bar produces.

Moving on to the 510 connection on top of the Predator you’ll find the spring-loaded threads which seem to be a major upgrade over the much complained over 510 connections that Wismec have been notorious for in their past devices. Unfortunately, this is where things take a really bad turn for the Predator overall. It’s been discovered that the 510 connection although improved in quality, has been weakly press-fitted to the body of the Predator, making the 510  extremely prone to being easily pulled out by merely exerting effort on any atomizer that happens to be attached to the Predator.

Out of all the devices I’ve encountered, whether by popular or relatively unknown manufacturers, this is a first, and quite qualifies as a catastrophic failure on Wismecs quality control. I’m not sure if the lack of some type of super-adhesive to attach the 510 to the mod was a mistake in their manufacturing line or a conscious decision to skimp on costs of the overall package.

But the end result is clear, and it isn’t good. A considerable number of Predators in the wild have already experienced this issue. At this point of the review I would normally conclude with a hard pass on the Wismec Predator, but let’s pretend that these issues are mere flukes which came out of a bad batch of Predators and move onto other aspects of the device.


Vapor Quality

The bundled Elabo sub-ohm tank, fortunately, doesnt suffer from major issues, unlike the Predator. Featuring a fully adjustable airflow control at the base and an easy to open top cap that borrows from the push to swivel design of Smok’s popular Baby line up of tanks. The Elabo is easy to fill up, carrying a maximum eliquid capacity of 4.9ml or 4.6ml depending on which of the two included coil heads you use.

The included Triple coil heads that come with the kit are built to spec and deliver a nice and smooth airflow while producing respectable flavor and vapor. While you won’t be able to max out the wattage of the Predator based from recommended wattages of the coil heads, they perform plenty well at their rated wattage.

The tank can get pretty noisy and turbulent when dialing the airflow tight at the base, and while it doesn’t hugely affect the overall performance of the kit, I feel it still has to be mentioned for the sake of those particular with choosing a tank for their smooth airflow design.

While all’s good for the kit on the tank side of things, it’s during actual vaping where the mod itself lets me down. During operation of the Predator, I’ve already experienced multiple fatal flaws in the electronics or firmware side of things wherein the mod would auto fire or would continue firing within a few seconds of the firing bar being released. Misfires were also rampant and the mod wouldn’t fire at all when pressing on the bar.

Other times the display would lock up being totally unresponsive, only corrected by removing the batteries to restart the device. And last but not the least are the multiple atomizer shorts I would get from the Predator, an issue I’ve failed to replicate on other devices using the same atomizer and coil build.

Wismec Predator on back




While the Predator does support temperature control with modes for vaping stainless steel, nickel, and titanium, the onboard chip of the device doesn’t handle TC very well. Well, to be frank, it was really hard to judge with the mod continuously cutting out on me mid-press.

The device also seems to be capable of being used as a power bank if you decide to get the optional accessory that plugs into the 510. But based on how poorly the 510 is affixed to the body of the mod I’d give serious reconsideration towards the overall reliability of this feature.



The symmetrical and streamlined shape make the Wismec Predator comfortable to hold. While bulky and heavy enough to disqualify it from being pocketed, it actually works well as an all-day device discounting the numerous performance mishaps.

Battery life didn’t feel lacking in any way thanks to the dual 18650 batteries used in series but I’m not sure if that’s due to proper power efficiency by the chip or merely by the fact that a quarter of the time the Predator would refuse to work as intended, cutting out mid-fire.

Wismec Predator with tank


I‘m going to have to give the Wismec Predator kit a hard pass, unfortunately, which is a pity. Its stylish design and comfortable ergonomics coupled with the solid hand feel initially led me to prefer Wismec’s offering over the Alien.

And while the Alien is by no means perfect in regards to overall build quality, it’s still leagues better than the quality control failure that the Predator has turned out to be. If you’re in the market for a high powered device which features solid construction and a reliable chipset that won’t give you the same issues the Predator does, feel free to check out our review on the Vaporesso Tarot Pro kit.

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