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Build Quality78%
Vapor Quality77%
78%Overall Score

Just when you thought that there weren’t enough all in one kits in the market, Wismec comes around and gives us their own rendition of a popular form factor in the shape of the Wismec Sinuous SW kit. Featuring a 3000 mAh internal LiPo battery for ease of use and packing a maximum wattage of 50 watts of power delivery, the Sinuous looks as every bit as promising as its close competition.

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Product Pros

  • 3000mAh LiPo Battery
  • Compact
  • Good Construction

Product Cons

  • No 2 Amp Charging


Wismec Sinuous SW Review: Breakdown

Wismec Sinuous SW Color Selection


Build Quality

Build Quality

Upon first glance of the Sinuous SW it would be all too easy to mistake it for a gadget straight out of Star Wars lore, with its aggressive and futuristic design that can be either a hit or miss depending on the user. Personally, I’m not a fan of the looks but of course, this is purely subjective.

Although I’m partial to the looks of the mod, the aggressive lines covering the entire body lend a nice tactile feel when holding it in hand contrasted to other all-in-one’s that feel too smooth and boring to the touch offering no personality to please your sense of touch. Both the mod itself and the included Elabo tank are built very solidly, with the mod constructed out of a Zinc Alloy and plastic frame, and with the tank using a high-quality stainless steel.

The Sinuous SW kit is relatively compact as well featuring dimensions measuring out to 131mm * 28mm with the Elabo tank included, and a total weight of 210.2g. It’s definitely one of the easier mods to carry around and pocket and while its definitely not the lightest all-in-one released, the slightly heavier feel doesn’t impact the feel of the device but rather helps give it a sense of durability giving you some confidence that this isn’t a device that needs to be babied.

The body of the mod, with its lightsaber-esque facade, features a solid and well-built firing button that feels responsive to the touch. Located towards the upper area of the mod towards the tank, it’s easy to access making for an easy user experience with a relatively ergonomic feel.

The device makes use of an LED indicator to display remaining battery life which can be viewed by looking at the firing button. At 60-100% the LED stays lit, while at 30-59% the LED will flash slowly. At 10-29% the indicator will flash a bit faster and finally will begin to flash quickly when your internal battery is at 0-9% indicating that it’s in need of a recharge.

One thing I discovered and admittedly enjoyed about the Sinuous SW is that the futuristic looking sleeve can be removed to reveal the smooth chamber underneath. You can then swap it out for differently colored sleeves c/o Wismec, mixing and matching colors according to your preference or simply leave as it is, uncovered and appreciate the smooth and uncomplicated design.


Vapor Quality

The Elabo tank left me pleasantly surprised with the overall flavor quality and vapor production that this kit can chug out. Especially considering that this is only a fixed 50-watt device, the Elabo tank manages to slightly outperform its competitors including the famous all-in-one kits from Smok.

It’s not surprising why since the Elabo tank houses a massive chamber measuring out to 28mm in diameter at its widest point which helps accommodate the large  WS01 Triple coil heads packaged with the kit. Airflow is far from restricted providing a nice, swooshy, and smooth flowing draw.

For those of you who prefer a tighter draw, the Elabo lets you adjust air intake with its adjustable bottom airflow control to give you more control over flavor density and overall vapor production.

The Elabo tank holds up to 4ml of eliquid but also comes in a TPD compliant version that holds the required maximum of 2ml. Refilling the tank is easier compared to other sub-ohm atomizers with the simple flip top topcap that allows for easy refilling on the go.

The tank itself is constructed from a sturdy stainless steel with smooth machining especially evident on the threads of the 510 pin allowing it to make a seamless and smooth connection with the mod.

Wismec Sinuous SW deconstructed




In terms of supporting multiple vaping modes, the Sinuous doesn’t have much to offer so you’re not going to find any temperature control, pre-heat functions, or customisable TCR curves in this device which is to be expected from a mod of this form factor.

One thing great about the Sinuous though is that it doesn’t actually adhere to the true definition of an actual all in one mod due to the fact that the included Elabo tank can be easily removed and replaced with another atomizer of your choosing, letting you use any RDA or sub-ohm that you prefer.



It’s hard to beat the Sinuous SW in terms of overall portability thanks to its diminutive size. It easily slips into pockets and storage solutions, and thanks to the adjustable airflow capable of being closed off, you also won’t have to worry about the tank leaking when kept in your bag or pocket.

The 3000mAh internal LiPo battery is no slouch either, easily providing a full days worth of vaping at optimal performance. My one gripe is that the device doesn’t support 2 amp charging through its micro USB port which means it’s going to take a bit longer to top up the battery on this mod.

Wismec Sinuous SW Profile


If you’re shopping around for an easy to use, well-performing starter kit either for yourself or a friend that you’d like to see transition from cigarettes to vaping, the Sinuous SW kit is a good choice, especially if you’re a fan of the unique and aggressive design.

Even intermediate vapers might see value in this kit thanks to the consistent 50-watt power delivery and the interchangeable atomizer options which ultimately give the kit a lot more versatility compared to other starter kits available out there.

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