WS Swiss Cheese Perc Bong Review - Cheese Head
Build Quality80%
Smoke Quality85%
Look & Feel70%
Ease of Maintenance50%
71%100Overall Score

Today we’re taking a look at a piece which probably looks rather familiar. ‘Swiss Cheese’ Percs have taken the smoking world by storm, so whether you’re on Instagram or Snapchat, it’s likely that you’ve seen some of your favorite ganja personalities hitting a piece with a similar style. The idea behind this popular styling is to provide lots of surfaces for bubbles to form and burst on as you draw through the piece. It’s an exciting innovation in the world of smoke, but many of the water pipes with this feature sell for upwards of $700. When I saw that WS Glass makes a version for less than $200, I knew we had to test it.

Product Pros

  1. Thick Glass
  2. Larger than expected

Product Cons

  1. Difficult to use properly
  2. Thin down stem
  3. Thin bowl


Swiss Cheese Percs Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

This piece is a favorably priced version of a much more expensive piece, so I was expecting relatively low build quality. Glass thickness is often the first sign of a high quality piece, so I was surprised to find the glass was a solid 5 mm thick.

The ‘Swiss Cheese’ aspect of the water pipe is reinforced at top and bottom, and the base is nearly an inch of thick, weighty glass. The piece feels heavy and expensive.  However, many aspects were as cheap as expected.

The detachable bowl is made of surprisingly thin glass. With daily use and bi-weekly cleaning, I would expect it to break in 3 month or less. The downstem is made of equally thin glass. This thin downstem presents even more of a problem.

If this piece is to be your daily driver, you’ll have to purchase an ash catcher to keep plant particulate, ash, and residue from collecting in the downstem. Without this additional piece of equipment, the downstem is sure to break in the course of regular cleanings.

Smoke Quality

Smoke Quality

This piece retails for less than 25% of the original ‘Swiss Cheese’ Perc waterpipe. With that knowledge in mind, I’d say that it performs up to standard. This version must be held at precisely the right angle for maximum diffusion.

Once you find the sweet spot, maximum draw strength pulls the smoke to two or three of the holes, after that point, most of the water is gone. The smoke travels through 8 inches of ice before it is inhaled.



Look and Feel

A glass maker by the name of Nate Dizzle was one of the first to publicize Swiss Cheese Percs. Since then, this simple new addition to the science of percolation has taken social media by storm. Pieces of a similar style are popping up all over the feeds of Instagram Influencers, so I was thrilled to have my own version (and at a much lower cost!)

The glass is thick and solid, especially around the high tension points at the top and base of the perc. The base is thick, making the piece unlike to tip or fall. Unfortunately, it is difficult to hit comfortably. I found it had to be held at a steep angle, making it not just awkward, but occasionally uncomfortable to hit.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

When purchasing a waterpipe, it’s a good idea to remember that elements where water sits will stay relatively clean, but elements where water splashes will get dirty. This makes percs, by definition, one of the grimiest elements in a waterpipe. Percs tend to be effectively impossible to clean, and this one certainly is.

No pipe cleaner can reach past the ice catcher and salt will simply fall down to the lower chamber. Your only hope to fully clean this particular piece is to purchase one of the many foaming chemical cleansers available here and at various head shops or to fill it completely with isopropyl alcohol and allow it to sit for days. It is a fairly difficult piece to maintain.


Swiss Cheese Percs are very popular at the moment. They’ve been featured in many YouTube videos with stars of the glass world. This piece is a great variation on the Swiss Cheese Perc. At under $200, it’s an incredible bargain if you’ve decided that’s the diffusion style that you want to go with.

However, it’s not the best diffusion style out there. It only produces proper bubbling at precisely the right angle and fill amount, meaning that one has to refill the piece several times if one is smoking with a group. If you’re looking for a budget piece with a high level of diffusion, I’d advise you to keep looking.

If you want to see the some bongs by another big name check out the Snoop Dogg’s Pounds Collection, you can read about the Pounds Mothership here. If are looking for something high quality that does not come with the brand inflated price tag check out the Jane West Beaker.

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