Wulf Duo Wax Pen Review - Wulf Pack
Build Quality66%
Vapor Quality70%
Look & Feel69%
Ease of Use71%
72%Overall Score

The company Wulf is a well known vaporizer brand that dabbles in all aspects of the vaping industry. Wulf is known for producing affordable vaporizers for dry herbs, concentrates and e-liquids. The device we will be taking a look at today is the new Wulf Duo which is designed to vape both concentrates and liquids.

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Product Pros

  • Compact Size
  • Simple to use
  • 4 voltage settings
  • Wax & Liquid Compatible
  • Box mod design

Product Cons

  • No precision temp control





Wulf Duo Wax Pen Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The build quality of the Wolf Duo is pretty good considering the device costs less than 50 dollars. The Duo comes with a dual quartz rod atomizer for wax concentrates and a glass cartomizer for e-liquids. The control buttons and light indicators are all hidden behind a protective magnetic cover which can easily be removed. This cover will help to keep the device clean from airborne debris and protected against wear and tear.

Durability of the components are better than average with the Wolf Duo. The atomizer and cartomizer are both pretty long in comparison to the vape itself and reach down into the mode component to fit securely with a magnetic connection.

Wulf is known for staying true on their promise to ensure customer satisfaction. Any Wulf device and Wulf mod tanks are backed by their warranties against defective products. If you happen to receive a device that is defective on arrival a new unit will be provided to you for no additional charge.


Vapor Quality

The Wulf Duo uses a 1000mAh battery which is sufficient for this device to allow you to get good usage time on a single charge. 4 default voltage settings are built into the Duo (3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, or 4.0V). For waxy oils there is a 15 seconds heat up time before you take your hit. To adjust the temperature between the voltage settings the Duo uses a one button control.

The variable wattage which as I mentioned ranges from 3.4V to 4.0V uses a coil resistance in non-TC mode between and also temperature control with the ability to handle Ni 200 (0.1Ω-0.3Ω) and Ti (0.1Ω-0.8Ω) coils.

Many wax only pens or liquid only devices have a more restricted voltage and temperature option to choose from. The options with the Wulf Duo give you a good degree of control over the flavor and hit you would like to achieve.



Look and Feel

The Wulf Duo is offered in a 5 different color options. You can get the Duo in Black, Blue, Silver, Grey and Green. This unit is small and at under $50 you would think that it would have a cheap feel to it. It actually has a good weight and feels quite durable.

The magnetic side cover and magnetic atomizer and clearomizer make it feel more like a luxury device than what the price would originally have you believe.



The Wulf Duo Vaporizer is one of the smallest and most compact units we have come across. The small size makes it ideal for vaping liquid and wax while you’re out and about. At just 2.5″ tall and 1.25″ wide, this vaporizer is indeed palm and pocket friendly.

The stealthy simple design means it won’t stand out and there are no flashy lights on the outer casing. You are able to vape with the Duo hidden in your palm and carry it around in public inconspicuously. The only give away of course will be your exhale of vapor.


Ease of Use

There is a slight learning curve with the Duo that beginners will need to understand before feeling fully comfortable with this device. This will likely be many users first liquid oil vaporizer so filling the clearomizer may be a new experience. It really just comes down to knowing which compartments of the tank system to twist off and where to fill it. Once you have done this once the device becomes a breeze.

Using a one button design to operate the Wulf Duo is a straightforward vaporizer. You press the button 5 times to power it on. When it’s not in use it will be in standby mode. To adjust the voltage you can press the button 3 times quickly. The voltage will be indicated to you by the color of the LED lights. 3.4v is blue, 3.6v is green, 3.8v is orange, 4.0v is red.

Press the button 2 times quickly to start preheating and allow for 15 seconds, then press the button once to stop preheating. This may sound a bit tricky when reading but once you do do it once it becomes obvious.



The portability nature of the Duo is perhaps one of its biggest selling points. The ultra small size and the fairly strong battery make this an on the go device. The carry case that can house the atomizer and clearomizer while travelling means that you worry less about components getting damaged.

Something that would have been nice to see with this device is a removeable battery. A removeable replaceable battery gives portable vaporizers an extended usage time. The Duo is built with an internal battery.


Wulf has a pretty good ability to bring to market high performance devices at very low price point. If finding a quality device on a budget is something that is a selling point for you than they have a number of pretty good options available. The fact that you can adjust the temperature/voltage settings in both liquid and wax modes makes the Duo a pretty versatile little unit. The Duo is by no means my favorite multi purpose vaporizer but it does have its selling points.

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