XMAX V2 Pro Review - X marks the spot
Build Quality53%
Vapor Quality59%
Look & Feel58%
Ease of Use67%
55%100Overall Score

Looking to vape multiple materials from the same device? The XMax V2 Pro is an affordable option that is designed to vape cannabis oils, concentrates, and loose leaf. The XMax V2 Pro is on the low end of the multi material vaporizer list in terms of price and here we will touch on its performance. In this article we will touch on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the XMax V2 Pro vaporizer.

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Product Pros

  • Compact
  • Simple to use
  • Ceramic mouthpiece and oven

Product Cons

  • Not for concentrates
  • Can combust at high temps
  • Hot Vapor



XMAX V2 Pro Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

There are a few aspects of the XMax V2 Pro that surprised me. The weight of the unit is heavier than I expected and and the casing is made with a nickel metal. The second thing that I was surprised to see was that the battery this unit runs off is a 2200 mAh that is removeable.

The mouthpiece is made with food safe materials, the oven chamber is ceramic which also includes a titanium cup for the concentrates to go in. The overall build quality is pretty good and I was not disappointed in this aspect of the V2 Pro by XMax.

This product comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty. This is one of the shortest term warranties I have seen on a vaporizer and not very impressive at all. I would have expected at least a year warranty.

When it comes to budget units it does not hold a candle to something like the Utillian 420, which for roughly the same price gives you a digital display, 4 temperature settings, and a glass mouthpiece.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality differs with this unit depending on what type of material you are vaping. I found that it performed best with dry herbs and not quite as good with oils and concentrates. The vapor production in my opinion was about average – not the best and not the worst.

The XMax V2 Pro uses conduction heating which if you are not aware requires you to stir your material more often that portable units that use convection heating. The size of the clouds were decent for me, it was more the taste that was not great. Again the flavor/taste is usually better with convection units.

When you are using the XMax V2 Pro for dry herbs on a lower temperature level it is pretty smooth and the taste is there, when you turn it up to the higher end temperature you start to lose the taste and it gets a bit hot and harsh.

When on the lower temperatures for concentrates the performance is weak – which is expected as concentrates require hotter temperatures. When I turned the unit to the max with concentrates it was ok, but I found myself taking longer slower draws and was unable to get big hits.



Look and Feel

The look and feel of the XMax V2 Pro I think can be much improved. My one pet peeve with the overall design is that it looks a bit messy.

There are holes everywhere which create a lot of pathways for lint and dirt to get into the device. The mouthpiece is not very appealing and the unit is on the larger size for a portable vaporizer.



The XMax V2 Pro is a bit large but still considered a pocket vaporizer. Its durable and can be thrown around not get damaged to easily. You can use this device on one of the lower temperatures with dry herbs and it will not create to much vapor. This will all depend on how much your material smells. A more discrete dry herb vaporizer that falls around the same price point is the Zeus Smite.

The XMax V2 Pro has five temperature options that are set to the following: Low is 356F, Medium Low is 374F, Medium is 392F, Medium High is 410F, and High is set to 428F. When trying to be discrete and produce less vapor use the low – this will also create better flavor and allow you to have longer sessions.


Ease of Use

The XMax V2 Pro a bit confusing to look at since it has lights and numbers and words and holes all over its outer casing – but its pretty easy to use. It has a one button operation which is common with most portable vaporizers. To turn it on you quickly press the button 3 times and the same to turn it off.

You will find that there are five lights on the side of the vaporizer which will all light up as the device turns on, one light displays the battery remaining and the other shows the current set temperature.

Before you start to use the XMax V2 Pro you will need to ensure that it is fully charged and that you turn it on using one of the high temp settings with no material in it to give it a clean. After this you can start to use it with your material of choice.

The way to pan through temperature settings is by holding the button down for 2 seconds. This will set it to the next highest temperature and will go clockwise through them where after the highest it returns to the lowest. After 5 minutes of usage the device will turn off as a safety feature and to also conserve battery life. If you want to keep using it you can turn it back on. You should limit to only a few cycles in a row though to keep it from overheating or getting to hot.



The XMax V2 Pro is as I’ve mentioned a pocket vape but on the large side. It is better placed in a travel bag or purse or something though. The weight is .320 kg and the size of the unit is 18 x 6.5 x 5.5cm.

The XMax V2 Pro runs off of a 2200 mAh battery which as I mentioned above is one of the main areas this device impressed me. You can carry extra batteries with you since it uses external replaceable rechargeable batteries.

I found that you are able to get about 35 minutes to an hour of actual usage time from a single charge. The charging time to get it back up to full is about 2 hours.


The XMax in my opinion is priced where it should be – I would not pay more than the asking price. As far as multi material devices go this one is on the lower end of the price scale. The things I found to be the V2 Pro’s strengths were the overall durability of the device, the battery it uses and the fact that its interchangeable.

The aspects where I found this unit falls short is the overall size is a bit large, it does not deliver the best vapor quality and not really even close for concentrates. The fact that it has 5 temperature options is pretty good aswell considering the low price.. For the price the Utillian 420 is a way better deal and provides the user a cleaner and tastier session for your herbs. You can learn more about some of the top vaporizers here.

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    I have this and I love it but then again it’s my first and only vaporizer. You should give it a try again cuz many people love this vaporizer.


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