XVape Avant Vaporizer Review - Not So Avant-Garde
Build Quality60%
Vapor Quality58%
Look & Feel59%
63%100Overall Score

The XVape Avant is a budget herb vaporizer that aims to provide premium quality at an affordable price. The Avant’s competitive price tag is compelling, but the quality that the Avant offers at such a low price is a bit lackluster. This is a pretty straight-forward device. It doesn’t offer a ton of new features or mind-blowing vapor production, but for the price should you be expecting more?

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Product Pros

  • Small size
  • 5 temperature settings

Product Cons

  • No battery indication
  • Feels cheap





XVape Avant Review: Breakdown


XVape Avant inclined view

Build Quality

Build Quality

For the price be sure to expect a cheaply-built vaporizer and you won’t find yourselves too surprised. The all-metal build is a welcome addition to a budget vaporizer but it still comes across feeling cheap.

It even has what looks like an anodized finish. Overall, it’s not very dense or sturdy device and doesn’t manage to be aesthetically appealing.

The herb chamber and mouthpiece are both made from ceramic materials. That would do a lot for the unit’s vapor quality if the vapor path wasn’t so short.

The magnetic mouthpiece adds to the device’s luxurious quality, and it makes loading the unit a breeze.


Vapor Quality

Due in part to the ceramic oven and ceramic mouthpiece, the XVape Avant’s vapor quality is average at best. The flavor is could definitely be improved upon, while the vapor production is also slightly below average. Don’t expect large clouds from this unit.

The overall vapor quality is not that impressive coming from a $60 vaporizer, but the vapor production is about what you’d expect from a budget unit. It isn’t a cloud machine, and the vapor flavor quality is a bit mediocre for what you’ll find in this price range. It simply does not compete with a budget unit like the Utillian 420 which sports a glass mouthpiece.


XVape Avant mouth piece detached


Look and Feel

The XVape Avant really doesn’t offer a lot considering how inexpensive it is. It produces mediocre-tasting flavor, and it manages to look average at best while doing so. It feels very cheap in the hand, and the anodized metal body gives the unit a more premium look than it deserves.

The XVape Avant is a very boxy device that isn’t quite appealing to the eye. With its square style, cheap build, low-quality materials, and lackluster finish, the Avant is not great value for only $60.



The Avant is a very simple, straightforward device to use. The technology that XVape used with the Avant isn’t cutting edge, but you aren’t going to get that with a vaporizer that is as cheap the Avant is.

When the device has reached temperature simply draw slowly from the mouthpiece to achieve vapor. Like a lot of other budget units on the market, the Avant features a single button that’s used to turn the unit on and to change the temperature settings. Simply click the button three times to turn the unit on, and hold the button down to cycle through the unit’s five temperature settings.

XVape Avant flat display



The XVape Avant is a very portable device. It is small, easy to hold and even easier to pocket.

It isn’t the smallest herb vaporizer out there, but it’s certainly among the smallest. The average-sized hand will mostly conceal the Avant during use, and you’ll hardly even notice it in your pocket.



In terms of the unit’s size, the XVape Avant is a very discreet little device. However, the blatantly-obvious herb vape design isn’t very discreet.

Someone with very little knowledge of vaping wouldn’t know what to make of this device, but anyone with some vaping experience would be able to point it out as an herb vaporizer without a problem.

In terms of its color and size, the Avant isn’t an attention-magnet or anything, but the design leaves very little to the imagination. It’s hard to look at this unit and see anything other than an herb vape.


The XVape Avant isn’t the perfect vaporizer, and it isn’t even the perfect budget vaporizer. What it offers users is mediocre at best, providing lackluster vapor, muted flavors, in a boring and run-of-the-mill design. While we do applaud it for a ceramic heating chamber, other units like the Utillian 420 offer the users a more well-rounded experience that simply leave the XVape Avant behind. The Utillian 420 not only has a glass mouthpiece but it also has a digital display showing your set temperature and battery life.

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