XVAPE Fog Vaporizer Review - Fog Horn
Build Quality75%
Vapor Quality78%
Look & Feel65%
Ease of Use76%
74%100Overall Score

Today we are reviewing XVAPE’s newest portable vaporizer, the Fog. Similar to the Starry, the Fog vaporizer is extremely user-friendly. It is also very cost-effective when compared to similar, competing brands. However, we need to know if XVAPE has fixed some of the glaring issues that plagued the Starry. Keep reading to get our 4-1-1 on the XVAPE Fog.

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Product Pros

  1. Inexpensive
  2. 5 temperature settings
  3. Half a minute heat up
  4. Interchangeable Li-ion battery
  5. Hand molded design
  6. Intuitive for new users
  7. Takes herbs and concentrates

Product Cons

  1. Requires regular cleaning
  2. Does not have pass-through charging
  3. Scratches easily
  4. Gets warm during use


XVAPE Fog Vaporizer Review: Breakdown


Build Quality

Build Quality

The XMAX Fog is highly durable. The body is made of anodized aluminum, so you can feel confident carrying it around. The mouthpiece is made of heavy-duty jewelry grade ceramic, and it is held on magnetically. This reduces the time it takes to load the Fog when you need to be the most discreet.

The heating chamber itself is made of stainless steel for better taste and longevity.

Since there are few moving parts on this vaporizer, it is much less likely to break than more complicated builds. However, be aware that metal will scratch the external coating on the Fog. This means you can’t just throw it in your purse or pocket with your keys.


Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is where the XVAPE Fog really shines. Why? This dry herb and concentrate vaporizer primarily uses convection over conduction. Instead of baking your flowers with direct heat, the Fog mostly uses hot air.

This means you control the clouds by how often and long you draw. The longer and slower the inhale, the greater the fog!

Additionally, there are 5 pre-set temperature controls that are operated by one well-placed button. They include: 365°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F. Vapers who stay at heat level 1 or 2 will be rewarded with flavorful taste.

However, the higher the temperature the less delicious your clouds will taste. We were impressed that the hottest level did not produce the unfortunate burnt popcorn taste.


xvape fog mouth piece


Look and Feel

In terms of aesthetics, the XVAPE Fog looks a lot like its predecessor, the Starry. However, there are a few noticeable differences that we think make this vaporizer more pleasing to the eye.

First, the single button has been located in a more user-friendly position. Second, there is no screen. Instead, the Fog has a line of 5 small green lights up the side to represent the temperature setting.

The battery status is displayed directly above the USB charging port, and also uses lights. Green is high battery, blue is medium, and red means low. Furthermore, all lights are battery saving LED.

Like the starry, the Fog fits comfortably in just about any hand. Unlike the Starry, this vaporizer is more compact. The XVAPE Fog feels more like its competitors the Utillian 721 or the Crafty.



If you didn’t think the Starry was discreet enough, you will like this more compact model. Overall, we think the Fog is better for those with smaller hands. Not only will you be able to fit it in your palm, but it will discreetly slide into pockets and purses. If someone does see, you will probably be suspected of carrying an old cell phone!

One thing that makes the XVAPE Fog so great for discreetness is the heating system itself. Since you control the size of your clouds, you control how conspicuous you are.

Furthermore, this XVAPE does not produce much of a smell. If someone doesn’t know any better, they will only suspect you of smoking an eCig. Just don’t let them take a taste!

xvape fog heating chamber


Ease of Use

First-time on-the-go vapers will appreciate the ease of using the XVAPE Fog. To turn it on, just press the button 3 times. To change the heat temperature, press the button again and release. Do this as many times as needed to get to the desired heat.

The battery can be replaced very easily, and the mouthpiece can only go on one way. We think the fog is one of the best vaporizers for those looking to get into portable vaping. Cleaning is also simple.

Unfortunately, it is also required a decent amount. Unless you are okay with regular cleanings, you will not like this dry-herb and concentrate vaporizer.



The XVAPE Fog is extremely portable. The exchangeable battery makes continuous smoking on-the-go possible. In fact, chances are high that your e-cigarette’s battery will fit into the Fog.

For easy carrying, a case is included and will hold all of this vape’s necessities. Additionally, XVAPE’s Fog is lightweight.


Overall, the XVAPE Fog is a much better buy than its precursor the Starry. Additionally, we believe this inexpensive, quality vaporizer is a good choice for those just getting into portable vaping.

If you’re looking to spend a bit more for a better performing vaporizer we suggest that you have a look at the Utillian 721 which uses convection heating and has 8 available temperature settings.

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