XVape Muse Wax Pen Review - Musings
Build Quality63%
Vapor Quality60%
Look & Feel69%
Ease of Use68%
64%100Overall Score

XVape has made a vaporizer pen for waxes that doubles as a pen that can make notes for you. The Xvape Muse is a pen that acts as a writing utensil as well as a concentrate pen for ultimate discretion. In this article we will be mainly looking at the vaporizer aspect of this device to see how it performs. We will be touching on the build quality, vapor quality, look and feel, discreteness, portability, ease of use, and overall assessment of the XVape Muse wax vaporizer pen.

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Product Pros

  • Compact size
  • Simple to use
  • Writes using graphite

Product Cons

  • Too hot
  • Expensive
  • No temp controls



XVape Muse Review: Breakdown


XVape Muse Deconstructed

Build Quality

Build Quality

There are a couple different vaporizers that are able to write on the market but none of which have been built with the quality of an upper tier vaporizer. The Xvape Muse is by no means one of the most premium vaporizers but it is the highest build quality that I’ve come across in a pen that operates as a pen and as a wax device.

The exterior is all metal and the heating elements are of high build quality as well. The Muse uses magnets to easily snap components in place which will make this unit last longer and stay in better shape.

In comparison to other vaporizers with similar functionality the Muse is on the upper end, but in terms of performance as an actual vaporizer we need to take a look at a few more sections below before we can decide on that.


Vapor Quality

The vapor quality with the Muse is in your control a little bit and you have 3 different temperature settings that you can use the device on On the lowest temperature you do get some desirable flavor and also on the medium.

If you use the Muse on the highest temperature I think they made it a bit to hot and it just ends up overheating your material, deliver to hot of vapor or smoke and making it a less than enjoyable hit.

The Muse does come with a few atomizers to choose from which allows you to combine the 3 temperature settings with the atomizer you choose to give the device a more custom feel.

If you want a bit more flavor go with a medium temperature and the ceramic coil. If you are looking for a quick effect and don’t mind the heat, than you can use the dual quartz atomizer and either medium or high temperature.


XVape Muse Atomizer


Look and Feel

The look and feel of this device should be obvious and Xvape did a really good job at making this device look like a writing utensil. There is no ink and the Muse actually uses graphite material for it to operate as a writing utensil/pencil. On the outside of the device there are 3 LED lights and the words low, medium,and high.

The Muse has a shirt clip similar to a pen so that it can clip onto your front pocket. The shirt clip slides comes off to uncover the glass mouthpiece. The mouthpiece also slides off the top to give you access to the atomizer. The Muse has just one button which turns it on off and cycles through temperature options.



If we don’t call this vaporizer discreet than there are not to many devices on the market that are.

The Muse is definitely one of the most discreet vaporizers you can find. Most of this discreteness does come from the time when the device is not turned on, so if you just have it lying around and don’t have the dankest of wax concentrate in it, than sure it is pretty unclear that it is indeed a vaporizer.

Once you turn it on however you may want to keep it on a lower temperature and create less visible vapor if you are trying to stay under the radar.

XVape Muse with Graphite Tip


Ease of Use

The ease of use with the Muse is very straight forward, as a writing device there is no ink and uses graphite. As a vaporizer it has just the one button and uses magnetic parts to connect together.

The one button turns the vaporizer mode on and off and aso switches through the 3 preset temperatures.



The battery that is built into the Xvape Muse is a 750mAh battery. This battery is actually pretty big for this size vaporizer and larger than average for a typical wax pen in general. The very small size of the unit in combination with this decently powerful battery makes the Muse a very portable vaping device.

The Muse should be able to get most wax concentrate users through a full day on a single charge. Wax pens are able to go a longer period of time in between charges than dry herb vaporizers because when they are in use they heat up faster and do not need to be on for as long of sessions.

XVape Muse Wax Pen Kit


After having a closer look the Xvape Muse I was honestly surprised with its overall performance. The fact that it comes with multiple atomizers and does have 3 temperature settings and also operates as a writing utensil makes this device a pretty good product. The two things that I would say get in the way of making it a good deal is the high price tag and the higher temperature setting being a bit to hot. If this device was maybe just under the 100 mark and had more precise temperature settings I think it would be one heck of a good deal. As it stands in my opinion is its an ok deal and perhaps more of a novelty item for portable use.

If you are looking to put your money to a bit better use and to find a wax pen that you will come to enjoy check out the Thunder 2.

If you are looking for a unit that will give you a rig like experience for waxes and water filtration for dry herb, we recommend checking out the Focusvape Tourist 2-in-1 vaporizer.

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