XVape Vista Mini Review - Not a Puffco Killer
Build Quality68%
Vapor Quality69%
Look & Feel67%
60%100Overall Score

The XVape Vista Mini is XVape’s newest concentrate vaporizer. This is a desktop unit that utilizes a rather small form factor and a very attractive aesthetic. Its predecessor, the Xvape Vista, was a totally different kind of vaporizer. It was pretty compact for a concentrate vaporizer.  However, the Vista Mini was made with an ultra-compact form factor in mind, and it doesn’t compromise the unit’s size with extra functionality. Unlike the original Vista, the Vista mini is a very straightforward device with a single function.  

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Product Pros

  • Simple to use
  • Large Nail
  • Water Filtered

Product Cons

  • Not discreet
  • Medicore Hits



XVape Vista Review: Breakdown


XVape Vista side view

Build Quality

Build Quality

The XVape Vista Mini was made extremely well just like the original Vista before it.

High-quality parts including a glass carb cap and a large ceramic heating chamber make the performance and vapor quality top-notch, and the unit has a very solid build that makes it feel great in the hand.

It’s utilizing O-rings just like the original Vista, and like the original Vista, the Vista mini is an extremely effortless vaporizer to use as a result. All of the unit’s parts fit together very well to make a very sturdy, premium-feeling vaporizer.


Vapor Quality

In short, the XVape Vista Mini’s vapor quality is great, but it isn’t as great as that of the original Vista. That isn’t a problem, because it was honestly to be expected.

When it comes to vaporizers, portability and vapor quality usually have an inverse relationship. When one increases, the other decreases.

The unit is a lot smaller, and as a result, the vapor path is much shorter. This gives the vapor less time to cool down.

Decreased vapor quality is a compromise that’s hard to get around when increasing a unit’s portability. For its size, the vapor quality is absolutely fantastic.

However, if vapor quality is a priority for you, check out a unit like the Focusvape Tourist.


XVape Vista tank


Look and Feel

The Vista Mini achieves a very unique and stylish look. It has a design and shape that closely resemble those of a lava lamp, and the decorative aesthetic is heightened by a red light that illuminates the glass water chamber with every hit.

Many desktop vaporizers attempt to implement a stylish design that makes them look like decorative pieces, but the Vista Mini takes it to another level.


Ease of Use

The Vista Mini has a user interface that’s practically identical to that of the original Vista.

Three clicks turn the unit on, two clicks will allow you to cycle through the temperature settings, and one long press initiates the heating function.

It’s a simple, easy to remember, easy to use interface. Assembling the device is very straightforward, and using it is just as easy.

XVape Vista detached



Unlike the original, multi-functional Vista, the Vista Mini sacrifices functionality for portability. It mostly does one thing, but it does it very well.

This is a single, highly-portable, desktop wax vaporizer that vaporizes wax like an absolute pro. However, that’s pretty much all it does.

One option included here that you don’t see very often is wireless charging. That’s right, this is a wax vaporizer with wireless charging. Welcome to the future.



Like the original Vista, the Vista Mini kind of eliminates the relevance of the “reach” category.

This desktop unit is fully-portable, so you can pass it around a group without having to worry about a cord.


The XVape Vista Mini is a very unique device. Its appealing aesthetic makes it look great anywhere in the home, while its portable form factor makes it extremely convenient to use. The vapor quality adds to the overall value, but it’s noticeably less impressive than the vapor quality of the original Vista before it and don’t look for it to compare to something like the Puffco Peak. This is a device that we can easily recommend to most vapers, although you’ll probably be happier with the original Vista if functionality and vapor quality are priorities for you.

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